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 from  japanator

Final boss of Xenoblade 2 has some stupidly strong stuff that KOs everyone but Tora. Instead of cheesing it with him, I will grind to a higher level. I may finally equip an aux core. I shall become HUGE, and teach him what fear is.


Shut it down folks, the top tiers are coming out.


PSA: BBCT is 5700 yen in Japan. That's lower than other retail games (8000-9500 area). The LE in Japan, with physical goods+all 20 DLC characters, is 10500. If we're lucky, game+DLC with be roughly $60 USD.


It's interesting seeing the people take the early impressions of CrossTags gameplay much more seriously after the DLC nonsense. Goes to show how much hype the game was riding on before, and now the game will be more heavily criticized. GG ASW.


Currently level 71 and on the final Chapter of Xenoblade 2. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO


GAMES AS A SERVICE. Also friendly reminder that nothing stops Namco/ASW from announcing a second season pass for DBFZ.


That was a solid direct in that it detailed what the plan was for the first half of the year, and a couple of surprises for the latter half. Also the absence of it means Fire Emblem is a holiday title most likely.




Currently in the middle of Chapter 7 of Xenoblade 2 and at level 59. Game's throwing level 44 enemies at me. Feeling like a god at the moment.


Gundam Pixie and Efreet coming to Gundam Versus in February

The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly has revealed the next DLC suits that will arrive for Gundam Versus. Those suits are Gundam Pixie and the Efreet as they appear in the game Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link. They'll be arriving i...


Moving out soon so havent started building a model lately. The instructions for the next one I'll build feel somewhat intimidating due to how the instructions are layed out and designed.


TIL that this is the boxart for Dissidia NT in Japan. Is it like this worldiwde? Cus good lord, it feels very plain and boring for a crossover title.


You can all stop getting hype over lies now.


I completely forgot this comes out like next week in Japan. I thought it was later!


What a backlog I've built up... Xenoblade 2, Mario+Rabbids, FFXII, a bunch of 3DS RPGs. Thank god I had made something of a dent in it last year.


This is the quality I live for right here


Woo nelly is the Fates DLC some hot nonsense. Oboro is using the grunt lance user moveset, meaning she was almost certainly done for launch, and Niles has Takumis moveset, bringing the total archer clone count up to FOUR.


So Xenoblade 2 just has a whole Mazinger Z sequence. Like, wow.


I forgot to watch Jojo Part 4 this year. Fuck me, gonna fix that this month.


Mike Sounders's indecisive six best games of 2017

2017 was a great year for video games wasn't it? Yes we've all heard it said dozens of times already, but it's true nevertheless. This has easily been the hardest year in my life where I couldn't decide my absolute favorite game of the year...


Did not get paid today. Yikes. Hoping it's just because of the problems my bank was having today (couldnt even check if I was paid), but guess I'll have to double check wtf is going on Tuesday. The joys of being a contractor. :/


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