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I watched an Anime Film called "A Silent Voice" and it was really... pretty? and kinda depressive. The message was cool and all that, but i guess someone has to be in one of the situations displayed to appreciate it. Still, it was a good movie.


Happy Birthday Rin! here's Gil opening the gate JUST for you :D


Now that i finally leveled her up, i can have Marie on my team in FGO. She's pretty cool :)


Wonderful. Spoilers about the final level, boss and ending of Sonic Mania had started to showing up on my Youtube recommendations.


Nooooooooo! The Steam version of Sonic Mania has been pushed down until August 29!


Another old one for #OPToid. This one is actually the very first anime i ever watched as a kid. The spanish version is glorious, but im going with the original one.


Does anyone here have one these? im planning on get a new controller for my PC (my PS3 controller is failing) and this one seems like a good choice. Recommendations?


Unpopular opinion: Abigail is not that bad, and its more fun to play than half the roster of SFV.


Me and my buddy are drinking that new (new over here, at least) Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire. It's... like drinking syrup, who somehow ended up mixed with burning ethanol. I can already feel the hangover coming.


And thats Nero Fest Grand Finals done! Man, that last quest was really difficult... And the final opponent was a lvl60 saber servant that can one shot your units if you're not careful. Tip: protect your Berserker, they are soft, mushy things.


I bought an old Wii on a flea market, and the damn thing is working just fine! i can't believe it... it even has the Homebrew channel and some emulators. And Mario Kart 7. It may be the first time i play a Wii game outside of that Bowling title :)


in a fit of nostalgia, me and my buddy decided to play Sub-Terrania for the Genesis. While drinking beer. Man, that game sure goes too difficult way too fast for us inebriated people. Well, back to Contra!


I just realized that Fate Extella is available on Steam, and since i started playing Fate Grand Order, i appreciate the franchise more than ever before. Should i get it? is it a good game or at least a fun one?


I was watching Max play the story mode of Abigail from SFV, and what the hell? is like the joke ending in another game. All the characters have such a laughable story? At least he's suitable stupid for his story. But even Juri falls into it!


It's going to rain, i just came home and im having a cup of coffee. The perfect moment for this song.


to the dtoider who recommend me to grab Orcs Must Die! on the last Steam sale... THANK YOU! im having a great time with it, and i can't believe i never give it a shot before.


So yeah, keep getting my attention out of Capcom guys!


Watching the Blazblue finals at EVO. Now i understand why some of my friends think the game is too intimidating. The guy playing Carl Clover is INSANELY good. Or cheap, whatever.


Now when someone ask me why this is my favorite Street Fighter, and why i still play it, im going to link them to this video.


Here's my kitty, Pulga! (he doesn't like belly rubs)


I sold my souls to the dark gods of mobile gaming, and installed both Fire Emblem Heroes and Fate Grand Order. Now im losing my productivity even more stealthy than with my 3DS!


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Hello! Im an ex-accountant, right now back to studying to hopefully finish my career... to start studying what i REALLY want.

I am a big fan of arcade games, fighting games, SEGA consoles and some other random stuff, like chess, books, neckties and religion. Also, have patience with me if sometimes my english is off, im still learning it and i hope to keep improving.

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