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So, a new Lord of the Rings movie is coming. An ANIME LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIE!


Guilty Gear Strive is pretty fun, except when you get a ranking update, go to a higher floor and have to deal with Gorilla/Unga Bunga May or Janky-ass Hitbox Giovanna. Otherwise, im digging it.


I've been having a blast looking at those japanese gameplay videos for SMT V. And boy let me tell you, the main character's look is fantastic.


Hmm... seems like SMT V is going to have around 214 demons at launch. SMT IV had like 450+, but they were 2D models and some of them just color variations. Persona 5 had a bit less, but they were pretty unique... i think im fine with that number.


I was wrong Goemar, they indeed announce a Metroid game by the same studio who made Samus Returns. And its looking good! And SMT V is coming soon too... that was all i needed to finally get me to buy a Switch.


We always complain that Final Fantasy party characters have stupid hairdos, silly names or have more zippers than necessary, but when they go the opposite route is... well, weird.


please tell me those "pixel" releases of classic Final Fantasy games are not just the Roms with a new front-end. At least fix the bugs on FFVI!


When i saw the news about an Ubisoft Avatar game, i thought "cool, maybe it will be like a side story without Aang or Korra". It was the OTHER Avatar. The one people dont care.


Oh nice, not even 24 hours with Strive on PC and the whole Season 1 of DLC characters have been found. Kinda nice to see my main "possibly" coming back, but the list seems pretty plausible. Names in the comments.


Today is Guilty Gear Strive release date for us PC peasants! I think im going to cave in and get it day 1, instead of waiting for some balance patches... i want in on the May "Totsugeki" carnage, dammit!


ELDEN RING LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME! CANT WAIT! Here's a leaked picture of the inevitable poison swamp section:


Today i played on a PS5 for the first time, and man that Dualsense controller is SMOOTH. Im tempted to get one for my PC gaming needs, even if i never get a PS5.


I was reading an article about how Final Fantasy XIV has surpassed World of Warcraft on active player numbers... man, that's crazy. Even crazier thinking how FFXIV started. Props to the team who salvaged that game!


Freaking song. It has ruined my Fridays for a loooong time. I can't stop remembering "oh yeah, its friday. Time to listen to that catchy Yakuza 0 song a dozen times" Yakuza 0 is just so fun!


Is Bandai Namco teasing Tekken Tag Tournament 2!?!? Or is something stupid like... Tekken 7 2?


This is shocking. One of the most legendary Manga artists is gone, and with him the story of Guts. Rest in Peace, you've earn it.


Wait. So while i was hospitalized Sony planned to take down the PS Store for Vita, PSP and PS3? What the fuck? and they reversed course on it??? NANI?! Man, catching up to old news sure is wild.


Another month in the hospital, but im finally out. The good news is that i dont have anything wrong on my kidneys anymore, and im COVID free. The bad is that 4 weeks bedridden has left me as weak as a baby. I cant even walk properly dammit!


Hmmm... im not sold about Puzzle Quest 3 graphical presentation. It looks kinda bland and generic imo. Plus, the board is way smaller than before. But i'll be cautiously optimistic about the gameplay.


So, Sony has brought EVO. It can be good, in my opinion.... hopefully they dont ban games that are not on Sony's platforms.


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