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Though it took a lot of liquid courage and friends, I went out dancing for the first time last night. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Have a great week y'all!


Admiral update: nothing crazy happened but I had a nice time. Mostly just snuggles and a little lip action. I still feel pretty fucking cool though. Hope you all have an awesome day ;)


I'm drunk and about to cuddle a somewhat random girl to sleep... So... Wish me luck I guess. I honestly am not sure what's happening but I don't have work tomorrow and I'm gonna go with it. Cheers dtoid.


There's been a lot of negativity but I'm finally coming up. Sometimes you just gotta dance through it. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Was starting Wolfenstein: Old Blood with my housemate when a giant, cumming penis appeared in the corner that GetNekkid psn messaged me. Thanks for the laughs you beautiful bastard.


Had another impromptu date last night with a different lady. Its coming up all Admiral. Gonna keep strengthening dem social links till I get dem sweet romance options


So yesterday was shitty. But... Today I made a new friend who has similar tastes in games, and I have an impromptu date today with someone I just started talking to. The universe works in weird ways


one of those days. dtoid, grant me strength.


I'm at a Halloween party and saw this beautiful artwork in the host's home. I really needed to share it and felt like you would all appreciate it.


Drinking beer on my roof and watching the sun go down while listening to Dinah Washington. It's the little things in life my dudes. Cheers.


Hope you're all doing well my dudes. In dire need of good vibes, please send this way and to everyone else here having a difficult time with life and mental health issues. I appreciate each and every one of you.


random sporadic admiral update: got my septum pierced Friday. I now figuratively and literally feel 33.33% more metal than I did on Thursday. Rock on. Edit: pic in comments provided upon a fellow bong's request. Avoid if you don't want to be aroused.


most of my state spontaneously combusts into flames yet people are still convinced dragons don't exist? don't be a dragon denier. look for the truth and don't trust anti-dragon propaganda


I have to wake up early as balls and should have slept a lot earlier, but I ended up staying up playing the Battlefront 2 Beta with my housemates. Honestly, its not an amazing game but damn did we have fun. The nostalgia feels are strong in this one


Happy weekend everybody! What are y'all playing for spooktober? I restarted Silent Hill 2 and I'm determined to finally finish it! Loving it so far


Guys I found a Switch and I'm thinking about making the jump. It's a bit difficult to justify this kind of purchase so I need y'all to convince me one way or another. what games do I absolutely need on it?


Just had to do the scariest thing in the world! Pay rent! SPOOOOOOKYYYYY


I'm balls deep into my last semester, graduation is fast approaching, made the mistake of talking to my mom about my future and existential crisis mode has been activated RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT


went to a show last night that I'd been anticipating for weeks. after a handful of beers and gin, this song came on and I had to go mosh. I'm sore and hungover but I think it was exactly what the doctor ordered


guy bummed a smoke off me outside a bar the other night. we got to talking. he told me I had the look of someone creative, particularly a musician. I said thanks, and then he said I look like a bass player.


Hey guys! My activity here has been sporadic for awhile but I miss dicking around with y'all and I wanna catch up finally. Let's catch up in the comments


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