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Todays haul from the hobby store. Yes that is the Super Robot Wars logo on the top one.


The last thing Frosty saw last night in Melty Blood before being swarmed by trees.


One last trailer one Monday and then release date next Wednesday/Thursday for Super Robot Wars 30. Going to be one of the longest weeks in a while


Just over one week babyyyyyyy. Also that enemy reinforcement theme goes more dramatic than it normally does god damn


Hey so Sora, not what I wanted, happy for those that did, but actual serious warning for streamer/content amigos: His music is a potential DMCA. Edit: Bump as a reminder


Finished all 8 stages in the SRW 30 demo. Going to be a looong 11 days until the game is out.


Beat Aria of Sorrow, true ending. Great game, runs laps around the other two GBA Castlevania games


Now then, time for the main event of the weekend


Just found out the PS4/Switch Asia storefronts have a demo for SRW 30 out now sooo ya. Bye bye being angry at Nintendo, hellooooo Gridman. Tide me over until the proper steam release in 2 weeks.




Super Robot Wars 30 dlc reveal in just under 3 hours. Hoping for Big O or Turn A but given there’s a lot of mech anime out there, the odds are slim.


Bleh it is not a good feeling having to email your local hobby store going 'hey where's the kit I pre-ordered and should've shipped two months ago'.


Aria lets me throw grenades at a manticore and that makes it the best GBA game


Just finished Harmony of Dissonance. Yeesh what a mediocre game. Thoughts on it and Circle in the comments.


So far, having completed Circle of the Moon and middle of Harmony of Dissonance, the Castlevania advance collection is 0/2 for ‘games that are anywhere close to Symphony of the Night’


Actually wondering when the industry puts a ‘no questions about Goku allowed’ policy in place. Granted this was the devs own fault lmao


Metroid Dread on Friday, Super Robot Wars 30 at the end of the month, what a lovely time for meeee


Sakurai wtf you mean Kirby Right Back at Ya is 20 years old it hasn't been that lo- oh no.


Bleeeh, said it was too soon but thinking about what a 'smaller roster' would look like for a new Smash without being a total 'man I don't like that roster'.


BTW this is probably my favorite boss track in Lost Judgement. Won't say who it's for, but the use of horror strings is genuinely brilliant.


Who knew that to make a top 3 Yakuza/Judgement game, you just needed to make it about school bullying?


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