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Playing FF X-2. Got reminded Al Bhed are a thing, and remembered this video. God the greatest LP joke I've ever seen.


The backlog joys. While I wait for my next new game, going to pound out some more. Have FFXII on my PS4 I need to play, X-2 on the Vita, and still gotta finish SRW Z3: Tengoku on the PS3, which is the final one for that system.


Busy weekend for gaming. Beat Kirby Star Allies, liked it, beat ZoE2, not a fan but the below revelation leaves me torn. Started Old Hunters, not really feeling it though. Think my mind is just done with Bloodborne for now. Dunno if I'll continue.


Someone knew exactly what they were doing when they made this


On what appears to be the final boss of Zone of the Enders 2. I can sum up my feelings on it pretty well with one video. DO NOT pick this game up at full price when it rereleases this year, it's not worth the frustration.


Time for Torchs inferno hot take of the night: Zone of the Enders 2 doesn't deserve any of the hype it gets. I haven't finished it yet, but I've just done three incredibly unenjoyable sequences and currently on a fourth.


Tharja's appearance in Warriors was shown off at a Fire Emblem event in Japan this weekend apparently. Supposedly she's a Robin clone, which is very disappointing.


New want: A remake of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror for Switch using the Star Allies A.I..


Alright. Bought my copy of Kirby. Now for my shift to end so I can go home.


Welp. Thought she wouldn’t get in, but here we are. Now it’s possible for the investigation team to be incomplete though.


Finished Zone of the Enders. Oh boy, that game needs more than just a coat of paint, it needs an entire reworking. Its age shows. Now onto the supposedly better sequel.


And now with Yakuza 5 and Bloodborne done, I'll finish the original Zone of the Enders and then start Zone of the Enders 2.


Finished Yakuza 5. Great game, Shinada was a great addition, and it felt like Saejima and Akiyama had solid endings as a whole. Harukas part is utter garbage though, and the ending of it is easily the worst part of the game.


That moment when you realize the DLC plan for Kirby Star Allies may mean Adeleine from Kirby 64 could be coming back. And the new Artist copy ability means the needed mechanics are already in place.




Beat The One Reborn yesterday, and Micolash today. Both first try. Ebrietas is still pushing my shit in though. Also nice to see a boss comeback as a regular enemy.


Disney has announced that Black Pather broke 1 billion dollars this weekend


RIP the crow, you shall be missed.


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