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My expectations were low but holy fuck


If you're caught up on Clone Wars + Rebels but haven't started on Bad Batch, definitely do that. It's way better than I expected. They hide a lot of broader world building behind a really well written cast and conflict that you get super invested in


Finally saw the Uncharted movie. As a film adaption of the Uncharted games, it kinda sucks. As a generic adventure story about finding lost treasure it's... fine? Like totally serviceable as a mindless action movie.


Unless I'm missing something, Sony lied to everyone: they were never developing a new PS2 emulator for Plus Premium or adding any new titles to the PS4 "remaster" line. It's literally just the same fucking games that have been on PS4 for years.


I logged on to post a joke about Twitter's busted algorithm (Silent Hill is a song off Kendrick's new album; Ghostface is feature on the album, but not the song) but apparently there was a real Silent Hill leak today??? Kendrick Lamar truly the GOAT lol


Welp, there's that at least? Also: this means I can probably push off buying next gen consoles until next year lol


Off the top of my head I can't think of another game with a red headed protagonist. It's all scruffy dudes with dark hair. Let us gingers have this one, man 😭


I haven't complained about the Halo TV series in a few weeks, so I guess I'm overdue. Don't ask me why I'm re-reading Fall of Reach, but I had to lol at the fact that the whole show is predicated on the exact thing Halsey said from jump would not work


Beyond feeding my MLB 22 addiction, I haven't been playing games much of late... except Until Dawn? Which is... actually good? Like genuinely, surprisingly good and I can't actually explain why lol


Incredibly difficult for me to recommend Xbox to people when sever issues can literally lock you out of subscriptions and purchased games. Sony and Nintendo have their issues and I've discussed them extensively but these DRM triggers are fucking insane.


You will not be missed, bub


This is fucking embarrassing, frankly. If Microsoft isn't already deep into plans to bring another studio onto this project than Halo is effectively dead as a franchise. 343i is not capable of handling this anymore. Full stop.


Fans: "This game needs more unique characters and content". Square Enix: "What I'm hearing is more gender swap reskins and cookie cutter grind arenas?"


Kojima made a demo for a cancelled game that consisted of nothing but 2 hallways and couple rooms and it is both scarier and more influential than the entire Resident Evil franchise combined. Boom.


I would like to take this opportunity to say that Hue is a beautiful game with great puzzles and a surprisingly impactful story that literally made me cry, so you should play it. That is all. BUMP: it's now on Live Gold/Game Pass Ultimate.


Checking in safely from NYC. Hope everyone here is okay. Pic unrelated.


Alright folks. Let's get your bets in now. When is Kingdom Hearts IV releasing? I'm gonna be optimistic and say 2025.


The first lines of Halo 3, the most foundational component of Cortana's connection to the Master Chief, were just written out of this show. It's hard to watch what little respect these showrunners have for the source material. Breaks my heart, tbh.


Very proud of our comrades at Activision. These are the fruits of their organized labor. Still a long way to go, however.


Watching Blade Runner 2049 for the 4th time, and I am once again impressed w/ how bleak this film is. Cyberpunk is bleak! It's supposed to be bleak and dystopic, not cool and edgy (*coughcdprcough*). Denis Villeneuve and the team really nailed this.


Me, last week: "lol sony, who is gonna pay for this new subscription service, honestly." Me, today, upon finding out PS Now converts to Plus Premium:


I am very nearly 30 and let me tell you, gaming in my 20s has been a progressive exercise in learning how not to do this anymore lol


Mea culpa: I was too hard on Arkham City. Gave it a second go, and while its world design is still far behind Asylum, the game is overall pretty solid. I enjoyed my time with it.


$15+/month just to keep paying $70 for new releases? Yikes. I... don't see how this gains traction in a world where Game Pass exists. And I really hope Sony doesn't pull a Nintendo and will be selling these classic games separately. I just want Ratchet.


The bad: RE4 still controls like what I imagine hot dog water tastes like. The good: the Xbox refund policy is absurdly fast and easy lmao


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