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Decided to start panel lining. Really helps the small details pop.


So... um... i dunno if Nintendo fully tested the rhythm addition to ring fit...


I want that Xenoblade Definitive Edition. I want it so bad


What Namco looks like after potentially adding Klim the fucking meme before Chibodee Crocket to Gundam Extreme Vs


Been a long weekend. On call, keep getting paged when I want to play with dtoid pals, been up since 5 am. Time for a rewatch.


Finished streaming. If you tuned in, thanks for putting up with the frustration show.


Playing Shadow of the Colossus for the first time, gonna be fun https://m.twitch.tv/torchman007


Sonic Forces done, deleted. Sony I would've taken you offering Mania again over this.


Trying to avoid buying new games to save money, tried Sonic Forces yesterday. Almost done after 3 hours. They are lucky Mania released earlier that year because good lord, Forces is def one of the worst entries in the franchise.


Well One Punch Man sold less than 5k physical in Japan. RIP that IP.


Went and played that there FF7 demo AGAIN. Thoughts have changed, more in comments.


Can Maxiboost On have a release date already, I need iiiiitttttt


Played the FFVIIR demo last night. Ho hum.


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