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So Covid quarantine had got me posting back on Dtoid for the first time in a couple years, but these protests have had my attention the past few days (I'm in NYC). Sending my love to you all and hope everybody is safe rn 🙏


My Xbox One just randomly queued an update for Spec Ops: The Line. Had an itch to scratch and ended up watching this (heavily spoiler filled) post mortem. I think I may finally need to replay this. If you haven't yet, you should (but don't watch this lol)


It is hard to understate how much I love Minecraft Dungeons. I feel like I'm 8 again, just grinning ear to ear the whole time.


Witcher III and Subnautica were a bust so I tried Hellblade and man... this is a deeply fucking disturbing introduction sequence. I'm glad (???) I bought a new headset before I started this. Whatever the opposite of ASMR is, this is it 😐


I know there are bigger issues in the world right now, but these near-weekly Xbox Live service outages are getting fucking ridiculous. If this is gonna keep happening they need to start compensating subscribers.


The Arctis 9X is a Good Ass Gaming Headset

Since quarantine began, I've avoided making any luxury purchases... until a couple weeks ago when I caved and bought a new gaming headset. My old 360 Turtle Beach's were (literally) falling apart and required a web of wiring just to us...


I've officially hit the point in Shadow of the Colossus where I'm too dumb to figure out how to beat one of the colossi =( I'm awful at puzzle games and I was worried I'd hit this point -- cause I'm actually really enjoying the game!


Is the Switch an 8th gen platform (PS4/XB1) or 9th (PS5/XSX)? It came 3.5yrs after the PS4/XB1, 4.5 after the WiiU, and 6yrs after the 3DS, but only 2.5yrs before the PS5/XSX. What if the "Switch 2" drops in March 2023 -- would that change your answer?


We're Living in the Age of the Remake

It's become a running gag that there are no new ideas in Hollywood: comic book adaptions, franchise sequels, live action remakes of animated classics, a seemingly endless line of horror movie reboots. As I played the Shadow of the Colo...


Playing Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) for the first time. Genuinely do not know what to make of this game but... 3 down and I'm still going? Which is a good sign w/ how quickly I pull the plug now on games I don't enjoy so... yay!?


I'll Never Play Half Life: Alyx... and That's OK

A new Half-Life game came out on Monday – and I didn't realize it until Tuesday. I'm not sure which part of that sentence would have been harder for me to believe just a few months ago. A decade and a half later, Half-Life 2 rem...


...so the Crash Trilogy is basically Twin Snakes

It helped define a platform and an era of gaming. It found new ways to innovate in the face of hardware limitations by smartly using its controlled camera. It was rough in some aspects of its gameplay design, but ultimately helped infl...


Nintendo Switch is Off to a Good Start. Now What?

On Thursday, Nintendo finally revealed their next console: the Nintendo Switch, formerly known as the NX. The timing was less than ideal, going up against the first trailers for Read Dead 3 and the final Wolverine movie, but the respon...


Why I'll Never Build (or Buy) a Gaming Rig

As I've gotten older, the time I'm willing to dedicate to gaming has continued to shrink. There was a point when I'd regularly comment on sites like Dtoid, read strategy guides and walkthroughs, grind through games on the hardest diffi...


Hit the Ground Running: How Nintendo Wins the 9th Gen

To call the WiiU a commercial disappointment would be the understatement of this generation. After 3+ years, the system has barely moved 12M units, 1/4 of which have come from the shrinking Japanese market. Nintendo financials have improved...


Halo 5: Guaridans, Or How to Fix What Isn't Broken

I don't fear change. There are times when game design needs to move forward, and the end result pushes the industry to innovate in a meaningful way. Then there's the flip side of change: the homogenization of game design, the change for the...


Man, I Can't Wait to Get a PS4... Next Year

Like I do every year, I sat down last week and watched each of the E3 press conferences. Putting aside the usual batch of awkward moments, missteps, and botched announcements, I think a lot of people were more up on the show this year ...


@All: Good Night, and Good Luck

On Sunday I threw up a new post in the community blogs; partly as a response to Holmes' article about the term "gamer", and partially in response to the controversy and ensuing internet shitstorm surrounding independent game developer ...


How Sony could save the Playstation Vita (but won't)

As it stands, the Vita's probably only getting two types of games from here on out: things that will make a profit with just the Japanese market, and ports of PSN and Steam indie games developed first elsewhere. As much as Sony seems dead s...


Destiny, planned obsolescence, and the future of DRM

When Microsoft originally announced the Xbox One, the backlash to the online check-in requirement was enormous. Not only were the people who don't have access to fast, reliable, cap-free broadband upset, but so was a wide swath of the commu...


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