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So this is the Castlevania Anniversary collection? so far, nothing too interesting. At the very least put Rondo of Blood there!


i think i got my games mixed right now... i shouldn't play DMC V and farm FGO at the same time.


Ok, i finally got DMC V thanks to my friend showing up the insanity that's is Dante's combat. Im having a blast with the game, but Nero is not as crazy as Dante (so far). Why can't you change arms during combos Capcom!?


Full trailer incoming. It's.... weird, but not too bad. The genie still creeps me out though.


Jump Force is soooo dumb and janky, but im shonen manga trash, so i still love it. Even more now that you can play as her!


I woke up today to news of Darkest Dungeon 2. This is going to be an awesome day! (and it seems to be inspired by At the Mountains of Madness, what a great hook!)


Great. Now that im home after work, i had planned an all nighter playing the new DLC for Civilization VI, but my internet connection decided to be crap and instead of taking 2 hours to download it's going to take 6. There it goes my Friday :/


How many chances do you give to games that you grew tired of, even when you know everyone else loves them and that are usually really good?


This is it... the game that can make me buy a PS4 over a Switch or whatever else is coming. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the real test for me! i have the money, i can do it, but i know i wont use the PS4 for barely anything else! What to do?


This week i finally gave Spotify a shot, and i spent hours listening to a 90's pop song playlist. Madonna, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Spice Girls, O-Town, S Club-7, Take That.... i dont why i did it, but it was a fun trip throw memory lane. I feel so old now


Tales of Vesperia has a World Map... that's a nice throwback. And so far, impressions are pretty positive. I see now why it been regarded as the best Tales game, and Yuri is an awesome main character :D


I really liked the MK11 demonstration today. The fighting engine seems better, the models looks awesome and the fatalities great as always. Im reaaaally pumped for it now, and it comes in like, 3 months! If only they bring Shang Tsung back....


Ok. I followed the suggestion a dtoider gave me, and finish Demon's Crest. And now let me ask... What the hell Capcom? That game was AWESOME! Why you never gave it a sequel! Now im off to another unknown SNES game (for me): Secret of Mana.


Yesterday i went to a friend home, and we ended up playing a game called King of Dragons on the SNES Classic. And what a great game it was! How many SNES hidden games are there for me to find? I know i've only scratched the surface of the SNES library.


fuck everything. I knew this was going to happen, but DAMN it To The Moon!!!! Im not going to play the other game these guys (guy?) released. My feelings!!


Best friend: "dude, what happened to that anime looking Dark Souls type game?" Me: ".... you know, i have no idea!" I just realized it was delayed until TBA 2019! God dammit, i was looking forward to play Code Vein!


im not really into games that seem like their only purpose is to make you cry... but god damn To The Moon is looking like a feels trip. Even the music pull your heartstrings. You can't make me go through this, game!!!


Had a great night drinking with my new coworkers, who are under the same pressure as me. Three weeks into my new job and im really feeling the heat of an environment that doesn't allows to fuck it up. It's a nice change of pace, i must say. Semi-related:


Now that i finally realized i can play RPGMaker games on my (jailbroken) Vita, i'm trying some of them i had on my radar: Yume Nikki and IB. And oooooh boy they are some weird shit going on with those two. Does anyone can recommend me more?


The final episode of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged was great. Kinda sad that it has ended, but what a great run! i hope those "predictions" they made can become real!


The guy who won the Best Performance award was really cool. He even seemed to be on character! What a thick cowboy accent :D


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