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Ever since i came back to the city, i have this urge to write a CBlog about the whole experience in the countryside... It's weird how old i feel compared to last year when i decided to change my way of life. You'll have to excuse my English though :D


Someone took the old "Amiibo Buttplug" meme from DTOID too seriously, i see.


Hello DTOID! i spent another quality couple of months on the middle of nowhere, but this time i took my laptop. And while i dont have internet over there, i could game on it. And y'know? i still can't like Hollow Knight... but i think i got it now.


after all these years, all the stuff i've been though and regardless how "ALRIGHT, IM READY THIS TIME" peep talk i do, this freaking moment still makes me cry. Goddammit Pixar!!


im having the weirdest feeling. There is a new Pokemon game, a franchise i was extremely hyped every year, one that made me buy consoles to play, and im not feeling anything towards it. I finally decided it's not for me anymore, and its so liberating!


Finished Danganronpa V3! and while it sailed on the SS Bonkers from port Insane at the last moments, it was a great game. But i keep my impression, Danganronpa 1 is still my favorite in term of cast and story. This was better than 2, at least.


Uuuh, has anyone here been subjected to hypnosis? yesterday i was kiiiiinda made into a state similar, and it was weird as hell. But i've heard it works, sometimes.


Okay, so remember last time when i said i wasn't gripped by Danganronpa V3? now it got me by the BALLS! I only hope it continues like this, since im only on chapter 3. PD: Gonta Best Boy.


I dip my toes into 4chan for the first time today and... i wasn't prepared. I'll stick to regular people internet sessions, thank you very much.


While on my long exile to the middle of nowhere, i finally finished Danganronpa 2, and it was great. Not as great as the first one, but great nonetheless. Buuuut im really not feeling Danganronpa 3. Feels like i missed the middle movie on a trilogy!


I've always had to do some "explaining" concerning my absolute apathy towards The Legend of Zelda series, but today was somehow the weirdest... i might have encountered a IRL Hardcore Internet Nintendo Fanboy for the first time.


i just came back from the countryside! glad to see everyone is still kickin around. Oh boy how i missed the internet....


watching old movies at grandma's place, and i come across this gem of a scene. I can't believe this was a freaking John Waters movie!


Finally coming back from my long banishment to the countryside for a nice week at grandma's place. Here,i have internet, running water and electricity and TV! Marvelous! Nice to see all the regulars DTOID guys are still here :)


I had a fun time watching my friend lose his mind over the last two JoJo Golden Wind episodes. Man, those were pretty freaky... i wish i could have watched them without knowing the plot beforehand.


My life has made a turn for the weird. In a week I'll be living in the countryside, without electricity or running water, and we will have to build our own house. And no, it's not a reality show. And this means, no internet either. Fun times.


Dammit. I bet it's not going to look like this the next time i visit it. What a tragedy :(


This is some serious 80's shit... i had no idea Michael Sembello looked like that!


Today is one of those nights when i got a cup of coffee, wrap in a blanket and ask myself.... "what the fuck happened to Star Citizen?"


It seems that the next Assassin's Creed is going to be about Vikings. Just a couple more and it will be the Aztecs or the Spanish colonization of south america, the only one i would play.


I think im halfway done with Yoshi's Island on the SNES, and i have to say, it's a pretty great platformer. But what impressed me the most is the variety in the levels, seems like each one is wildly different from the other. Also, i hate baby Mario!


Since i didn't wanted to keep hitting my head against Sekiro, i resumed my playthrough of Secret of Mana on the Snes, and i finally beat it! Now im playing another SNES game for the first time: Yoshi's Island. It's so pretty!


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im currently being held hostage by gacha games, mainly Fate Grand Order and the top tier waifus it included. But Azur Lane is making a point too!!

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