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Work since 6am but living it up at the beach anyways. Feel like I've been pretty absent on here for some time. But I'm always lurking. Much love and hope you're all doing well <3


Is anyone interested in free mp3 downloads? I may have a handful of free codes for album downloads I was considering giving away to you guys but I figured you all probably had Spotify or whatever your music service preference is


Fuck pineapple on pizza. It's a fucking mistake. It's infallible proof that God is dead and the human race has overextended it's welcome on Earth. Fight me.


Just started Oxenfree. It's fucking sick. Shoot me some spoiler free tips so I can get the most out of my experience




Happy New Year my internet fam. Its been a long, crazy year for me w/ extreme ups n downs, but goddamn have I grown a lot. I look forward to 2018 and starting the next chapter of my life. I'm honored to be dtoid's elected Player Two. I <3 all you bastards


1 cool thing about my campus is they have an Initial D cabinet. Got really into it and wasted a lot of money my first few years. It's been awhile but I played a couple games today. Thought it was a cool way to leave this campus forever.


I need to get a fucking vinyl player and some speakers on the cheap. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Today I took my last final, ever. I have a date tonight, and I also came home to a beautiful gift from our very own GetNekkid. Thanks you beautiful bastard. Much love y'all, have an awesome fucking week


Went out last night and had a great time. But I'm about to go to work for my 6am shift and I'm still drunk. Damn it.


Though the pressure and stress is ramping up, I'm getting closer and closer to the end of school. Also, my dating game has somehow increased threefold and everything seems to be working out life wise. It's coming up all Admiral y'all. Much love dtoid ;)


There should be a support group for owners of Wii U, Vita, Dreamcast and all those great consoles that never reached their full potential


rushing to write this stupid fucking paper before the deadline after no days off for the last 2 weeks and I'm about ready to explode from frustration and annoyance. DTOID GRANT ME STRENGTH


just wanted to take a sec to thank Angie for my new xmas avatar, as well as thank you all for your love, support or just existing on this site while I'm dying trying to graduate. coming here and seeing you bastards helps get me through these long days!


Final stretch. Multiple papers due, 2 exams, a presentation, and 4 other writing assignments. I feel like my heart and brain are going to explode. Dtoid grant me strength.


Felt more confident this week. Went out with friends. Turned on the charm, went off and talked to a girl 1on1, got her number. Not a bad night. Much love, have a good weekend my dudes.


My reaction when someone asks "what are you going to do when you're out of school?"


Submitted my graduation application yesterday and it's all starting to hit me. Just gotta pass my classes and get through the next couple weeks. This was the absolute worst time for me to get Zelda.


I'm looking for a case for my switch. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated


Went out with my cousin to get tea. Ended up dropping a few hundred dollars instead. I'll be eating ramen for a month but at least I'll be playing Zelda while I do it.


Had to work today but it ended up being really great. Just fucked with people who called the shop all day and listened to good music. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful you're all my weird, fucked up internet family! fuck up dem turkeys


Though it took a lot of liquid courage and friends, I went out dancing for the first time last night. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Have a great week y'all!


Admiral update: nothing crazy happened but I had a nice time. Mostly just snuggles and a little lip action. I still feel pretty fucking cool though. Hope you all have an awesome day ;)


I'm drunk and about to cuddle a somewhat random girl to sleep... So... Wish me luck I guess. I honestly am not sure what's happening but I don't have work tomorrow and I'm gonna go with it. Cheers dtoid.


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