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Seems like the guys at ID Software are fans of Korone! Nice easter egg.


I didnt knew Steve from Minecraft was a such well endowed fighter, and Nintendo was alright to let him show it off!


The fist movie i watch this year, and it was Studio Trigger PROMARE. What a great movie! it felt like a "Trigger Greatest Hits" though.... the animation was fantastic and over the top as always, and the main dudes were likeable as hell. 10/10.


Man, that Paimon bug in Genshin Impact is so cute! now i can have her following me around everywhere. It has some issues with bow aiming, but is worth it for having a cute emergency ration flying around ♥


Best Boy Anji Mito is coming to Strive. Now im finally getting into the hype after that IOS 8 Interface and inhuman damage from the beta. With only one character left to reveal, i hope is either Slayer or something silly like Zappa or Bridget.


RIP Eddie Van Halen.... shred that guitar with the gods now :(


Alright lads, you were totally right. Hades is FANTASTIC, the art style is impeccable and the voice acting on Zagreus is perfect. Man, its been a while since i played a roguelike like this.... probably since Transistor itself!


Finally an official Street Fighter T-Shirt i can wear on church, or family reunions. My mom is going to love it!


and this takes the cake for the most cursed image i've seen all day.


It National Holidays here in my country, and we convinced my mom to go outside and hang out with the rest of the family. Is just so special to see her leaving the bed after months of Chemo. And my sister told us shes going to be a mom again! Lovely day!


So, Disgaea 6 is Switch exclusive and has abandoned the HD sprites in favor of low poly 3d models? Man.... well, i hope it comes to PC at least in a few years.


Alright, You got me SquareEnix. FFXVI looks very interesting. I only hope that the final game is a bit more colorful and less... like Game of Thrones. Also, its nice to see the return to high fantasy rather than steampunk.


In today news that the world has become a Dystopia in front of our very eyes....


Just another day in the flea market... i hope it has a "barely used" tag price.


early reports seems to indicate that the Mario 3D Allstar Collection is running on emulation, just like the other Allstar Collection for Wii. Im not the target audience, but $60 for 1 Rom and 2 Isos is a bit too much, IMO. I hope the fans like it though.


The Moguri Mod for FFIX is pretty great! i started a new game and the visuals are really improved overall, but with some weird inconsistencies. On the cities it retain the 4:3 aspect, but indoors and in battles is 16:9... but its great nonetheless.


#childhoodtoytoid I still have them both, but in terrible conditions... im sure none have the head and He-Man is missing a limb. But they are my older possesions. Too bad they are on my mom's house right now.


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Hello! Im an ex-accountant, right now back to studying to hopefully finish my career... to start studying what i REALLY want.

I am a big fan of arcade games, fighting games, SEGA consoles and some other random stuff, like chess, books, neckties and religion. Also, have patience with me if sometimes my english is off, im still learning it and i hope to keep improving.

im currently being held hostage by gacha games, mainly Fate Grand Order and the top tier waifus it included. But Azur Lane is making a point too!!

Nier Automata is my favorite game of 2017. A game that surely will be on the list of my favorites ever from now on.

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