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Just when I think I'm out of the Metal Build collecting game, Bandai pulls me back in


Secret santa names were auto drawn last night! A PSA if you joined late and a couple other reminders in the comments!


Last call to join secret santa! Names are being drawn tomorrow so if you want in, it's now or never! EDIT: EVENING BUMP


Oh boy the Virtue boxart is out. Hopefully I'll have more kits done before its arrival since that's a big box.


Reminder: Secret santa name drawing is in 5 days! So if you want to join, get in soon!


Finished SRW 30s first DLC wave, both free and paid. Was a neat little first wave, I'll give some thoughts in the comments.


SRW 30 DLC s out today! That means a new Sakura Wars theme cover!


So like I kinda mentioned earlier this week, trying FFXIV again... for the third time lol. Gotten farther than before, still in ARR tho. Games been ok-good so far.


IT'S DTOID SECRET SANTA TIME BOYS AND GIRLS. Edit: bump for the night crowd!


Current FF XIV status as I practice before the release of Sage


Oh hey Super Robot Wars 30 getting free stuff is nice, especially after just beating it yesterday. Along with DLC 1 on the 17th, getting a new unit, and then Super Expert difficulty in December


Welp, Super Robot Wars 30 probably has my favorite discovery/moment of the year. It's not my GOTY, but there's nothing topping this for me. More in the comments.


Bless Jetter Mars for giving me freedom in Gundam form. Also was not expecting a movie trilogy, but quick google search shows its a kaiju film and Im 100% in.


When you get that over 50% crit rate going on Gridman


Despite being dragged into after hour issues by work over the past week, managed to play a good amount of Super Robot Wars 30. Somewhere between 20-30 stages, but so far really liking it.


Dread it, run from it, padoru still arrives


Me upon getting a game over in super robot wars for the first time in a very looong time.


It installed. You know what that means.


Me to Steam right now with two hours left before release


Took this from twitter but oh my. My baby in the top 3 sellers.


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