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#worktoid last gig was shooting a short film with some scenes set in a strip club that Belle Knox apparently worked at. I know you all know who that is.


I have shed my mortal coil and transcended into more than a mere man. Know that I watch over you from above and I see everything. EVERYTHING.


little to no sleep, unprepared for the freezing cold, and walking with a limp cause my foot is still fucked up. but I wasn't late for call time and I'm on set baby. I will remember the blood sweat and tears I've put in at this time of my life


been a real eventful last couple days with lots of cool, random things happening. that being said, my ankle is really busted and I'll be laid up and medicated all day. AMA! or leave me cute animal gifs/pics please cause this fucking sucks!


guess it really only hit me the other day that I'm legit doing the starving artist thing in NYC and that's sort of terrifying. it wasn't so daunting when I told myself I was just going with the flow and I'd be fine no matter what happened. pls send vibes.


I feel... stronger somehow... *level up* *unlocked "I'm walkin here!" perk* *unlocked "strong silent type" perk* *points added to Networking, Motivation, and Penis*


admiral update: this crew is trash and this project seems bad. but thanks to their idiocy, I'm pretty much getting overtime everyday for this whole week. I'm also learning what not to do and can better appreciate other crews. still lvling up


finally got another film gig. requires me to drive a 12 passenger van around NYC but it's paid. wish me luck friends.


I have been outed as a west coast kid multiple times out here apparently due to my friendly and welcoming nature. may we all live in the teachings and essence of elephant#94


having an ongoing debate here. need some of your input. do you think majoras mask is on par, better or worse than ocarina of time?


drunk and in New York city. the journey continues.


Merry Christmas bitches. Hope you don't get a lump of coal in your ass like I did. Unless that's what you asked for.


I just spent the last 3 hours drinking wine and organizing an elf on the shelf scavenger hunt for my nieces and nephews to discover in the morning. My elf on a shelf game is on point. These little tickets better enjoy it.


When are you guys gonna play smash with me and Nekkid. He absolutely adores my King K. Rool.


uncle passed away this week. our relationship used to be somewhat ambivalent but over the years we really connected. he was extremely supportive and one of the few people I could talk to about certain things. wish I got to say goodbye. hug your fams yall


Weird last few days. Internal frustration of getting to where I want to be. It's like I'm so close to leveling up but the grind is aimless and frustrating. That being said, I did get my peepee wet. Strange life. Much love dtoid.


So, I hooked up with this girl in Texas awhile back. She's in DC and got an air bnb. Gonna be hanging out with her for like 3 days straight. Not sure what to expect exactly or how this will all go down. Dtoid grant me strength.


are you on the east coast? are you free after xmas? have you ever thought it'd be cool to meet up with other dtoiders? do you love me, gus, perro or wes? come join us for a weekend in DC! check comments for deets! (bump for eyes)


Feeling pretty good these days. More doors opening, admiral confidence increasing, overall leveling up. Got down time for the night so... AMA and I'll give you legitimate, well thought out answers. Or cat gifs.


Production is wrapped. I have less money than I did 20 days ago, but more experience, friends, contacts and opportunities. Whirlwind of feels. So strange its all over already. Bittersweet moment but the future looks bright.


Happy bday Chris Moist Senpai! Hope you get some cool shit and a consensual fondling! Treat yourself buddy, you deserve it and we all appreciate you!


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