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I have now started Warframe for the first time. Now to see how it is.


Maaaaaaaaan I don’t know what’s better for the splatfest. The race war that we got or the CANNIBALISM that Japan got.


Started watching Gundam Wing yesterday with Scruff trying to follow. It's been fun so far, Heero is for the most part insane and I love him for that. Also Zechs is a top tier Char clone.


Finished watching Victory Gundam with DeScruff and Vxxy. Do not ever watch that show. Tomino wanted to create a franchise killing show and holy shit is it ever one. Just pure garbage with very little redeeming qualities to it.


The movie twitter account just confirmed it. Broly is indeed in the next movie. BROLY IS NOW.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who here plays Warframe on PS4, and does one need PS+ for online for it?


Did the arms today. Going to try and complete it by next Sunday.


Finished the second Super Robot Wars Z3 game today. Fininshed the final boss in the only appropriate fashion: With Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann co-piloted by a revived Kamina. God damn it do I love these games.


Current status of the Gundam community

 from  flixist

Legendary is producing a live-action Gundam film with Sunrise

During Sunrise's Anime Expo panel today, Yasuo Miyakawa had a special announcement for attendees. The president and CEO of the company revealed that they would be collaborating with Legendary Pictures for a live-action Gundam film. A teaser...


Thanks to JPF720, I found out that the Deep Striker model kit is on sale on Hobby Link Japan... for 150 Canadian instead of 300. The temptation has never been more real and I blame him. I STILL HAVE KITS TO BUILD BUT I WANT IT.


A little late, but felt obligated to share for yesterdays celebrations. Patriotism isn't just one day of the year baby.


So uh... this just showed up today finally lol.


When you're playing Super Robot Wars and the Jam Project theme song kicks in.


Everyone's enjoying their Saturday, meanwhile I'm stuck doing accounting stuff for tax purposes. What a great way to start the long weekend.


New Gundam Breaker reveals a desperately needed update plan

Since New Gundam Breaker released last week, word has quickly spread about the state of the game. It's in extremely rough shape in almost every aspect, with critics and fans tearing it apart in the aftermath. While not everything can be fix...


Finished the second season of Gundam Thunderbolt with Vxxy on Tuesday. For the most part, it held up from the first season, although it did stumble a little. Specifics in the comments.


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