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A friend who was traveling for more than a year came back, and he gave me some Cuban Cigars as a souvenir... Probably didn't knew i stopped smoking last year. But this is really tempting! I must not let this sway me!


Im really not feeling Chasm. I mean, it's probably because im too fresh out of Symphony of the Night, a vastly superior game in every regard... so, i'll stop playing it for some months, maybe that way im gonna like it more. :/


That freaking new character in SFV is... weird as hell. Like taking Abraham Lincoln, Q and that lady from Goldfinger and putting them on a blender. He and Sagat are out tomorrow!


Persona Q2 will be officially shown tomorrow... a year after it was announced. Now let see which console will be the chosen (My money is on the Switch)


after like 30 hrs in Nioh, i finally started the Abyss part and it suddenly turned Nioh into Diablo. Defiled Items? Ethereal? Graces? What the hell is this!? I LOVE IT!


I only have one plushie...


I can finally load the page on mobile without all those GIFs! That was... fun? i guess? well anyway, today i played Magic the Gathering for the first time at a card shop, and it was the trippiest card game i've ever played, and i played YuGiOh as a teen.


Going back to Megaman X3 and X4 (my favorites), and i still love the Zero theme songs in each one. X3 has my favorite, but man do i love the OST for X4. Its time to Zero to ask himself "what is he fighting for" again!


Last night i played No Man Sky for the first time. And it was surprinsingly not terrible? i can't say what's new or whats old, but the whole experience was relaxing and interesting. Except the mining stuff, i couldn't find copper anywhere :/


"Damn! so many games to play! i have Sonic Mania Plus, Vanguard, FF XV, the Nioh DLC stuff... i guess im going to replay Symphony of the Night again" Stuff like this is the reason my backlog never shrinks.


the Sega Ages version of Thunderforce IV (my second favorite game ever) include the ship and weapons of Thunderforce III? is this a dream? Now i feel like i need a Switch.


And that's a wrap! A well deserved Champion, and a fantastic effort by Croatia. I'd loved to see them won, but France did a great job the entire World Cup.


Holy crap England!!!!


Man, the "Anime" engine that ArcSys has works wonders in games like this. I just hope that this is as insane and fun as the anime itself.


I wish i could do that on Path of Exile...


Sometimes i lay on my couch, take a sip of my favorite cheap beer, and think "what the hell happened to Deep Down from Capcom?"


Oh silly me! i thought i was done with Nioh, since the only mission left was the "extra" one that appear after the credits... but after beating it, all of the DLC opened up! Man, this game is long as heck. But im hyped to beat some more Yokai Ass!


After a long hiatus, i finally beat Nioh. Man, that last stage and boss battle was brutal. I dont want to play that gauntlet of enemies ever again! Still, pretty great game, fun and difficult. Now, to Ys VIII!


Most of my wishlist is on sale, except Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (why Sega? almost every other Sonic game is on sale!) i guess it's a good time to spend my money. And i just noticed Halo Wars is on Steam. Madness!


I made an Epic Account like 3 years ago, when they were giving Shadow Complex Remastered for free. But it wasn't worth the barrage of mails about "unsuccessful login attempts" by freaking Fortnite guys. I got 10 just today!


God dangit Colombia, you can't start a match dishing kicks to the opponent! You lost a player at the first 5 minutes, and blew up a match that you shouldn't. But nonetheless, Japan played to win, and they deserved it. Man, i love the World Cup ♥


Gundy, is this your work?


Argentina was sure that they win their first game in the World Cup, they had everything to celebrate before the game even begin, but guess what? Iceland didn't let them. Im so sorry guys... pffff...


E3, FIFA World Cup, SGDQ 2018 and EVO. What a great Winter to be without a job! (at least until i run out of money). Portugal vs Spain will be my first World Cup BBQ, and i hope they give us a good game :)


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