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Any last predictions before the showcase? I figure we'll finally see some Spidey gameplay if that's coming out in ~2 months. And a date for Ratchet if that's still launch window. Oh, and price: $500 for the core PS5, $450 for the digital only one


Lol honestly fuck these guys so much. Not only were they anti-consumer re Control but they straight up lied about it to. I implore you, please do not give 505 your money, we need to push back against this kind of bullshit or we'll keep seeing more of it


For context, here are the launch costs for some other console SKUs going back about 25-30 years (inflation numbers are from the US BLS). What MS is doing with the Series S pricing is honestly kinda nuts


It's official: Xbox Series S. $300. Super aggressive move from Microsoft, and it's apparently the smallest Xbox ever?


The irony here is CDPR woulda been justified charging an "upgrade" fee for this. Unlike Control, Witcher 3 was made pre-ray tracing, so their tech *and* art teams would need to implement that new lighting engine. There's actual work involved


Finally finished Mankind Divided and....ugh! Cliffhanger!! So mad Eidos Montreal is indefinitely stuck working on that damn live service Avengers shit. I need closure here =( More thoughts (and spoilers) in the replies


Started watching High Score, the Netflix doc on the history of gaming, and I can't recommend it enough. Perfect mix of nostalgia for what I know, insight into what I didn't, and a surprising emotional core that reminded me why I fell in love with gaming


Might fuck around and bring a guillotine to Tom Nook's shop and just stare at him for a couple hours


Jim Sterling, who remains undefeated, just dropped this gem on his channel. Never been more convinced we don't need new consoles, and if they even release this year (I'm still not convinced) it's gonna be a disaster


Not 15min after the news breaks that my Mets, successor to the Brooklyn Dodgers, will finally be sold to a competent owner, I see the man who played Jackie Robinson in 42 dies at 43 on the day MLB honors Jackie Robinson. 2020 is a sick fucking year.


*Reads headline* "Wow, they hired Joseph Staten back from Bungie to work on Infinite, that's a big move from Microsoft." *Reads article* "Wait, what? He's been at Microsoft since 2013 doing non-Halo stuff? For real??? How did I not know this?"


Bummer. I really enjoyed this show. It's rare we get good live action cyberpunk so I'm sad to see this canned. Hope somebody brings it back


Hot take: the PS2's American launch was overall very good, better than most systems that have come out since, and we should probably stop using it as a joke example of a bad console launch. Send Tweet.


Me watching literally anything from this DC FanDome


There are two kinds of people in this world:


So this apparently leaked through a Guatemalan retail site. Idk what AAA MSRP is there so I got no idea what to expect -- thoughts? Fingers crossed you're not climbings ancient radio towers (with time powers!) -%20-


I'm unconvinced this is the best solution for consoles, but I'd love to see PS5's TDP-capped variable clocks applied to the next Switch. Crysis is so CPU bottlenecked here that an OC at the expense of GPU clocks could make for *much* smoother gameplay


So somehow I completely missed this story back in May about MS potentially re-opening the back compat program after Series X/S launches? Fingers crossed somebody can finally unfuck the web of licensing issues around the Riddick game...


Remedy & 505 can fuck right off with this. Will not be buying Control Ultimate Edition or any product from either developer or publisher in the future. Strongly encourage everyone to take a line in the sand approach w/ these next gen double dip "upgrades"


So DBFZ w/ the 1st season pass is dumb cheap right now. A few of my buddies bought it and we're looking for people to 3v3 with, if anybody's interested


Hey... uh... sorry to double post but this seems like a pretty significant development for Tencent???


Had been streaming RE7 with my friends in the party for half-joking "emotional support" and I hit the Jack chainsaw fight. Convinced this thing is broken. Rather go back to the invincible roamer trope I hate so much. No clue what Capcom was thinking here


Just watched Noclip's doc on Prey's incredible opening level. Massive spoilers if you've never played it (and fr, go play it first, you'll enjoy it) but I loved watching this. May need to start contributing to Noclip...


Reading the Halo Waypoint post where 343 does damage control for Infinite (link below). This stood out. It's wild the channel I used to watch for framerate analysis gets an acknowledgement from the devs of Microsoft's next flagship console game lol


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