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Here we go again....


Called it. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle added Gordeau from UNIEL, Yukiko from P4A and... Azrael from BB?!? I said Haku-men dammit! Anyway, The roster is growing and that's a good thing. The next reveal should be a RWBY one... Yang?


I've waited long for this! I bought Nioh on Steam, i was really excited to play it! but... 76GB to download means it wont happen anytime soon :( damn it.


Seems like EA is doing some quick damage control regarding the unlockable characters in SWBF2 https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/news/swbfii-changes-launch


i went to get a haircut, and when asked "how do you want it?" i said "i dont know... how about Boring Office Worker?" "say no more". And i got just the one i wanted. Isn't that great/sad?


Im feeling down in the dumps today... i think i got a cold last night, drinking with people that clearly weren't the same age as me. But hey, if not now, then when?


Behold what RNGesus blessed me with! And i didn't had to spend all my quartz on her. Man, rolling at 4am really pay off.


Finally, the main Server is back online, the backups are restored, the user terminals are clean and my boss stopped looking at me like i was her disowned son. Now my job is back to normal, but i NEED some vacations time. And booze. Lots of both.


The Popularity Poll that Atlus did with the SMT Demons has been released, and lo and behold, the best demon won! Congrats my dude, stand tall and proud!


Current Status:


We got hit with a Ransomware attack at the company. There were no backups of the files encrypted and guess who is responsible for that? me. Tomorrow they are going to decide what to do with me... i will accept my responsabilty 100%, but im scared.


Guacamelee 2! Now thats something to get excited for.


Yesterday i was playing on my PC, and something happened to me for the first time: I fell asleep while playing. Sorry Hollow Knight, it's time for us to accept our time together is not going anywhere.


Hmm. SMT IV forced me into buying a 3DS, and SMT V will do the same for the Switch. But im sure it will be out in 2019 or so, so im not in a hurry. Now, if they announce the next Gen of Pokemon...


Question for other PC players: I just got a Discount ticket for Civilization VI. If i save it until, say, a Steam Sale, can i apply the discount if Civ VI is already a discounted game?


Out of all the stuff i lost when my HDD croaked last week, the one that hurts the most is my Japanese Hip Hop music... i'll never find those albums again :( And i dont have the money to buy some of them from Itunes. Man, that sucks.


yesterday me and my best friend finished a run of the Knuckles & Knuckles mode in Sonic Mania. And then we listed to this song on loop for a while. What a fun mode! (& Knuckles)


holy guacamole! i lost 2 2TB HDD in a couple of minutes. Giant electric failure with my Power Supply, and there it goes 4TB. Luckily one of them is still alive, but half the content is corrupted, and the other is making some nasty clicking sounds...


One of my favorite parts of this month, is that a new episode of Hellsing Abridged is set to release. Is this going to be the last? I've never watched Hellsing. The proper Hellsing i mean.


seems like Mr. Awesome McCool name Edge Maverick is coming back... in HD. Also, it will be the first Star Ocean on PC. Im ready to hate that band of weirdos all over again :)


#2BTuesday With bonus Operator 6O. She is too precious for this evil, rotten world.


I am slowly losing my will to finish Hollow Knight. I get its a pretty game, but for me it's just so... drab and uninteresting. Also, the pacing is terrible! some basic skills take too long to get and the backtraking is painful. Hollow indeed.


That weird Fighting game "Fight of Gods" is having an official tournament, and the prizes are Crown of Thorns. Has 2017 been truly acknowledged as the best year for gaming yet?


Nioh is coming to PC!!!!


Cuphead is beautiful and challenging. Also the music is so unique! But if i would add something to it, it would be a life bar to the boss battles. Some drag for too long, but they are interesting, and SO PRETTY.


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