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Dragon's Dogma, Nioh or Horizon Zero Dawn? Life can be hard sometimes...


Final Fantasy IX PS4 doesn't even have true analog controls? Guess that happens when you do a port of a port. And screw that 1000 jumprope trophy.


Just Cause 3 seems to be the perfect PS Plus game. Something that I wouldn't own myself because of the horrible framerate, but fun to play as a "free" game.


Fucking finally! Screw you Defiled and Cursed Chalice and all your half health bullshit!


So back to Bloodborne I go! After a whole month playing Demon's, Dark and Dark Souls 2 this is basically my life now.


Hard hitting investigative journalism!


Tough question of the day: Fuck, Marry, Kill Shigeru Miyamoto, Sid Meier, Peter Molyneux?


So it's official, Final Fantasy IX is the best in the series!


Despite Persona 5 being the best game in the series (come at me yo!), it's soundtrack is disappointing (you don't have to come at me twice please). Only one song has really stuck to me, when otherwise I can listen to the other soundtracks all day.


Well, it's time again to be Captain Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca! Don't listen to Ondore's lies!


So now thanks to you all, I had to google what the hell is a corn dog. Looks disgusting.


I'm feeling nostalgic today, so I'd like to share my favorite game of my childhood. What, I'm not old, shut up!


Finally finished Persona 5. Now if I can life my life without seeing the word "prolly" again I can die a happy man!


Activision is planning a Call of Duty cinematic universe, which is kinda... Great? For a person that doesn't generally like multiplayer, I can now watch a movie rather than buy a game to get a couple of hours of gameplay.


So I'm thinking of giving these Visual Novels a try, haven't really played one since True Love '95 (yes I know don't judge me). Any recommendations? Preferably something less fantasy/sci-fi, and something with some meaningful choices.


Finally got a platinum trophy for Dead Rising, now I can live my live without those annoying survivors and that 14 hour no save marathon. Until I buy the PC version that is...


That feeling when everybody is playing Breath of the Wild and you have zero interest in buying a Nintendo console for just one game...


Didn't want to disturb the neighbours, so I had to plug my PS3 through my Xbone just to use headphones. At least the lag isn't as bad as I thought.


I just got an used PS3, so question time! I have played Yakuza 1, do I need to play them in order to understand the story, or can I just go to Yakuza 5 (which I already own)?


I got some strange satisfaction for answering Square-Enix's FFXV survey question for my opinions on DLC and Season Passes "Garbage and a waste of money."


So when can we get Life of Black Tiger as a PS Plus game?


No you stupid Dead Rising survivor, you don't have to pick a fight with every zombie you see. Or run against a wall. Or run against each other.


Final Fantasy XV, a single player game, has timed events? What, how, why?! Hasn't Hitman taught them how not to do content for a single player game?


Ahh, a turn-based JRPG, <3 Lost Odyssey!


I honestly didn't remember Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3 until my recent playthrough of the trilogy. It's like my brain is trying to shield me from mental damage.


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