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Honestly just give this man whatever he asks for. Shit, if he wants to have a cagefight with Chris Pratt to decide who gets to voice Mario, I say let him


A buddy of mine loves the recent AC games (I loved the old ones) so he bought me Origins and Odyssey as a gift. I'm several hours into Origins and man -- this is really just a wildly inferior version of Ghost of Tsushima, huh?


I thought Witcher season 1 was good not great, and I had little experience w/ the franchise before that, but god damn this 2nd season is excellent. Absolutely worth the 2yr wait. Get on this shit asap if you haven't started yet


PSA for anyone considering buying FF7R on PC


Watching a documentary about a Halo game that was delayed a year, had half its content scrapped and rebuilt, entailed insane crunch, and had a ton of technical issues. Damn. History is cyclical, huh?


Okay. Balancing my optimism with some realistic expectations, here's what I wish/expect Sony to do with its "Spartacus" streaming service. Thoughts?


Man, this Analogue Pocket thing is pretty cool! Buying one and getting a collection of carts seems kinda expensive tho? Shame no none makes a portable system where you can buy these old games digitally? Like a... virtual... console?


Ok. That's Halo Infinite beat. Just waiting on the level select patch for 100%. Monotonous open world bullshit aside, the "real" levels + plot are easy the best Halo in a decade (or more). 343 has finally -- FINALLY -- righted the ship here


Please god I am begging, no Destiny style, "MMO-lite but in SP" bullshit in Alan Wake 2. It is the reason why Control dropped from genuinely good to mediocre. Just give me real ass survival horror. I do not need world event alerts, I promise


Halo Infinite is maybe the most conflicted I've ever been about a game. The core gunplay is -- no lie -- the best the franchise has ever seen, Bungie titles included. But this open world shit is... really not good?


The timing of this is kinda funny given the Switch Online 64 news and my earlier qpost but


Today is a good time to note that if Nintendo had a $10/month sub w/ every 1st party game pre WiiU/3DS emulated + a rotating selection of 3rd parties it would immediately be the best & most successful subscription in gaming, leap frogging Game Pass


Pretty massive news here. By no means is the merger killed, but if the US and UK regulators are successful w/ their suit, it would literally change the course of history. No bullshit, this merger is huge (and would be fucking awful)


This was genuinely anxiety inducing (fr, tiny ribbon cables should be banned under federal law) but putting an SSD in my One X has been game changing (literally). I load back from MP games basically at the same time as my buddies with Series X's


So I'm supposed to post a picture of the box and go "what's in the box?!" And then you're supposed to check the replies to see what's in the box? Did I do this right?


Crazy what being affordable and in stock will do for your product!


I read this as Kotick + the Board (a) trying to appease shareholders + employees, claiming a "fix" can happen under him and (b) keeping the door open for him to resign and save face, likely with a large bonus


Yea. Okay. Sold.


Wow. Surprising reversal from Rockstar. The original versions of the GTA Trilogy are being *relisted* on PC, and given as free copies to those who bought the DE versions. Pretty damning acknowledgement that your product sucks, but good news nonetheless


Yea that's a wrap on Kotick. He'll be resigning before the Thanksgiving weekend is over.


I understand the reports that Microsoft is apparently pushing Spencer to establish a successor plan, but man -- you cannot get rid of this dude, I'm sorry. He is Xbox now. Period.




I'm not saying you're morally justified in pirating Rockstar games. That is definitely not what I'm saying in this post. Please don't misinterpret this as me condoning or promoting piracy of Take Two intellectual property. But-


b u l l y i n g c o r p o r a t i o n s w o r k s


I'm not buying the GTA Remasters but San Andreas is on Game Pass so I'm playing it. Opinions on the visuals aside, this game is a technical fucking mess and plays identical to the PC version, just with a new controller mapping. How is this $20? lol


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