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Lesson learned. Chipotle for lunch + beers that night = one rough morning


My comment on Heston's post a sec ago made me realize something very difficult: I am to Nioh 2 what Soulbow is to Siege. I would seek help, but I'd rather figure out a good kusa build.


Finally got around to watching The Black Phone. Fucking DOPE.


I was weak. Bought XC3 even though I have a ton of time left with Bravely Default 2. Don’t regret it. I’m about 5 hours in and can already tell this game is something special


I'm so tempted to buy XC3. Gotta keep reminding myself I've still got probably 60 hours left of Bravely Default 2. I can't believe I waited so long to start this game. It's so damn good. If BD1 was FFV, this is DQVII


I'm about halfway through The Talisman, and I just found out the Duffer Bros are running an adaptation. I'm so onboard. Obviously I would have preferred Mike Flanagan, but they're a solid second choice


With Fantastic 4 being official, here's my vote for Reed Richards. He's been absolutely fantastic in everything he's been in, but Love Life blew me away. That's where he showed the real shades of grey Reed needs


OK, I know, American Idol is awful and has been since the season after Adam Lambert. BUT. Check this dude out. He's a badass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ4B1cQa-Sc


Welp, guess I'm hooked on Nioh 2 again. I did a complete 180 with this restart. Before I was a strength focused odachi build. Now I'm doing magic focused switchglaive. I feel like the Tazmanian Devil with this thing


Happy Birthday yall! Hope you're not spending it watching Thor. We're talking "makes Eternals look good" bad. It made it very clear that Hiddleston always held those movies together as the "straight man."


I'm trying to exercise my writing muscle. I was damn good at it when I was younger, winning a few state competitions with stories that would have put me on watchlists these days. Need yall's help. Give me a prompt that's good for horror, I'll do a blog


Fuck. Ugh. Here we go. I have a confession. This is hard to say. I thought I was past this, but I was wrong. I relapsed. I'm playing Destiny again. Anyone LFG?


Jesus Christ. Without spoiling anything, there's a scene in the Stranger Things finale in a kitchen that legit has me ugly crying right now. So damn beautiful and well acted


I've recently discovered folk metal, and I'm REALLY hoping these guys aren't singing about white supremacy or something. It seems like kind of a coin toss these days


3 episodes in, I'm loving this season of The Boys. I've really enjoyed both seasons, but this one feels like it's getting the tone just right. Putting Starlight front and center as the emotional core of the season is working damn well


Glad it got announced now! I just started a fresh playthrough of P5R, so now I'll just put it on the backburner until October! Also, LOL Nier Automata on Switch. I'm sure that'll run well


I forgot how damn good the old Hellblazer comics were. Just started back with 1 and finished the first 2-issue arc.


Fun times. I've been trying to decide what game to start up. Had a killer idea. Realized I needed to take a shit. Took said shit. Got back to the computer. Realized I had completely forgotten what game I was thinking about


On a serious note, open world Brave Fencer Musashi. Whatever has to be done to bring that game back


Spoilers for Sinister, a 7 year old movie, in the comments (just don't have the heart to risk spoiling it for anyone)


Damn good birthday yesterday. My wife rode along and saw me play golf for the first time, and I felt like I was a teenager again showing off for a girl. Did pretty damn good, too. I'll take an 84 any day.


Vague Stranger Things spoiler in the comments


I'm having a hard time deciding whether Top Gun Maverick was an incredible movie or a bad movie. Every time there was actual dialogue? Ugh, no thank you. But the actual spectacle? Holy shit.


I love how Hughie on The Boys still reacts to violence like it's the first time he's ever heard of the concept. I mean that unironically. He's basically this show's version of Jim Halpert, acknowledging how ridiculous everything is


I missed the news that Callisto Protocol is no longer part of PUBG. NOW I'm excited for it


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