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and this takes the cake for the most cursed image i've seen all day.


It National Holidays here in my country, and we convinced my mom to go outside and hang out with the rest of the family. Is just so special to see her leaving the bed after months of Chemo. And my sister told us shes going to be a mom again! Lovely day!


So, Disgaea 6 is Switch exclusive and has abandoned the HD sprites in favor of low poly 3d models? Man.... well, i hope it comes to PC at least in a few years.


Alright, You got me SquareEnix. FFXVI looks very interesting. I only hope that the final game is a bit more colorful and less... like Game of Thrones. Also, its nice to see the return to high fantasy rather than steampunk.


In today news that the world has become a Dystopia in front of our very eyes....


Just another day in the flea market... i hope it has a "barely used" tag price.


early reports seems to indicate that the Mario 3D Allstar Collection is running on emulation, just like the other Allstar Collection for Wii. Im not the target audience, but $60 for 1 Rom and 2 Isos is a bit too much, IMO. I hope the fans like it though.


The Moguri Mod for FFIX is pretty great! i started a new game and the visuals are really improved overall, but with some weird inconsistencies. On the cities it retain the 4:3 aspect, but indoors and in battles is 16:9... but its great nonetheless.


#childhoodtoytoid I still have them both, but in terrible conditions... im sure none have the head and He-Man is missing a limb. But they are my older possesions. Too bad they are on my mom's house right now.


oh man, Shadowrun Collection is free on the Epic Store. I been avoiding this one because i think i'll get waaaay into it. Should i take the plunge? Also, next week Into the Breach is free for grabs, and that one im sure to get :D


my hangover is killing meeee.... 10 years ago i could game all night and down a bottle of Rum alone, and now i cant even have half of it and feel like dying the day after. Getting old and crusty sucks! Anyway, im going to fry some greasy food and rest.


Again, im like 2 years late to the party, but i just started Octopath Traveler and is pretty good! kinda like a fusion between FFVI, Romancing Saga 3 and Bravely Default. Which character is the best to start?? does that have an impact on the game at all?


im not a big movie fan, but i wanna ask... which one of these particular films did you enjoy the most? they are all cheesy and over the top, featuring one of the best actors ever. So, pick one!


you know you're on a bad neighborhood when freaking Akuma is a mere mook in a gang...


Man that Nintendo leak brough some serious discussion here...


"CAN YOU PROTECT ME FROM FATE?" was a line spoken on an FPS, not a japanese RPG. Only in microsoft conferences do i see stuff like that. 10/10


SMT Nocturne HD has confirmed voice acting, at least in the japanese release. Im kinda used to be a text only game, but VA is a good addition! Nocturne is pretty far removed from common anime tropes, so it will be safe from those at least.


One of the biggest signs of the fact that Prince is not with us anymore, is that is now possible to find his music on streaming services. God knows how many years have passed since i had the urge to listen to him and get it quickly. I miss Prince, dammit.


A friend send this to me after the HD version announcement, and i cant say i disagree TBH. Also, the nocturne battle tracks had lyrics?!?


here's the real run-killer of SMT Nocturne (for the uninitiated)


ATLUS for the love of GOD and all that is holy, release Nocturne on PC!!! You can't do this to me, dammit! Also, will this new version feature Dante or Raidou? Come on, i need answers!


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