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Holy shit! I reserved a Steam Deck this weekend thinking I'd have some time to decide if I really want it. Got the email saying it's available 5 minutes ago!


Those who've played the Crossbell arc, how much do I need to remember the Sky games to follow along? Is it direct continuation or more of an "oh hey, it's that guy?"


Damn, this last Dark Tower book is brutal. About halfway through now, and I legitimately tested up twice in a 100 page span.


Fuck. Yes. I knew that Disney money could do it


Hope any of yall down in Florida stay safe this week!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3b6SGoN6dA I've seen a shockingly large amount of people saying "when did Ozzy Osbourne get political?" They obviously haven't listened to any of his music


What do yall got on the movie docket for spooky season? Mine in the comments


It's been well over a decade since I saw The Ring. I expected it to be kinda underwhelming now. Dead wrong. This movie is still 100% fantastic. One of the few justified remakes, and I put about 75% of that justification in Watts' performance


One more book left in Dark Tower. Not sure how I feel about what happened in SoS. I knew a certain person would appear in it. I didn't know they'd be...SO...in it. The "meta-ness" has me worried


Just wrapped an interview that feels like it went really well. The job's badass. Basically I'd be coming in at the ground floor and building the finance team from scratch while we acquire other companies. Nice pay bump too!


I am now officially a proud owner of an RTX 3070! Thank God I went with the dual fan. After installing, I wouldn't have had a chance in hell of fitting the three fan model. Now to figure out what to do with my 3060


God help me, reading The Dark Tower, I’m picturing Tom Holland and Zendaya as Eddie and Susannah. Honestly? I kinda like the casting. While I’m at it, for Roland? Ed Helms.


What is it about Nioh 2 that makes me look at the clock and say "oh fuck, it's 2 am?"


Good weekend coming up! Got 2 rounds of golf booked, picked up a blu-ray of Everything Everywhere All At Once for $5 at Redbox, and finally gonna fire up Splatoon 3


There's a rumor going around about some big actors signing on to the MCU. The 2 that catch my eye are Denzel and Giancarlo Esposito. I'm going to be so pumped if they turn out to be Prof X/Magneto


I was 2 centimeters away from my first ever round under 80 yesterday. Still happy with 80 though! I was hitting 100 a year ago. Also, whoever placed the pin on the hole below was a real dick


Not sure why it's taken me 4 tries, but after book 3, I'm officially hooked on The Dark Tower. After that cliffhanger, the Insomnia detour is gonna be rough. I feel like these books might finally have me in the right mindset to appreciate Elden Ring, too


I'd like to publicly apologize for almost murdering Seymour with my D8 recommendation


Finally saw John Mulaney live last night. This latest set is so damn good. Dark, but great


Pro tip 2 of the night: If you live in a state (i.e. Georgia) where THC-8 is legal, give it a shot! I'm not Colorado high, but I also haven't thought about work in 2 hours. It's got way more kick than I was expecting


Pro tip: if reading the King/Straub collab The Talisman, don’t go past page 600 if you have plans. Just realized I’ve been reading for 2 hours. 1 past bedtime


Without spoiling (I’m only starting the chapter), chapter 5 of XC3 is special. Where the hell did this game come from? The first two were good to great, but this one, so far, is just…wow


If XC 3 sticks out what they're doing in the first few chapters, it could be something special. The last thing I expected from this game was to be a pitch perfect representation of (spoiler in comments)


Lesson learned. Chipotle for lunch + beers that night = one rough morning


My comment on Heston's post a sec ago made me realize something very difficult: I am to Nioh 2 what Soulbow is to Siege. I would seek help, but I'd rather figure out a good kusa build.


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