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DLSS 3 for Cyberpunk is out! Gave me about a 50 fps bump with all settings maxed, no noticeable input lag or video issues. Hell yeah! Downside, word has it if you had mods, you may have crashing issues


A second Batman in the DCU featuring Damian Wayne as Robin? Yeah, count me in! Even more so if the Batman in the mix is Dick Grayson!


I can confirm that the plasma cutter remains one of the coolest damn weapons in gaming history. And that the plasma rifle is still boring as all hell


Played about an hour, and goddamn is it good to have Dead Space back again! Already hoping they do the same with 2.


Haven’t played a second and there’s already one thing Dead Space is doing right. Building shaders. That should be required for any DX12 game


One more day until Dead Space! I don't understand how I'm so excited for a new coat of paint on top of a game I've played at least 5 times already, but damn it, I am!


Oh motherfucking shit y'all. Watching John Wick 2, seeing Keanu all beat up, I realized: cast that sumbitch as Roland in Dark Tower please! He would be perfect. Skinny, cold, but also somehow endearing.


Oh man I needed that laugh


You know, as much as these tech layoffs suck, at least they're doing it right with what sound like pretty solid severance packages. Better than a lot of horror stories from past years at least


Getting a kick out of the Steam responses to P3P. They're complaining about the visual novel approach, meanwhile that's a big part of why it's my favorite version. Same content, you just don't have to watch a 3d model walk around the same spots repeatedly


Those Forspoken PC requirements look busted as hell. 24 GB of RAM? Who the hell is buying RAM in multiples of 12? Also, PSA, Fanatical has some pretty awesome deals going right now.


Watching Ambulance for the second time. Hands down the best Bay movie in years. I love the flat out name drop of The Rock in the first 20 minutes. Feels like he's saying, "Yeah, I know, I got weird, but I'm back."


Man, even knowing what happens, the first 30 minutes of Last of Us definitely hit different when it’s real people. I’m all in already


Hard to believe the camera on DMC 5 on PC is still so messed up. Roughly 75% of the time you're trying to pan up or down, it also veers left or right.


Gonna be a fun commute


Started up Fallout 4 again last night, and it's grown on me! Definitely lacking compared to 3 and NV when it comes to role-playing stuff, but it's a fun little shooter when taken for what it is


Spent half the day testing out the 4070 on every demanding game I can think of. Already love this thing. Hell of an upgrade from the 3070


Couldn't resist, picked up a 4070 TI tonight. This thing is a 1440p BEAST. Runs Cyberpunk at highest settings with DLSS Quality at a silky smooth 60. Can't wait to see what it does with the DLSS 3 patch


Not gonna lie, I'm kinda pumped Engage steps back the social aspect a bit. I liked it the first time in Three Houses, but whenever I revisit, running around the academy gets less and less appealing


Apparently I missed the memo on Palace of the Dead in FFXIV. Not only is it a FANTASTIC way to level your DPS classes, but it's a pretty damn fun (easy) roguelike too!


Just watched it today, but most surprisingly good movie of the year goes to Ticket to Paradise for me! It's not an award winner by any means, but it was a lot of fun. Makes for a great date night movie


Man, FFXIV is dangerous. Meant to go to bed around 11 last night. Actually got up from the computer around 1. Startled my wife, whose shout startled the dog. Dog bit the shit out of my foot. Fun times


Used my burner email to log into Truth Social. Yeah, I'm buying a fucking gun. Took approximately 5 minutes to find several neighbors talking about "revolution" in Trump's name. And the shit he's posting? Jesus Christ. That shit's terrifying


Ah, fucking hell. I got sucked back into FFXIV. Been a while, didn’t remember much of the story and wanted to play a new class, so I said fuck it and started fresh.


8 degrees Fahrenheit outside, meanwhile I have the window open. Our master bedroom (where the thermostat is) is over the garage, so the heater's been blasting all day. My office felt like Florida in July


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