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Chain of Memories Update: On floor 8 now. Gameplay is eh. Story feels like a soulless attempt at trying to get Nintendo newcomer money while also appealing to those that played KH1. 'I-it's not all the same we swear!'


Gaming goals before Fire Emblem comes out: Beat Chain of Memories, Super Robot Wars T on NG+ for platinum, start+beat KH 2.5, start Sekiro, beat KH2.8(unsure on 3D since I played it on 3DS).


After waiting for the stores RNG to finally spawn the other Joker spirit, the deed is done... again! I have every spirit!


Oh my. Under my music, the Aria of the Soul remix is attributed to Revelations:Persona.


Those Megaman changes seem to me like people were relying on leaf shield waaaaay too much, and that metal blade abuse w/ leaf shield was not how they wanted him to play.


So Sakurai tweeted this out: If Jokers Final Smash is what ends the match, this is how the results screen looks.


Sakurai reminding all of us today that Persona started at 3, and that 1 and 2 don't exist.




Beat Kingdom Hearts earlier today. AMA about my experience with it.


Well didn’t see the battleship coming


Sooooo apparantly the big bad of KH1 is a stand user?


Ok, Donald and Goofy, despite what your mission says, why the FUCK would you go with the guy CLEARLY WORKING WITH THE BAD GUYS


Soooo are both Ursula fights supposed to be complete garbage ooorrrr?


Moderate take: Liking KH 1 so far (probably give it a 8/10 so far). One thing I wish that’ll never happen: Square goves it an animation overhaul to cure the deadface a lot of characters have during cutscenes


Import Review: Super Robot Wars T

It’s a tricky thing to maintain a long-running crossover franchise. On one hand, you need to take measures in order to attract newcomers. Whether it’s changing up the roster or lowering the barrier of entry, there are steps deve...


Me right now upon entering 100 acre wood and hearing the music be an instrumental version of the winnie the pooh theme.


Happy 20th anniversary to Turn A Gundam!


I was supposed to work from home today, and instead I'm stuck at work unable to do work...




When you're watching a movie and enjoying it, and then someone comes in and starts complaining about said movie.


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