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I need to settle a debate: can FOV be a design choice or is it simply a setting, like resolution or framerate? My feeling is the former. I got some more thoughts below but I'm curious what y'all think


*Stares at Lost Planet* (Those games are janky af and have aged terribly, as I found out lol)


DF just dropped Alex's tech focus on GI, and it's *excellent*. Great job of simplying a complex topic while adding depth for techies familiar w/ it. Also a great argument for why ray tracing will streamline a lot of this. Highly recommend checking it out.


Hypothetical: tomorrow, Sony announces the last PS3/Vita era remaster they will ever make. What is the one thing you'd hope it'd be? For me it's easy: I just want my old Ratchet games back ='(


Fucking hell. This industry is desperately in need of (a) unionization and (b) regulation. This shit shouldn't be happening in 2021.


The news that there are no metroids in Metroid Dread has reminded me that there have been 8 original Halo games in the past 14 years, none of which (post credit scenes not withstanding) have featured an actual Halo ring! Lol


Hypothetical: if there was a PS5 emulator on PC, and you bought a new disc copy of Demon's Souls at MSRP, but then played a ROM of the game in the emulator w/o ever buying a PS5, is that ethical?


Okay which one of y'all was it lol




The specs for the Steam Deck are... wow. This thing is a beast. There's no proprietary dock required for video out either, it's just standard DP 1.4 via USB-C. And all of this is $400? Genuinely at a loss for words here.


Your regularly scheduled reminder that bullying works


I'm a little late here but this was super awesome to see. I hope this stuff becomes standard going forward. I've talked a lot about ND's accessibility options in TLOU2 which accomplished the same thing in allowing more people to experience that game.


Thanks again for everyone's help in picking a backlog game to finish. SOMA got the most mentions but SotC had a slight edge in vote share, so I'm calling it a tie and will flip b/w both lol (may make it 3 w/ Far Cry tbh)


Hi y'all. I have a serious problem with starting and not finishing games. Here's a few that I'd like to finish some day and have played recently enough where I wouldn't feel the need to restart my save file. Help me pick what to finish first plz? <3


This is so wild to me. I subscribed to these guys last year (on a recommendation from a Dtoider!) when they had like 10K followers? And now they have half a million. Great channel that does psychology breakdowns of major movies (and they're funny!)


What's that? Did my 6 month old blog about the "Switch Pro" use a mock up made in MS Paint? Of course not! My uncle works at Nintendo, I just couldn't tell you at the time...


Gundam peeps: is it bad if I skip 0079? I tried watching the first few episodes but it's not grabbing me? Think it feels a little dated tbh (I grew up loving Gundam Wing, so maybe that's it?) Would I miss a lot if I just watched the compilation movies?


So there's a premium for the PS5 upgrade? Even tho the one for FF7 is free and completely separate from the expansion pack they did? The same thing Gears 5 also did? The fuck gives, Sony?


Looks like Sony is acquiring Bluepoint, too. So either "smart business move, Sony" or "start making your own studios, Sony" depending on your typical reaction to these stories


The Hot Pursuit reboot remaster (lol) is on EA Play, and while I ended up hating the game the reveal trailer for this was fucking awesome. Remember being in high school and losing my shit when the Lambo came in during the EA E3 presser. Good times...


Wow. CRTs are the objectively superior way to experience classic games. You're cancelled, old man


I'm not saying I support piracy, but when you never drop the price of your software and then discontinue physical prints, well... maybe you deserve it? *shrug*


PSA, for anybody who streams or records Avengers gameplay


Lol I love this new meme template. Got a few more I found in the replies


As a devoted believer in the One True Truth -- that weapon durability in BotW was Very Good™ -- I'm also fully okay w/ letting people just... turn it off in BotW2? It wouldn't hurt my enjoyment of the game at all (even if it is, of course, Very Good™)


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