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Finally watched Noclip's 2018 Half Life doc on TreasureCat's recommendation (which was super weird to see in a post-Alyx world). My biggest takeaways: god damn this franchise was a groundbreaking masterpiece... and Valve as a company kinda sucks?


So my Plus sub lapses in Sept and I'm not renewing it. Made a short list of some games I wanna play before it expires. Any suggestions on what to start next, from the below or otherwise? I've had Plus since 2012 so I got the full PS4 library.


Just watched the latest RPCS3 update and I'm reminded how incredible this work is. All done by "amateurs" building functional PS3 emulation w/ crowd funding. Imagine what Sony could have done w/ their resources and knowledge of the architecture...


Playing Observation. Seriously what the fuck. How does this game go from visceral satisfaction to complete discomfort at the drop of a hat. If I explained it to you w/o playing, you'd laugh, but this shit is genuinely unnerving 😐


I got shit for implying that Facebook buying Ready at Dawn was a death sentence. Even tho it's from Sony, these types of patents are indicative of the future for Oculus. Facebook's gaming division is just a trojan horse to sell targeted VR ads πŸ€·β€β™‚ο


A few gameplay gripes aside, my initial (spoiler free) take on beating TLOU2 is that it's probably the most profound, impactful piece of storytelling I've ever experienced in this medium. A game has never fucked me up like this before. God damn.


My Hopes for the Next Xbox Series X Event

The May Xbox Direct, our first real look at the Series X went... less than great. What was initially hyped as a "Gameplay Reveal" turned out to be a 3rd party-only trailer montage. Microsoft admitted it set the wrong expectations, prom...


Naughty Dog: "I see you're enjoying how we fixed our stealth gameplay. Way more fluid and intuitive now, huh? ...would be a real shame if we introduced a mid-game mechanic that completely ruined the pacing we established."


I want to ammend a recommendation I've been making for years: don't play Burial at Sea. It's not good, it's just better than Infinite (which is awful). Made the mistake of starting a replay of BaS after beating Minerva's Den. More thoughts below:


Sat down and beat all of Minerva's Den today. First time I've played it. As somebody who adores Bioshock 1, this DLC shockingly (lol) blows it out of the water. I really hope some of these folks are developing Bioshock 4. Absolutely masterful work.


So I made a 2nd attempt to play TLOU1 in the hopes that I would like the gameplay this time and maybe convince myself to buy the sequel... nope. I still think this is a pretty mediocre video game carried by its plot and graphics. Bummer.


One of my best friends growing up has been playing the Bioshock Collection on Switch. First time he's played these games (he was a big Metroid Prime guy tho). Very relieved to see he has the Correct Opinionβ„’ on the series πŸ‘


Metal Slug X is leaving Game Pass, so I figured I'd boot it up. Been like 15+ years since I played it in an arcade so I maxed out the scanline filter and my god -- going from this back to the dashboard is really fucking with my eyes. But I love it!


I just realized that Sony didn't say anything about VR during the PS5 reveal. No VR exclusives, no VR demos, no "VR supported" tags, nothing about PSVR performance improvements on PS5, no reveal of a new motion controller... kinda odd, no?


Reminder that Deep Down (vaporware), Watch Dogs (got scaled way down), Dreams (took 7yrs), and Driveclub (delayed + a disaster) were half of the PS4 reveal event. Just... try to set some realistic expectations this time, folks


The Valravn fight in Hellblade. I think I understand what's happening /happened here and I'm being overcome by a lot of different emotions right now. One of the most intense boss fights I've played in a long time. Will need to write more on this.


So Covid quarantine had got me posting back on Dtoid for the first time in a couple years, but these protests have had my attention the past few days (I'm in NYC). Sending my love to you all and hope everybody is safe rn πŸ™


My Xbox One just randomly queued an update for Spec Ops: The Line. Had an itch to scratch and ended up watching this (heavily spoiler filled) post mortem. I think I may finally need to replay this. If you haven't yet, you should (but don't watch this lol)


It is hard to understate how much I love Minecraft Dungeons. I feel like I'm 8 again, just grinning ear to ear the whole time.


Witcher III and Subnautica were a bust so I tried Hellblade and man... this is a deeply fucking disturbing introduction sequence. I'm glad (???) I bought a new headset before I started this. Whatever the opposite of ASMR is, this is it 😐


I know there are bigger issues in the world right now, but these near-weekly Xbox Live service outages are getting fucking ridiculous. If this is gonna keep happening they need to start compensating subscribers.


The Arctis 9X is a Good Ass Gaming Headset

Since quarantine began, I've avoided making any luxury purchases... until a couple weeks ago when I caved and bought a new gaming headset. My old 360 Turtle Beach's were (literally) falling apart and required a web of wiring just to us...


I've officially hit the point in Shadow of the Colossus where I'm too dumb to figure out how to beat one of the colossi =( I'm awful at puzzle games and I was worried I'd hit this point -- cause I'm actually really enjoying the game!


Is the Switch an 8th gen platform (PS4/XB1) or 9th (PS5/XSX)? It came 3.5yrs after the PS4/XB1, 4.5 after the WiiU, and 6yrs after the 3DS, but only 2.5yrs before the PS5/XSX. What if the "Switch 2" drops in March 2023 -- would that change your answer?


We're Living in the Age of the Remake

It's become a running gag that there are no new ideas in Hollywood: comic book adaptions, franchise sequels, live action remakes of animated classics, a seemingly endless line of horror movie reboots. As I played the Shadow of the Colo...


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