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For some reason I can't stop watching this!


I didn't think Breath of the Wild was that good of a game until I checked the clock and it was 5AM...


The official sequel comic to Life is Strange picks a canon ending, and suprise, it's the wrong one. Everyone who completed the season knows what I'm talking about...


Does anyone else have problems with starting a new game plus? I have 89% of the compendium in Persona 5, but after a year long break I'd rather start everything from the beginning. And this isn't the only game I have this problem with. Help!


I remember when people went to the theaters to see a movie, and not play a mobile game on the big screen and watch 20 minutes of commercials. I already paid for a ticket and now I have to watch ads? Oh, and Black Panther was okay I guess...


The Saga of Obsidian Entertainment, part 1: Obsidian "Let's make an awesome sequel to Bioware's most belowed Star Wars RPG with loads of choices and shades of gray!" Lucasarts: "You have a year! And no patching it for free later!" Obsidian:


Costume Quest really has the best dialogue.


It's been years since I had a game I can't wait to play when I get back home. Nioh is like digital catnip.


Are the Steins Gate games any good if I thought the anime was the dullest thing ever and I never did get past episode 4? I always wanted to try them...


So how many of you listen to music in a language you don't understand? I usually don't, but I love this!


Today is Finland's 100th birthday! Happy independence day to everybody!


Been on a 80's binge the whole year. And I think I'm in love... *starts building a time machine* EDIT: Oh, and happy Thanksgiving you 'muricans! :)


Tired of hearing about Battlefront II? Have some Finnish rap instead!


Is this the right time to re-evaluate what I'm doing with my time?


Just when I got my friend to play Final Fantasy XIV instead of WoW (which he has played since closed beta) they go and announce a new expansion! I need more friends to play with...


So can I consider myself part of the PC master race if I get a laptop? Just asking for a friend...


Dragon's Dogma, Nioh or Horizon Zero Dawn? Life can be hard sometimes...


Final Fantasy IX PS4 doesn't even have true analog controls? Guess that happens when you do a port of a port. And screw that 1000 jumprope trophy.


Just Cause 3 seems to be the perfect PS Plus game. Something that I wouldn't own myself because of the horrible framerate, but fun to play as a "free" game.


Fucking finally! Screw you Defiled and Cursed Chalice and all your half health bullshit!


So back to Bloodborne I go! After a whole month playing Demon's, Dark and Dark Souls 2 this is basically my life now.


Hard hitting investigative journalism!


Tough question of the day: Fuck, Marry, Kill Shigeru Miyamoto, Sid Meier, Peter Molyneux?


So it's official, Final Fantasy IX is the best in the series!


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