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My pal who has only played Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 its feeling awfully prepared for KH3. "Why should i play all those other handheld games and collections? mainline only baby!" Yeah, he's such an innocent man :)


Steam told me that Resonance of Fate HD is already available! i want to jump straight to it, but i know I'll just throw it into the backlog after a couple of hours. Better wait for some weeks... or until next Sale.


Sometimes when i think "im getting too old to pull all-nighters", a game came and manage to make me do so. The new XCOM 2 content did exactly that, and made me start a new campaing. God damn i love this game, but i need to sleep now :D


It's always sad when i have in my backlog for so long, that a Remastered version is released in the meantime. This time, i'll really play The Mark of the Ninja!


My Dragon Quest XI experience today! Party: Lets continue the story! Me: JUST.ONE.MORE.GAME! "pulls lever" "Congrats! you won 10 free games!"


Honestly, i wasn't too thrilled with the cast of DQXI... but then he appeared. I love my characters weird and fun!


The Steam mod to replace Dragon Quest XI Midi soundtrack with the orchestral one is a godsend, because even if it's good, the midi music is such a letdown. Currently downloading it (its 8 GB) but i hope its good, as im currently hooked to the game.


Nowadays i dont have a problem about playing games only in english, and not spanish. But Dragon Quest XI is making a strong case with all that... i dont know, english thug speech? its difficult to get what are they saying, even with subtitles.


I could contribute one of the old songs from Uematsu to this appreciation day for his music, but this more recent song is beautiful and emotional. I hope he recovers his health after the hiatus!


As always happens, after beating Symphony of the Night for the umpteenth time, im seriously thinking on replaying the DS games. Especially Dawn of Sorrow, the only one i have never replayed... Now to dust off the DS, if i can find it. And the cartridge.


National Holidays in my country means getting completely wasted the whole week... so, to honor my country traditions and im getting ready to drink wine until i hate it! then tomorrow, and tomorrow an so on. Kids, dont do the same!


In an effort to knock some games out of my backlog, i finally played and finished Spec Ops: The Line. And oh boy what an experience it was... I dont usually play war games, but it was nice seeing one with this particular perspective. Bioshock is next.


I'll join the metal qposts today, because i've been listening this disc all day and i still think it's the best Pantera has ever released. Forgive me Cowboys from Hell!


I'm playing a buttload of old ps3 games, mostly launch titles, and i gotta say that Genji Days of the Blades is not bad at all... i played it for an hour and it's pretty fun, if a bit slow. Is this that infamous "Giant Enemy Crab" game?


Im not a Star Wars fan at all, and today while waiting for my sister to come back from the doctor, i watched the Last Jedi... and let me say that this 2 seconds gif is way better than the entire movie.


Guacamelee 2 finished. Pretty damn good, if a bit on the easy side. I love the world Drinkbox crafted, and if i was mexican, i bet i'd loved it even more. Great game, and just the right length for a metroidvania.


After coming back from another stress-relief journey to the beach, i been playing Guacamelee 2 all day, and man, that self roast about memes near the end (i guess it's the end, i still haven't finished) was pretty funny. The game is damn, damn good.


So, in the meantime while i was isolated from the internet, the new releases include Guacamelee 2, Death Gambit and... Shenmue? what? Anyway, im thinking on getting one of them. Maybe Guacamelee 2? It looks like fun, and i loved the first one.


After a couple of weeks in the middle of lakes, mountains, rivers and all that good stuff, it's nice to be back into the civilization. Nice to see everything is the same as always here :)


A friend who was traveling for more than a year came back, and he gave me some Cuban Cigars as a souvenir... Probably didn't knew i stopped smoking last year. But this is really tempting! I must not let this sway me!


Im really not feeling Chasm. I mean, it's probably because im too fresh out of Symphony of the Night, a vastly superior game in every regard... so, i'll stop playing it for some months, maybe that way im gonna like it more. :/


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Hello! Im an ex-accountant, right now back to studying to hopefully finish my career... to start studying what i REALLY want.

I am a big fan of arcade games, fighting games, SEGA consoles and some other random stuff, like chess, books, neckties and religion. Also, have patience with me if sometimes my english is off, im still learning it and i hope to keep improving.

List of games finished in 2015:

Freedom Planet
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Maldita Castilla
Rogue Legacy
Ori and the Blind Forest
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend (story mode)
Castlevania IV
Persona Q
Shin Megami Tensei IV (Neutral Route)
Rockman & Forte
Final Fantasy Type 0
Valkyria Chronicles 3
The Neverhood
Ace Attorney Investigations 2
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Majuu Ou (King of Demons, an SNES game)
The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky

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