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This has been a beautiful weekend. For those who think America’s hopelessly split, what I just experienced proves it isn’t. More in comments


Reading reviews, Black Panther is the first time in a while I've been truly excited about a Marvel flick. I've mostly enjoyed their recent stuff, but this one sounds like they actually show some ambition for the first time in a while


Just dropped $80 on the 88, 89, 92, and 97 publications of the Dark Tower 1-4 paperbacks with the color illustrations. Assuming they show up in good shape, that feels like a damn good deal!


Continuing to enjoy the hell out of my post-Tower King reread. Now I'm burning through Night Shift. So far Jerusalem's Lot is my fav (really gotta watch Chapelwaite!) but I know there are some bangers in the back half


Just finished reading The Dead Zone. I appreciated it FAR more than I did reading it as a kid 20 years ago. What blows my mind is that if you told me he was writing about Trump, I'd believe you. It comes so close to modern politics


Looking forward to playing Ragnarok in about 3 months when the work/travel/holiday craziness ends. We looked at our calendars, and the first free weekend we have is January 14. Next two months are gonna be exhausting


I can't think of any major hot takes. I'm just a basic bitch


Apparently the "login as other people" thing isn't just Dtoid. I was on some random site that Yahoo sent me to about dog rescues, and I was Alphadeus there too. Fair warning, Alpha. You've got about 7 puppies headed your way


Internet: "Friday the 13th prequel series." Me: "Nah, I'm good." Internet: "It's written and produced by Bryan Fuller." Me: "Sign me the fuck up."


I've long defended Walking Dead, especially the later seasons (post Saviors). I fell behind by a year, and just now watching the COVID specials (the season 10 epilogue). So far, they're damn good!


Watching Dream Warriors for the first time in years. I completely forgot about the bonkers back story it introduced for Freddy


Is someone from Marvel on Qtoid? I’ve posted about this being my dream casting a couple times. I’m taking credit! Who should I call about my check?


I'm so fucking torn. I love my job. Hell, I love my boss. He's basically handed the keys over to me and another guy, and we've been running a $50M+ business with carte blanche to do what we want. More in comments


Oh shit, Join the Conversation works! Now I just need to stop being Alphadeus!


Oh damn, they really stuck to their guns with the radar changes in COD! That's gonna take some getting used to!


Gotta hand it to Terrifier (the first one). A moment about halfway through surprised me. Spoilers in comments


I'll be damned, sounds like the new Star Ocean game might be at least OK? Not gonna hurry and drop 60 bucks on it, but I'll keep an eye out for Steam sales


Just finished watching Barbarian. Solid 7/10. Spoilers in comments


Turns out all it took was a Steam Deck for me to finally embrace Bloodstained. This is a damn good game!


OK, one last post tonight. I finished Black House while I was in San Diego. Thoughts (with spoilers, but tagged) in the comments. Overall, I loved it, but there are some BIG caveats


I'm kinda worried about the bots. They've gotten so negative. Maybe we should give them a break...and a hug


Just like every year prior, I was weak. Currently downloading Modern Warfare 2.


About to eat at a restaurant owned by my wife’s favorite Top Chef contestant. Craziest thing is we had no idea when we booked it


Just had some of the best seabass of my life. Serea just outside San Diego. They bring it out whole and filet it at your table. And don’t even get me started on the octopus and tuna crudo starters


I leave you all tonight with my favorite live performance of all time


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