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Who needs new games when you have month old demos for games that have no dates yet? :,)


So if I'm seeing leaked footage and photos right, Mario Kart mobile has gacha. Congratulations Nintendo, you just created the perfect example for politicians that want to ban that shit with the 'think of the children' excuse.


Beat the Gundam Breaker 3 DLC today. Still have Sekiro and KH 2.8 to play, and I'm rewatching GaoGaiGar with Gus and Vxxy, but my heart's wanting to rewatch Turn A again.


Been a good weekend for gaming. Finished Birth by Sleep on Saturday, bought and finished the Messenger, bought Dead Cells, and finally started Gundam Breaker 3s DLC. Good times for me


So on my third run in Dead Cells I got to the Clock Tower before getting wrecked. That a decent run?


Hmmmm what to buy. On list but not seen: Wargroove, Shakedown: Hawaii and Necrodancer


Looking at those Famitsu screenshots makes me feel like Fire Emblem needs more time in the oven.


Welp, backed the Bloodborne board game. RIP all that money.


Dear god. That's a lot of Deep Strikers.


Feeling like Limo might need a strong drink after last night


Beat Kingdom Hearts 2. AMA about my time with it


So far the second half of KH2 (after the 1000 heartless fight) has been... really bad. Like, the Tron world is the sole exception here


Woke up sick this morning, so taking a half day off from work. Regardless though, thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday everyone!


Birthday haul time! Got some other stuff like clothes and snacks but most importantly GUNDAM




So Game Informers article on Ultimate Alliance 3 is saying that Nintendo approached Marvel before the Switch reveal. Overall seems like this is definitely a permanent exclusive.


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