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There is a random Facebook guy selling a bunch of NES cartridges, and one of them is that super rare Flintstones game.... should i buy it? the dude doesn't seems to know it's value, but im not a collector either. Maybe i should tell him how rare it is :/


The cutscenes (?) in SFVA still look like a Pokemon/Team Pop Epic gag reel. At least Sakura looks kinda cute.


Now that i finally beat Persona 5, i can say that the Final Palace boss battle is awesome. Not particularly difficult, but the boss, the setting and the music are sooo cool! Now, i need to finish another of my backlog: Trails of Cold Steel.


I saw Coco today with my sisters and my mom, and all i could think through the latter parts of the movie was "damn, i hope im not the first one to cry like a baby". Luckily i wasn't. Man, what a beautiful movie. 10/10.


Guys: if there is one tip i can give you in Getting Over it is this one: DO NOT RIDE THE SNAKE! Im Done with that game. Screw it.


Now that i can check those Vita games i never cared to buy, i must say: Fez is fun, Futuridium is trippy, Aqua Kitty is cool, Lone Survivor is creepy and Yomawari is cute, with that little girl and her dog and WTF HAPPENED!?


It seems like Team Xecuter has found an exploit on the Switch, which means Homebrew, which mean Custom Firmware, which means playing backups (or pirate copies) of games. A little too early for that, but it's always like this for Nintendo consoles.


Here is my GOTY list: 1- Nier Automata, 2-Persona 5, 3-XCOM 2 War of the Chosen, 4-Sonic Mania, 5-Tekken 7, 6- Tales of Berseria, 7-Steamworld Dig 2, 8-Guilty Gear REV2, 9-Pokemon Ultra Sun and 10-Fate/Grand Order. Special mention to Dead Cells!


I got my hands on a Hacked Vita, and man, the community sure has open the console to all the good stuff. Apps, emulators, native PSP support, homebrew, MicroSD cards... Now i own 2 Vitas, a legit with lot of games, and one full of homebrew.


That's Doki Doki Literature Club finished. It was weird, and the plot somehow reminded me of the short novel"I have No Mouth and i Must Scream". But i can see why its so popular, the tone of the game at first didn't seem like the mindfuck it was.


The SF Collection looks great! and since it's coming to PC too, i can finally play a legit version of Third Strike, outside of MAME and Fightcade (that's MAME too anyway) HYPE! PS: SF2 has online. Imma beat everyone with that version broken Guile!


I don't care about the rest of the winners tonight, but Nier Automata won the Best Score Award. That's so well deserved! Congrats to Taro and Okabe for this award <3


The more im into it, the more i realize that the Fate Fandom is the best/most dedicated/insane i've ever been part of. I love it.


I dont watch too much seasonal anime... im more of a shounen trash TBH. But Mahoutsukai no Yome is great! even the OP is one of those that became an instant classic for me.


Now that i dont have a job, i can finally work on my Raspberry Pi Emulation Station. Is both surprinsingly easy and a chore to config, even more looking out for the games that don't work. But i got to play a good chunk of 32X games that i didn't knew!


Star Ocean The Last Hope is available on PC... man, im working my way into World of Final Fantasy, and after it i will be ready to sink myself into that sometimes great, sometimes awful game. I hope it has the japanese voices...


Im finally playing World of Final Fantasy, and its pretty good. The CUTE is through the roof, and the music is minimalist and beautiful. But the speech patterns of Lann and Tama are giving me headaches... In japanese is a bit better though.


Since im going to have a sudden influx of money, i can afford a new console! What should i get? A PS4Pro or a Switch? Please consider that i already have a capable gaming PC, and i dont like Nintendo games (but i love those third party exclusives)


My soul-searching trip to the city i was born was good, great even. But i run out of money! Well, when i get my paycheck from my old job im going even farther, to the end of Chile! I see everything is going well as always in Dtoid :D


Here we go again....


Called it. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle added Gordeau from UNIEL, Yukiko from P4A and... Azrael from BB?!? I said Haku-men dammit! Anyway, The roster is growing and that's a good thing. The next reveal should be a RWBY one... Yang?


I've waited long for this! I bought Nioh on Steam, i was really excited to play it! but... 76GB to download means it wont happen anytime soon :( damn it.


Seems like EA is doing some quick damage control regarding the unlockable characters in SWBF2 https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/news/swbfii-changes-launch


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