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Wow. 20 years since the PS2 launched in America. Wild. What an incredible library it had. So Sony just announced they're making it backward compatible right? To celebrate the anniversary? ...right? ......


For any current/future Xbox owner, I highly recommend this 4 pack AA + charger from EBL. One charge gets you a few weeks w/ heavy use, you always have another set to swap to, and it's cheaper than the official play+charge kit from MS. Link below


My time with PS Now has me unconvinced that streaming has a significant future, but if things change I could see this as a very smart move. At minimum, it would be great for streaming locally to a 2nd room w/o needing to buy a 2nd console.


Thinking about what could have been 😔


With legacy back compat dead (probably?) I did a PS Now trial to play some old PS3 games I missed. Heavy compression aside, the input latency is noticeably awful. Idk if Stadia or xCloud is any better, but I'd never play a game this way unless I had to.


Went from being excited that I could finally play P.T. to realizing this SUWI/Squid thing is seriously borked and no amount of trouble shooting could get it working for me. What a bummer.


So Ratchet & Clank: Full Front Assault is surprisingly good. It's *really* hard in solo (it's def balanced for co-op) but the tower defense shtick works way better than I would have expected. I'd be down for another spin off like this, for sure


"I'm Joe Biden, and I have a question: is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?"


This shit fucking sucks and is basically confirmation that legacy backward compatibility is never comingto PS5. Finding myself incredibly grateful that Microsoft actually cares enough to preserve the history of its back catalog.


Really interesting vid from DF on backcompat load times. A pleasant bonus takeaway? The OS is actually smaller than it is on Xbox One, *even including* the Quick Resume save state allocation. More thoughts below:


Screaming "god dammit NO!" at my TV as the voices tell me to give up and this song gradually builds. Man. Hellblade is truly something special. Thoughts and some spoilers below.


Really, really hating Crash 4. I don't know why Toys for Bob had to fuck with the physics. The slide jump is so floaty and everything feels terrible. This is incredibly disappointing for a game I was so excited about.


Last year for ~4 months I'd get to work at 9, skip lunch, and stay til b/w 6 and 8 depending on workload. Had an hour commute each way. It damn near killed me so I can't even imagine what CDPR devs are going through rn. This is inhumane.


A couple buddies have asked me for advice on buying a TV with their Series X pre-order, so I put together a little cheat sheet. I know we have some fellow techies here, so any feedback y'all have is much appreciated! Don't wanna steer my buddies wrong lol


So SSDs are dumb expensive, the launch lineups suck, and this whole generation feels rushed, but man is it refreshing to like, see actual games running on a next gen console and OS outside of a controlled environment? This finally feels... real?


"Last of Us II" ... "surprisingly chill" ... "beach"


I see a lot of folks (rightfully) looking to the future after the ZeniMax buyout news, but if the deal went through today (in reality it'll take several months) MS would be looking at a huge boost to the Game Pass catalog on Xbox (also lol Rogue Warrior)


Ooof. If this is what reduced file sizes look like -- on a cross gen game, no less -- we're gonna be in for a hellish generation of micromanaging game installs


This upcoming console launch got me thinking about past systems I've owned, and cause I'm OCD I made a list. Included when I got them and what I got them with/why I got them. What was the first system + game you all got?


Excited as I am for this new GoW, I gotta point out the last time Sony did a logo teaser it was Uncharted 4... also on the eve of a new console launch... and then it didn't come out for 2.5 years. Much as I want Ragnarok to drop in 2021 I have my doubts


"It was a mistake for Microsoft to make their first party titles cross-gen. All those games will be held back by weaker consoles, unlike first party PS5 games which will take full advantage of Sony's new hardware."


Wow, so Sony is really gonna sell the DE for $400. That's hella aggressive given how little they save from dropping the disc drive. Overall it was a solid show. Got some more thoughts below


Any last predictions before the showcase? I figure we'll finally see some Spidey gameplay if that's coming out in ~2 months. And a date for Ratchet if that's still launch window. Oh, and price: $500 for the core PS5, $450 for the digital only one


Lol honestly fuck these guys so much. Not only were they anti-consumer re Control but they straight up lied about it to. I implore you, please do not give 505 your money, we need to push back against this kind of bullshit or we'll keep seeing more of it


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