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I havent played Dead Cells since it left Early Access, but yesterday i was watching VoltaicOwl play it on PS4, and it picked my interest again. Man has this game changed since EA! it looks better, it plays better and it has so many new stuff! i love it!


is there a temporal wormhole or a bot just posted a CBLOG about the "upcoming" Iphone 7? Damn, this year is getting weirder by the day. Also, good evening DTOID.


i hope that this new Lobby in the upcoming Guilty Gear is one of those April Fools jokes. It looks like Habbo Hotel damn it! it only need the POOLS CLOSED squad.


Once again, im astonished at the quality of an old soundtrack i've never heard before. Panzer Dragoon has an amazing OST, i can't believe it took me like 20 years to listen to it.


Oh shit, i just had to told my mother that she cannot keep going to church, with all this virus and her cancer pains. And it was as terrible as i thought it would be... might as well i told her i converted to satanism and have babies for dinner :/


Here are some words of advice for the hard times we're living, courtesy of one of the greatest minds of the XXI Century, Fred Durst.


You know what? Doom 64 is pretty dope. One of those games i never played because well, i never owned a N64. But it feels like a mix between Doom classic weapons and enemies and Quake geometric levels. I like it, and i will finish it before Doom Eternal :D


I didn't knew that Gamestop was so important as to risk peoples lives during a pandemic! god bless them.


Well thanks to the whole COVID issue, im back home being a total weeb again, and oh boy this news hit me on what is left of my teenager heart. They decided to animate the last arc of Bleach, and give closure to the anime fans. What a blast from the past!


It's been a little more than a year since DMC V was released, and now that i fired it up again for a bit of replay, i think it's replacing DMC3 as my favorite. Is just too much fun!


Thanks for the answers about "Gringo" the other day guys! I sure needed some perspective about it, since in my country every non-spanish speaking person is a referred as Gringo, doesn't matter the country. Thank god they dont get angry about it :D


Hey Dtoid... i have a question for you fine folks at the United States and Europe. How do you feel when someone refer to you by "Gringo"? Has it ever happened to you? It's offensive?


Hey, happy birthday to Limo! thanks to him, i can post this picture once again :D And of course Happy Birthday to Jettermars, the buffest, swolest SMT fan i've ever knew.


Ever since i came back to the city, i have this urge to write a CBlog about the whole experience in the countryside... It's weird how old i feel compared to last year when i decided to change my way of life. You'll have to excuse my English though :D


Someone took the old "Amiibo Buttplug" meme from DTOID too seriously, i see.


Hello DTOID! i spent another quality couple of months on the middle of nowhere, but this time i took my laptop. And while i dont have internet over there, i could game on it. And y'know? i still can't like Hollow Knight... but i think i got it now.


after all these years, all the stuff i've been though and regardless how "ALRIGHT, IM READY THIS TIME" peep talk i do, this freaking moment still makes me cry. Goddammit Pixar!!


im having the weirdest feeling. There is a new Pokemon game, a franchise i was extremely hyped every year, one that made me buy consoles to play, and im not feeling anything towards it. I finally decided it's not for me anymore, and its so liberating!


Finished Danganronpa V3! and while it sailed on the SS Bonkers from port Insane at the last moments, it was a great game. But i keep my impression, Danganronpa 1 is still my favorite in term of cast and story. This was better than 2, at least.


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I am a big fan of arcade games, fighting games, SEGA consoles and some other random stuff, like chess, books, neckties and religion. Also, have patience with me if sometimes my english is off, im still learning it and i hope to keep improving.

im currently being held hostage by gacha games, mainly Fate Grand Order and the top tier waifus it included. But Azur Lane is making a point too!!

Nier Automata is my favorite game of 2017. A game that surely will be on the list of my favorites ever from now on.

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