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Oh hey I got an email *Dissidia beta key* mmmmmmmmmmm looks like I'm only playing for half the dates that beta is live for.


Finally finished Fire Emblem Echoes with some pro tips from Bass. Damn good game, and far more enjoyable than Fates. I hope the team takes certain concepts from it, as it felt very unique. Also villains should not say humans have limits. Doesn't work out.

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If you're wondering: Yes, it's a Torchman night on the FP today.

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 from  japanator

Welp. Caved and bought the Gundam Wing Collectors edition. Worst case scenario, cancel before December.


And G Gundam is getting a Blu Ray in 2018?! Well shit just take all my money Right Stuf.

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Packed away the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam model today. Wasn't stable enough, and don't have the space to attach a stand to stabilize it. Oh well, one day I'll have enough space to display it again.

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If you're curious, there's a bit of video game trivia in my Unicorn Gundam article. It has to do with everyones favorite dev, From Software.


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