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That feel when you try Martyr two more times, and the second time manage to visceral him during his charging nonsense and for the final hit. Man that one visceral attack changes everything.


Mmmmm found a new boss to bash my face against in Bloodborne. Martyr. And I got him to a sliver on the second try then choked. Failed three more after. Time to get huge and stomp his face in.


Played more Bloodborne after the stream today. Went through some areas I hadn't combed through, found some new ones. Cainhurst is certainly a thing so far. Also started seeing things in places I didn't see them in before aka what the fuck game.


Man it’s fun listening to my cousin and roommate say ‘if you don’t like x then you’re not a fan of y genre’. That’s called gatekeeping amigo. That’s how you scare people away from further trying a genre to find their own flavor.


Ya boy uploaded his stream to youtube. If you want to cut the fat, and see the bosses, I'll give timestamps in the comments. No commentary tho, sorryyyyy.


And now beat Shadow of Yarnham first try. Yeyeyeyeye


So uh... beat the Witch of Hemwick and Vicar Amelia on the first try. Was not expecting that?


Ya boy be streaming bloodborne. Come join!


I need the adorable space pirate gundam. I neeeeeed it.


Shining Resonance Refrain releasing worldwide this summer

Last month we reported that the Australian Classification Board had given Shining Resonance Refrain a rating, which would indicate that the game would be releasing internationally. Today Sega has confirmed that it will indeed be releasing w...


Decided to stop my forward progress in Bloodbourne and explore the areas I already had access too. Found a lot of stuff I missed in the starting area+a hidden area, found an NPC that gave me some gestures and hinting at a sideboss somewhere?


If I were to stream my Bloodbourne escapades, would people watch them?


Another example of Bandai Namco being shit at advertising their non-DBZ/Naruto/SAO anime games outside of Japan: Little Witch Academia comes out tomorrow. Little to no fanfare or press releases have happened for it.


... I beat Darkbeast Paarl on the second try? What the fuck? Also the visceral attacks were doing like a third of his health, that was nuts.

 from  japanator



Beat Blood Starved Beast on the fifth try. Grinded up 10 levels and used firepaper. Still a pain the ass though. Think I’m getting the hang of this game, tho not quite sure


Is Old Yharnam a mandatory area? I'm going through it, and while the generic enemies feel in line, the elite enemies have not felt like it (kited them over an edge), and Blood-Starved Beast feels like too big of a spike to be right.


The Ultra Instinct theme finally released in Japan. Feels nice to have a nice clean version to listen to.


I will raze this site to the ground before I allow you spambots to gain a foothold, I swear to god.


OK seriously spambots. I've been deleting you all of yesterday, and deleted two of you immediately after waking up.


Hmmm... I feel like I got the shittiest deal for where I live. Everything that I have interests in does meetups an hour+ away, but if I had moved closer I wouldn't be able to afford anything other than food and rent...


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