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Not related to games at all, but brace yourself for some skyrocketing prices when eating out. I handle the finances for a large restaurant franchisee, and holy hell, food prices yall. Beef alone has gone up 20% in 2 months


After finishing the shitshow that was Halloween Kills, I’m washing it down with The Exorcist. My god what a perfect movie.


Just finished Halloween Kills. Not a good movie. At all. Cool kills though. 10/10


Don't know what got me thinking of this, but I miss EA Sports Big. If they were to announce new entries of Def Jam Vendetta and the Street games (especially NBA Street), I would be the happiest boy in the land


B4B is reminding me how fun playing with randos can be when a game first comes out. Tonight, for example. One round we were being strategic. Next group, 3/4 of us were singing along with the 90s pop playlist one guy had in the background


PSA for Skyrim PC owners: if you use mods, make sure you've got the game installed and set not to auto-update before Nov 11. Apparently the Anniversary update is going to break the shit out of plugin functionality


I really need to stop playing Dread after drinking. About to start it for the third time because I fired it up and said "wait, how the hell did I get here?"


Some great discounts on Gamefly! NEO $28, RE8 $24, Scarlet Nexus $24, Returnal $28, Nioh Collection $38 (DO IT!!!), Bravely Default 2 $28, Skyward Sword, $38, Pokemon Snap $33, Mario Golf $33, Age of Calmity $33, BOTW $38


So I know the Back 4 Blood login doesn't carry over between platforms. Does that also apply to PC Game Pass and Steam? If it does, I guess I'm just gonna say screw it and pay for it


After only playing an hour or so of Dread last night, my first big observation is that it desperately needs an option to change button mappings. Why in the hell is aim on the shoulder and not the trigger?


Completely forgot I signed up for Ubi+ a while back. On the plus side, it means I got to feel real good about my old GTX 1060. That little card that could is still pumping out 1440p in the 80s on Far Cry 6!


One more reminder for you GameStop Pro members trying to get a Series X. Early Access for new stock at 11 am tomorrow. It works! It’s how I finally got my PS5


Controversial opinion time: Nioh 2 is miles better than any FromSoft game. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some SoulsBorne. Far better presentation and atmosphere. But minute to minute gameplay? Nioh 2 wins, hands down


Need some help on a book title. I read a horror novel not too long ago about a town in the desert that killed a flying creature during a party, and then the whole town started falling apart. Ring any bells for anyone?


For those looking for a Series X and are Gamestop Pro members, early access is Thursday at 11 ET. Might be your best chance to get one. That's how I got my PS5!


Watching Episode 1 of Midnight Mass. Pretty solid so far. Love everything the EP’s done, and I’m always cheering for Zach Gilford after FNL. That being said, it’s pretty clearly telegraphing a twist with the “old lady” obviously played by a 25 y


Just spent 30 minutes with the Strangers of Paradise demo


Anyone remember that 2K college basketball game where you started as a coach at a shitty school and had to work your way up? More sports games should do that


I missed the memo that Survivor is back! Hell yeah! My wife and I have very different tastes in TV and movies, but that, Big Brother, and The Challenge are three we can easily agree on


Damn it, Dtoid, your ads are tempting me to refinance my house! Stop advertising things that apply to me!


Unless it shits the bed in the last few hours, Tales of Arise may be my GOTY frontrunner. I've loved the series for years, but that blows my mind.


Congrats Tales of Arise. You just became the first JRPG since FFVII to make me say “what the fuck.” In a good way. I’ve always loved the series for the characters, but I’m still shocked to be so invested in the STORY this time


2 observations. 1: FFX is just as good as I remember. 2: Anyone who accuses FFXIII of being too linear doesn’t remember X’s structure


You know you’re high when you come out of the bathroom and start listing every meal in the past few days because you don’t remember eating corn


I think I’ve found my retirement goal: Boulder, CO. This is legitimately the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to, including in Europe. If I didn’t have a wife in Georgia, I’d be condo shopping


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