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Dope. This game looked cool and now I may actually be able to play it!


For my fellow office people, you ever leave a meeting and go "that could have been an email"? Well that's how I feel about Boba Fett, except the "email" was a 130min movie that didn't suck


So if Twitter is any indication, CrossfireX might have blown past CP2077 and jumped straight into "Colonial Marines financial fraud" territory. Anybody play this shit yet? Last I checked the campaign couldn't even be downloaded thru the Game Pass app lol


I feel comfortable saying this means a new game is in the works (see: Ratchet & Clank 2016) which is rad af (even if the movie sucks lol)


The Medium's leaving Game Pass, and w/ no Series X I played it on xCloud. Game was pretty good! Adventure game w/ a strong story and some solid but not overwhelming horror and puzzle elements. Streaming the game was just... fine. I guess.


A lot of people focusing on dlc/mtx being 1/3 of Sony's gaming revenue, but even more notable to me? Less than 5% comes from physical media. I imagine this is even more stark on Microsoft's side. This is definitely the final generation w/ disc drives


Some of y'all may recall my uncle, who introduced me to PC gaming as a kid, recommending that I watch Arcane. Well this made me lol


Anybody play the FC Instincts games within the past few years? I'm sure they've aged like hot dog water but mid '00s nostalgia has really been beating my ass of last so I might cave on this lol


This isn't quite "2015 Inc talent leaves EA, forms Infinity Ward under Activision, leave Activision, forms Respawn to get bought by EA" levels of comedic but it's damn close


Hey remember when a major news org w/ a credible track record ran a story on a Switch mid-gen refresh which didn't end up happening and the internet had a very calm, rational, non-slanderous response to said news? Good times.


Begging Paramount to call up the VFX studio behind Blade Runner 2049 and get this shit fixed ASAP. Sonic movie reveal trailer level stuff here. Really bad look that they hid this for so long


Point: I feel very left out of the hype around Pokemon Legends, Horizon 2, and Elden Ring. Counterpoint: this is an excellent time to finally catch up on my backlog 😅


"Monster Hunter-style"? I sleep. "With Certain Affinity" REAL SHIT


Before Disney DMCA's it, here's some leaked gameplay from the cancelled Star Wars 1313


We deserved better 😔


Not sure if this is new or if I missed an earlier announcement, but apparently there's an upgrade path for the Uncharted PS5 collection. Xbox style Smart Delivery would have been preferable, but this is better than Sony's full double dips, at least


A lot being made of this quote today, with focus on the "existing agreements" component and how things could easily change post acquisition. But it's worth pointing out that no ZeniMax IP got a name drop like this or a mention to "keep it on Playstation"


Fuck you, Xbox Back Compat Sale. Fuck you very much.


Market consolidation sucks but also this quote is hilarious in hindsight


Well... I mean that's certainly one way to get Bobby Kotick to resign, I guess?


Genuinely think I might cry here. I had over 600 emails in my Inbox. Thought I had hit the point of no return, but somehow managed to clear it out today and save everything that was of value. Did not believe this was possible lol


Vita Could Have Been Switch, but Sony Fumbled the Bag

This March marks 5 years since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, one of the most successful video game systems of all time. It will also be the 2-year anniversary of the PlayStation Vita's discontinuation. A decade after it hit Wester...


A few of these are definitely staged/over acted, but I stand by my belief that 343 Guilty Spark is a master class in game design. Getting to see this level through fresh eyes was a real treat. I wish I could re-experience it all over again


RIP PlayStation Now. Spartacus news seemingly imminent? Possibly?


The market reaction to the Zynga acquisition announcement is... well...


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