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Gundam Narrative came out today. Can't see it because it's US only. However, it's been fun watching some of the overreactions, both on the 'IT'S THE BEST SUNRISE ANIME EVER' side and 'IT'S WORSE THAN G-SAVIOR' side.


So with Metroid II and Link's Awakening joining Kirby's Dream Land and Pokemon in the remake party, when's Mario Land 1/2/3 getting the treatment?


Real big thanks to Occams for these. Especially for the MS illustrated, that’s one I’ve been wanting for a while.


As I mentioned on the FP, really liking the demo. Plus I keep finding new parts so I have stuff to experiment with.


Well hot damn, 2019 is pretty fucking solid for Nintendo this year.


Alright so I had to shovel during the direct, so time to watch that.


Started watching Cowboy Bebop with Limo and Gus last night. Got three episodes in. That's some good stuff right there. Also Limo's giving a breakdown and insight into the development as we go which makes it even better.


Nothing bad will happen here, no sir. Good old family friendly fun only.


The machine will attempt to consume him in a moment but its fiiiiiiiine


So Goodsmile keeps pumping out Mazinkaiser variations. And they've yet to make a dud.




Gacha gods were smiling on me during todays free pull


God this is still one of my favorites moments in a game ever.


Yo Fire emblem Heroes folks. Started playing again last weekend due to all the free stuff, ended up completing the story chapters. How often does the story update?


Checked World of Light. Piranha Plant is automatically added to your party in there if you own it.


Oh boy no dubs for Persona Q2. Now I can pretend the subtitles are wrong, and that this picture is all Ryuji is saying since it’s the same VA.


Friendly reminder because I've been seeing it with increased frequency the past couple of days: Do not post links to illegally uploaded movies/shows/games. That is against the Terms of Service.


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