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watching old movies at grandma's place, and i come across this gem of a scene. I can't believe this was a freaking John Waters movie!


Finally coming back from my long banishment to the countryside for a nice week at grandma's place. Here,i have internet, running water and electricity and TV! Marvelous! Nice to see all the regulars DTOID guys are still here :)


I had a fun time watching my friend lose his mind over the last two JoJo Golden Wind episodes. Man, those were pretty freaky... i wish i could have watched them without knowing the plot beforehand.


My life has made a turn for the weird. In a week I'll be living in the countryside, without electricity or running water, and we will have to build our own house. And no, it's not a reality show. And this means, no internet either. Fun times.


Dammit. I bet it's not going to look like this the next time i visit it. What a tragedy :(


This is some serious 80's shit... i had no idea Michael Sembello looked like that!


Today is one of those nights when i got a cup of coffee, wrap in a blanket and ask myself.... "what the fuck happened to Star Citizen?"


It seems that the next Assassin's Creed is going to be about Vikings. Just a couple more and it will be the Aztecs or the Spanish colonization of south america, the only one i would play.


I think im halfway done with Yoshi's Island on the SNES, and i have to say, it's a pretty great platformer. But what impressed me the most is the variety in the levels, seems like each one is wildly different from the other. Also, i hate baby Mario!


Since i didn't wanted to keep hitting my head against Sekiro, i resumed my playthrough of Secret of Mana on the Snes, and i finally beat it! Now im playing another SNES game for the first time: Yoshi's Island. It's so pretty!


So it seems like Borderlands 3 is going to be a Epic Game Store timed-exclusive. This is going to be a drama, isn't? Anyway, the good news is that it's coming in September, way before i anticipated. I hope this was not a April Fools joke :/


I was getting good at Sekiro, beat Lady Butt and advance though the game at a good pace, but the boss atop Ashina Castle brought me down to earth faster than you can say "fuck this, im going back to Civilization VI for a while"


After finishing DMC V, it turns out my favorite part of it wasn't the return of Dante or Nero, or Nico, or the crazy combat. It was the Edgy Boy. I like everything about him, from fighting style, to his design and battle music. V is the real star for me.


I was getting frustrated with Sekiro, so i took a pause to finish DMC V. After i came back my skills are all messed up and im doing even worse :/


That crazy lady boss fight in the Hirata Estate is tearing me apart!! need some time off to cool myself down... damn it Sekiro!


My new motherboard + CPU arrived today and OH MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Sekiro runs smooth as butter, although the MB has some fried USB ports (that's why it was so cheap) But nonetheless, im happy with it. Now i'll diving right into Sekiro!


Sekiro runs like crap on my PC!!! thankfully, my new parts are on the way and by Monday i'll have the machine it deserves. Now, back to DMC V for the time being....


So this is the Castlevania Anniversary collection? so far, nothing too interesting. At the very least put Rondo of Blood there!


i think i got my games mixed right now... i shouldn't play DMC V and farm FGO at the same time.


Ok, i finally got DMC V thanks to my friend showing up the insanity that's is Dante's combat. Im having a blast with the game, but Nero is not as crazy as Dante (so far). Why can't you change arms during combos Capcom!?


Full trailer incoming. It's.... weird, but not too bad. The genie still creeps me out though.


Jump Force is soooo dumb and janky, but im shonen manga trash, so i still love it. Even more now that you can play as her!


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Ive saved so much money being a depressed hermit: not paying for gas, deodorant, shampoo, or soap!

Patrick Hancock

man i wish i had something to review

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Wow talk about DOA


I just stumbled into the bad ending of It was


Been practicing my Think Im getting pretty


Part 1 Dio summarized:


one episode left to go in Stranger Things s3, and so far ive enjoyed about 2 thirds more than i did the other third, that is, the three main plot more in comments, spoilers


In tribute to KyoAni I drew Dragonmaid


My graduation present to myself arrived! #watchtoid



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