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yesterday me and my best friend finished a run of the Knuckles & Knuckles mode in Sonic Mania. And then we listed to this song on loop for a while. What a fun mode! (& Knuckles)


holy guacamole! i lost 2 2TB HDD in a couple of minutes. Giant electric failure with my Power Supply, and there it goes 4TB. Luckily one of them is still alive, but half the content is corrupted, and the other is making some nasty clicking sounds...


One of my favorite parts of this month, is that a new episode of Hellsing Abridged is set to release. Is this going to be the last? I've never watched Hellsing. The proper Hellsing i mean.


seems like Mr. Awesome McCool name Edge Maverick is coming back... in HD. Also, it will be the first Star Ocean on PC. Im ready to hate that band of weirdos all over again :)


#2BTuesday With bonus Operator 6O. She is too precious for this evil, rotten world.


I am slowly losing my will to finish Hollow Knight. I get its a pretty game, but for me it's just so... drab and uninteresting. Also, the pacing is terrible! some basic skills take too long to get and the backtraking is painful. Hollow indeed.


That weird Fighting game "Fight of Gods" is having an official tournament, and the prizes are Crown of Thorns. Has 2017 been truly acknowledged as the best year for gaming yet?


Nioh is coming to PC!!!!


Cuphead is beautiful and challenging. Also the music is so unique! But if i would add something to it, it would be a life bar to the boss battles. Some drag for too long, but they are interesting, and SO PRETTY.


A coworker was watching me playing FGO, and he was like "that game is from that old anime, right?" "yeah men, it's pretty good" "how can they still release games from such and old anime?" "well, the erotic game is even older"... "ITS FROM A PORN GAME!?"


Today, after almost 15 years of service, my old PS2 finally died. Goodnight sweet prince, i will always cherish our time together.


Im dividing my Metroidvania addiction between Samus Returns on 3DS and Hollow Knight on PC. HK is good, but im not really feeling it yet. Metroid on the other hand, is very engaging!


uh, that took more than i anticipated. Nintendo has striked that SM64 Online game. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/09/nintendo%20


#WallpaperToid My WP at this moment... im very obsessed with this character.


Maaaan... i was talking with a friend about all the side content FFXV is getting, and he was like "yeah man, of course, how were they going to continue after -INSERT HEAVY SPOILERS-" Fuck! my friend spoiled me the whole ending!


Sorry buy this was too much. Sakimichan drawing Saber UMU!? yes please!


Finally finish Axiom Verge. It's a great game, but i think a sequel could be even better, if it can distinguish itself a bit more from the Metroid aesthetic. Also, those giant machines are gross and cool at the same time, very cool.


I just heard the news about the Earthquake in Mexico. As someone who lives in a country with very active volcanic activity, i know the terror and damage an 8,2 earthquake can bring. I just hope Rad Party God is ok...


Happy Birthday to Dere-chan. You are so young dude! enjoy and i wish you the best for this new year of your life :D


I've cried a few times with videogames (Final Fantasy VI, VIII, X, Persona 4, Crisis Core) but goddammit Nier Automata... my feelings wont ever be the same after finally getting the true ending. Yoko Taro, you beautiful bastard :'(


Nice power you got there, Joker.


Same as Mr. Churros, but mine is in spanish....


I dropped my phone while in the bathroom, and luckily it didn't fell on the toilet, but on the floor. Now i have a cracked screen... but it still works. So it's ok? it could be worse.


I watched an Anime Film called "A Silent Voice" and it was really... pretty? and kinda depressive. The message was cool and all that, but i guess someone has to be in one of the situations displayed to appreciate it. Still, it was a good movie.


Happy Birthday Rin! here's Gil opening the gate JUST for you :D


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Hello! Im an ex-accountant, right now back to studying to hopefully finish my career... to start studying what i REALLY want.

I am a big fan of arcade games, fighting games, SEGA consoles and some other random stuff, like chess, books, neckties and religion. Also, have patience with me if sometimes my english is off, im still learning it and i hope to keep improving.

List of games finished in 2015:

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Maldita Castilla
Rogue Legacy
Ori and the Blind Forest
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend (story mode)
Castlevania IV
Persona Q
Shin Megami Tensei IV (Neutral Route)
Rockman & Forte
Final Fantasy Type 0
Valkyria Chronicles 3
The Neverhood
Ace Attorney Investigations 2
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Majuu Ou (King of Demons, an SNES game)
The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky

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