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They've been dropping samples+behind the scenes stuff for Hathaway's Flash soundtrack. Seems like Sawano is moving away from Electronic like NT/Xenoblade X and back to more orchestral/instrumental stuff like Unicorn. Yes please.


Bandai announcing a Sirbine kit reminds me I need to go watch Aura Battler Dunbine. It keeps catching my eye in Super Robot Wars then I keep getting distracted by something else before I follow up.


No pic but Yoko Kanno. Cowboy Bebop, Turn A Gundam, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and many others all owe their music and arguably much of their identity to her work. #Womantoid


I have 4 trophies left for Strikers. Finish the compendium kill 10 treasure demons, start NG+ on merciless, and max bond skills. Just some grinding and I've basically got the platinum.


Finished Persona 5 Strikers last night. That's a good spinoff right there, probably the best out of the ones for 3/4/5. Favorite DW spinoff I've played to date. Music relevant since I went for digital deluxe which meant early access + additional songs.


Ok, who hurt Koei Tecmo to the point they had to make trying to fuse Bugs in P5 Strikers a pain?


The rest is here! Tower of power w/ gundam for scale in the comments


Persona 5 Strikers has been pretty great so far, on the fourth dungeon. Big surprise to me though: Haru going from least used in P5/P5R, to my most used after Joker in this game.


When the request board opens in Persona 5 Strikers and the first one on the list is a fusion request with a ‘Part 1’ in the title


That moment when the package with the expansions shows up, but the other half with the base game hasn’t.


The guys that leaked like half the Mario anniversary games+Paper Mario last year are saying TP HD and WW HD are happening in the back half of this year.


Reminder: The Direct was literally announced to be 'first half of 2021'. Stuff like Triangle and Splat 3 were meant to be bonuses. Only so much can go into the front half of a year.


That direct was ok. The middle was a lot of ok at best stuff, ignoring project triangle


And there's the newest kit. Goodsmile's Gurren Lagann.


So let me get this right goodsmile: You're making model kits of the rival machine and a major faction from Votoms, but the protagonist machine only exists as a $600 figure or a goofy collab design? Buzz off


Longer trailer and oh my god I hate how the non-kaiju/mechs are being animated. Why are they so jittery, like in between frames are missing?




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