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Started and finished all 12 episodes of SSSS.Gridman. That’s some good stuff, excited to see what SRW 30 does with it.


Watched and finished Gundam SEED finally. That is certainly some mid-tier Gundam. For every good concept, something drags it down. Invoke still a banger though.


Hey so for those that have watched anime, anyone ever seen Betterman? Trying to figure out what I'm getting into here.


Console release when Bandai. There's 200+ mobile suits, gimme gimme.


This is the greatest wolverine figure ever made. Especially once you notice there's a slot to remove the photo and add whatever you want.


Man this is genuinely the weirdest/jankiest 'reveal' line up I've ever seen for a Gundam game.


Panda speaking the truth about the GM being included in that Gundam Evolution game


Literally ascending to another state of existence atm holy shit. International fucking release on at least PC, happy god damn anniversary


And there's the english trailer so I can understand those new mechanics better.


Current Super Robot Wars status and next retro watch


Well that was a fun stream, including the Jam Project concert. Will say most of my predictions were wroooong except for Rayearth


Why yes mr Bandai Namco, I will gladly accept Mazinger Z asset reuse if it means I get Mazinkaiser to upgrade to midway.


A Super Robot Wars 30 trailer and full series roster reveal in a couple hours. Forgot to post some dumb predictions. Ah well, time for some last minute ones


Welp, at the advice of Dere's bro about some optional content, reinstalled Bug Fables. Turns out it was a huuuge benefit, beating the final boss on the newest attempt, and it can be summed up in one word: Chompy.


Welp, uninstalling Bug Fables. Started out good but it just stumbled and stumbled with each chapter, culminating in what was just an unfun final area and boss.


Been two days since the procedure to have the stent out. For the first time in two months I feel 100%.


Oohhh Square did a mini-info dump for NEO TWEWY today. Side quests are in and total pin number too (aka spoilers since its one pin per party member)


Bandai stop making every kit I want this year jesus christ. I only have so much money.


That there Demon Slayer anime be some good stuff


Finally watched Gundam Hathaway on Netflix last night with Frosty. I had a little bit of a nitpick with the Xi vs Penelope fight, think the CGI could've been a bit better, but otherwise, I'm in love.


Simulcast being announced for Getter Arc was certainly some nice news. Very excited to see what happens with that.


Played+finished a couple games over the past month. Halo 5 (oof), Ratch&Clank, Neo TWEWY Demo, and FFVIIR: Intergrade. Quite the spread to say the least.


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