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Just inject that TWEWY news into my blood


Secret Santa names have been drawn! Reminder to fill out your wishlists and keep an eye on elfster in case your Santa asks questions. I'm not participating so if you need help getting a hold of someone, let me know!


Today is the last day to sign up for community secret santa! I repeat, today is the last day to sign up for community secret santa!


Been a real interesting day watching the smash community. Since it feels like we've entered broken record territory again.


If there's one thing that I have to thank the Capcom leaks for, it's that Capcom already has plans for an Ultra version of Street Fighter 6. No playing dumb this time Capcom.


Reminder that you have 3 days left to sign up for the community secret santa. The drawings are going to automatically be done on the 21, so if you haven't joined already, then do so soon!


I've been looking at this thing at least once a day for over a week since the reveal. Think I found my first kit I'm going to buy in 2021


Reminder that the last day to sign up for the community secret santa is this Friday! Come join in the holiday fun!


Oh my god they're using the original Xi Gundam design for the Hathaway's Flash movies instead of the updated one. I can't say it's the right call but kudos to the design team for having the balls to use it.


Been slacking due to the election and next gen hype, but reminder to sign up for secret santa! Deadline is November 20, link in the comments!


Annndddd done. More pics and some details in the comments


So I was also doing a bit of building today. If you’re wondering why it’s not on the model atm, it’s because the stands+an arm are not done, and even the manual suggests using the stand for display purposes.


Oh hey, Donald Trump lost, here’s a song for him.


Happy Birthday Chris! I tried to find a more relevant KOF one but they all included dates or names >_>


Finished the Switch port of No More Heroes 1 last night. That was something I guess?


Secret Santa reminder coming at you hot this election day. Make sure you join before November 20, so far we have 18 people. Whether you've been here for years or just joined, come join the fun! Link in the comments.


Hey folks, I'm running secret santa this year. The elfster page is already up so if you're joining, I'll include the link below. Edit: Afternoon bump! 15 participants so far!


'Oh hey I'm more active on twitter, I should follow that super robot wars youtube channel on there too' and then the person turns out to be a aggressive gatekeeping prick.


My package from right stuf has shipped. Oh boy dtoid, it is finally time.


I hope Bluepoint Games' next remake is Mega Man Legends.


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