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Ah July's gonna be a good month. Hathaway should be releasing July 1 on netflix, replacement discs with the right version of Gundam SEED have been shipped, Getter Arc starts airing, and SRW 30th anniversary stream happens. Yes please.


Sooo did Sega not learn from Capcom and REALLY not include a normal vs AI mode in VF5? Didn’t see one last night, offline battle claimed it was 2 players only.


Been a long couple of weeks for me, as I have a kidney stone. Decided to grab the upcoming Cybuster and Getter Arc kits as a cheer me up since fuck that stone hurts.


Hey folks, thanks for bearing with us. Just a quick reminder about issues with ads: The process remains the same! Email support@destructoid.com with device and country, possibly state/province if you live in a larger country like Canada or the US.


Hmmm a new game, a new movie sequel, a new manga, and Master Grade kit based said manga. SEED getting lots of goodies for its 20th anniversary.


You have my attention Good Smile, and possibly my wallet.


So Sega confirmed to Kotaku that VF5 is using the same netcode as the 2012 release. Oops.


Been rewatching New Getter Robo now that I have it on blu-ray. So nice to see it pop since it's not in 480p. So far hasn't quite hit the highs of Armageddon, but it's more consistent.


Finished Nier: Replicant and Resident Evil Village. Two very different ends of the enjoyment spectrum haha


Had set aside some money for SS HD, but not really feeling it given how little changes have been shared. Think I'll put it towards the new Gundam Virtue/Nadleeh mastergrade that comes out later this year.


It just dawned on me that Nintendo is basically asking you to pay 25 USD for the Skyward Sword version of this.


Oh ya I finished the F91 on Friday. Have a nice family photo.


Been a good day. Built the F91s arms and a shoulder in peace and quiet, played some BF V with dtoid friends, got some nice gifts from the folks. Now to be spooked


F91 be so small compared to Sazabi.


WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! (Hint: It’s not Nier)


Hathaway's Flash got delayed due to COVID lockdown... again. May 21 this time. Original release date was Winter 2019/2020, then last summer, then May 7. This movie trilogy's never going to start at this rate.


Playing Horizon Zero Dawn, bully who threw a rock at Aloy as a kid is like ‘haha still see you have that scar’ and I’m immediately like this


Super Robot Wars news in July let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Happy birthday Occams and Jasondm300! Hope that you both have wonderful day!


Copying Hypno and doing a standalone, partly because disqus isn’t showing it in the original comment.


I know it's the weed day, but it's also the 30th anniversary for Super Robot Wars! Now to wait for that new console game they keep saying they can't show off yet.


'Finished' Monster Hunter Rise last night. First one of the three I've played to date, and the first one to really click with me. Some goooood stuff.


The fate of a poor Nargacuga in Monster Hunter today as I was trying to finish its weapon tree. It just got decimated lol


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