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When you sleep in but then realize it's a Friday and you have to work at 9.


I think once I clean out my kit backlog, the four after are going to be the Sentinel MGs. Have an Astray set and a Crossbone set from the Metal Builds, may as well make a Sentinel set.


Well finished Unravel lol. Gorgeous little game, shame some platforming was unreliable due to physics objects though. Poked around in Halo Wars 2 skirmish mode and menus a bit. It's certainly Halo Wars?


Been busy the past week, on call killed my plans to build gunpla. Finished Halo Wars and Indivisible, started and dropped De Blob and Recore for now, started Code Vein, Unravel, and Dead Space. Fun times. Edit: forgot I also beat Little Nightmares

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBUOWTrn9xs[/youtube]


The new Bowser design is raaaaaaaaaaad


Package tiiiime. Pretty sure it’s the other half of the boxing day goods


And the MK. V kit comes out in April. Time to save money since it's P-Bandai so inflated price here we go -_-


The longer this goes on, the more shocked and bewildered I am. Like what the fuck.


Oh hey the first wave of boxing day purchases showed up.


So I beat Streets of Rage 4 and Mirror's Edge on Sunday, as well as Full Throttle on Monday. Think I'll take a break from games for a bit, rewatch some getter robo or build a kit, cus combined with last months games total, this rate is super unhealthy.


Me seeing more of the site building model kits.


Aw ya, first day of 2021, already finished 2 games. Quantum Break and the Battletoads reboot. Off to a good start lol


I have played too many games this month to even bother with trying to narrow down a best of list.


Played and finished Banjo Kazooie all the way through for the first time today. Have some thoughts. Photo semi-related to final boss.


When you get to ruin Clouds life in not one, but two games in a single year.


Sister got me this for christmas, my favourite present this year.




Well well, look at what was finally corrected. He's no longer using his Smash render for his spirit, it's finally his classic art.


So we can all agree Sephiroth basically redeemed Final Fantasy VII's inclusion in Smash right?


Super Robot Wars model kits yes yes yes


Katana Zero if fucking rad. That is all.


FYI, major info about RE Village is now leaking as a result of the Capcom attack a while back. For the time being DO NOT post any of it on site and be careful where you’re browsing.


Maybe it's because I went through Remake and the original for the first time this year, but holy shit I am excited for Sephiroth.


And there's the third Astray I need to complete my Metal Build trio. Yes please.


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