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Almost a wrap on Demon’s Souls! Just got Penetrator and Allant left. This is going to be the first time I’ve seen a Souls game through to the end! Now to decide if I do NG+ or try and complete the whole series


Went into a grinding hole on Demon's Souls, and now I have a maxed out Sharp Uchi and Crescent Falchion. After killing the Flamelurker in 6-7 hits, I may have made the game a little too easy


I’m curious to see what the Blizzard employees who signed the letter think about the boycott ideas. I’ve been in a similar (not near as bad) situation with an employer, and I was fucking TERRIFIED customers would walk. It would mean jobs. More below


The Dexter and Walking Dead trailers have me pumped. One show looking to redeem itself, and another keeping the good times rolling. Seriously, WD has found new life ever since the whole Negan war ended. Somehow got better after the lead actor left


I done fucked up. Beat Flamelurker, wanted the Meat Cleaver. Cashed in some boss souls I wasn’t going to use to get to the Miracle requirement. Accidentally used the soul I needed for the cleaver. Fuck me


Just got to the Flamelurker in Demon's Souls last night. THIS is my type of Souls boss fight. Didn't beat him, but after figuring out I need to roll TOWARD his slams, I'm gonna beat his ass when I get home today


Just saw that Fringe's Anna Torv has been cast as Tess in the Last of Us show. I am 100% on board with that casting. Loved that show


Made the mistake of closing out of Demon's Souls last night to play a bit of Nioh 2. Now I suck at both games because my hands have no idea what game I'm playing. Wasted two pine resins in Souls this morning just trying to attack


The Demon's Souls remake is so weird. One level is absolutely gorgeous, and then another will remind you you're playing a 12 year old game with copy/paste environments (looking at you Prison of Hope)


So my dumb ass decided that, after taking a break, starting Demon's Souls over with a STR build was a good idea. FUCK the Armored Spider. How in the HELL did I beat this bastard in 2 tries earlier this month?


As a dabbler, I’m curious to hear what y’all think is the best Monster Hunter game. I’m loving World on the PS5, and I’m worried I’m ruining Rise because the drop back to 30 fps is gonna be rough


I’m Vegas with the wife. Not my cup of tea, but she loves it. Bright side, she just came upstairs with $1600! That gets us halfway to paying for our fence!


Been playing Demon’s Souls on PS5. As gorgeous as it is, it’s clear the team and the genre have moved on, in a good way. As a piece of game preservation, easy 10. Compared to later entries? Maybe a 7


Don’t know what made me think of this, but I’d love to see EA take another shot at NFL Head Coach. I feel like CPU’s and AI have reached the point now where it could be good


Without spoiling anything, should I have picked Kasane as my first main for Scarlet Nexus? I'm 10 hours in with Yuito, and I have no idea what the hell is going on. The gameplay is badass, though!


Holy shit, you guys. I thought it was a myth, but I can now confirm that the PS5 is real!


Oh snap! My PS5's in Georgia! Looks like it might actually arrive only one day late!


I've got one episode left of The Boys. Way different from the comics, which is a good thing. Ennis is good at shock value, but this is actually good writing. Here's to hoping it doesn't end the way he wrote it


FedEx is killing me. My PS5 has been sitting in Fort Worth since Saturday. Somehow still expected to be delivered here in Atlanta tomorrow. I'll believe that shit when I see it


With my PS5 coming this week, any recommendations for PS4 double-dips with the enhancements? So far I'm planning on Tsushima, FF7R, Nioh, God of War, and Control


Happy birthday to me! Was FINALLY able to lock down a muthafucking PS5! I knew that Pro membership with Gamestop would come in handy some day!


After binging The Boys, I've got an E3 wish that will never come true. I want an EA Maxis Sims-style game where you manage superheroes. Balancing ego and everything. You don't create them, you just handle the hand you're dealt.


Finally getting around to watching Titans. So far it's not great, but a hell of a lot better than the trailers looked. Solid 6, sometimes 7 out of 10. Superman and Lois, though? Easy 9. Who knew the trick to Superman was to make it Friday Night Lights?


Any PS4 Division 2 players, hit me up with a request! Gadogs61887 is my UN. This game is kicking my ass


I might wind up writing my first blog about the Red Dead epilogue. Reserving judgment since I'm at the early stages, but at the moment SO disappointed that R* picked the safe way. Hopefully that changes.


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