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you know you're on a bad neighborhood when freaking Akuma is a mere mook in a gang...


Man that Nintendo leak brough some serious discussion here...


"CAN YOU PROTECT ME FROM FATE?" was a line spoken on an FPS, not a japanese RPG. Only in microsoft conferences do i see stuff like that. 10/10


SMT Nocturne HD has confirmed voice acting, at least in the japanese release. Im kinda used to be a text only game, but VA is a good addition! Nocturne is pretty far removed from common anime tropes, so it will be safe from those at least.


One of the biggest signs of the fact that Prince is not with us anymore, is that is now possible to find his music on streaming services. God knows how many years have passed since i had the urge to listen to him and get it quickly. I miss Prince, dammit.


A friend send this to me after the HD version announcement, and i cant say i disagree TBH. Also, the nocturne battle tracks had lyrics?!?


here's the real run-killer of SMT Nocturne (for the uninitiated)


ATLUS for the love of GOD and all that is holy, release Nocturne on PC!!! You can't do this to me, dammit! Also, will this new version feature Dante or Raidou? Come on, i need answers!


I been all evening fixing a laptop, owned by a relative. Maybe "Fixing" is too much, i just been cleaning it up and getting rid of tons of bloatware and malware. Its incredible how much an aunt who only play casino games on facebook is capable of get!


i saw this pic and made myself sad... my old cassette tapes were caught on a flood back in my old house and rendered useless. I still have all that music on streaming, but the sentimental value attached to them was superior.


for some... unfortunate coincidence, my mom today watched the music video for that new Nicky Minaj/6ix9ine "Trollz" song. This stock photo was pretty much her face while watching it.


well, that was pretty much what i expected... except one of the hosts looked like Babish from that cooking channel.


here's another reason for you guys to be upset about the upcoming Paper Mario.


i like that the Devolver Digital stream was as fucking insane as i expected. And that new DevolverExpo game (?) looks dope, im downloading it as soon as im home.


Today, i finally finished a Zelda game. A Link to the Past to be exact. And it was better than anticipated, i can finally see why people have this game in such a high regard. It holds up pretty well for a first time player like me, except the chickens.


Damn, i just need to vent a little. I dont usually do this, but today im having "one of those days"


Im still not sold, Arcsys! Not even if you gave Millia the hips of a Genndy Tartakovsky┬┤s mom character! But Zato looks cool, although i prefer Eddie looking like a winged demon instead of a... well... toad/shark/imp/boglin thinghie.


Happy Birthday Dan, here's a cursed image as you ordered :)


Someone from Dtoid posted a video with Hololive content and i been stuck with it for days now... What is Hololive you ask? is just a bunch of anime girls youtubers doing cute things. Example:


As a long time PC player, i can say that the PS5 show was entertaining, lots of games and some sneak peaks to the future. The only title that really felt Next Gen was the one with the black furby things... man those things were adorable :)


Alright, after trying to NOT think about this for a week, i've decided (thanks to our lovely forum users) that my last try on the Zelda franchise will be A Link to the Past. Question is, there are two options. The SNES original or the GBA. Which one??


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