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Does anyone else have problems with starting a new game plus? I have 89% of the compendium in Persona 5, but after a year long break I'd rather start everything from the beginning. And this isn't the only game I have this problem with. Help!


I remember when people went to the theaters to see a movie, and not play a mobile game on the big screen and watch 20 minutes of commercials. I already paid for a ticket and now I have to watch ads? Oh, and Black Panther was okay I guess...


The Saga of Obsidian Entertainment, part 1: Obsidian "Let's make an awesome sequel to Bioware's most belowed Star Wars RPG with loads of choices and shades of gray!" Lucasarts: "You have a year! And no patching it for free later!" Obsidian:


Costume Quest really has the best dialogue.


It's been years since I had a game I can't wait to play when I get back home. Nioh is like digital catnip.


Are the Steins Gate games any good if I thought the anime was the dullest thing ever and I never did get past episode 4? I always wanted to try them...


So how many of you listen to music in a language you don't understand? I usually don't, but I love this!


Today is Finland's 100th birthday! Happy independence day to everybody!


Been on a 80's binge the whole year. And I think I'm in love... *starts building a time machine* EDIT: Oh, and happy Thanksgiving you 'muricans! :)


Tired of hearing about Battlefront II? Have some Finnish rap instead!


Is this the right time to re-evaluate what I'm doing with my time?


Just when I got my friend to play Final Fantasy XIV instead of WoW (which he has played since closed beta) they go and announce a new expansion! I need more friends to play with...


So can I consider myself part of the PC master race if I get a laptop? Just asking for a friend...


Dragon's Dogma, Nioh or Horizon Zero Dawn? Life can be hard sometimes...


Final Fantasy IX PS4 doesn't even have true analog controls? Guess that happens when you do a port of a port. And screw that 1000 jumprope trophy.


Just Cause 3 seems to be the perfect PS Plus game. Something that I wouldn't own myself because of the horrible framerate, but fun to play as a "free" game.


Fucking finally! Screw you Defiled and Cursed Chalice and all your half health bullshit!


So back to Bloodborne I go! After a whole month playing Demon's, Dark and Dark Souls 2 this is basically my life now.


Hard hitting investigative journalism!


Tough question of the day: Fuck, Marry, Kill Shigeru Miyamoto, Sid Meier, Peter Molyneux?


So it's official, Final Fantasy IX is the best in the series!


Despite Persona 5 being the best game in the series (come at me yo!), it's soundtrack is disappointing (you don't have to come at me twice please). Only one song has really stuck to me, when otherwise I can listen to the other soundtracks all day.


Well, it's time again to be Captain Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca! Don't listen to Ondore's lies!


So now thanks to you all, I had to google what the hell is a corn dog. Looks disgusting.


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