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So, I hooked up with this girl in Texas awhile back. She's in DC and got an air bnb. Gonna be hanging out with her for like 3 days straight. Not sure what to expect exactly or how this will all go down. Dtoid grant me strength.


are you on the east coast? are you free after xmas? have you ever thought it'd be cool to meet up with other dtoiders? do you love me, gus, perro or wes? come join us for a weekend in DC! check comments for deets! (bump for eyes)


Feeling pretty good these days. More doors opening, admiral confidence increasing, overall leveling up. Got down time for the night so... AMA and I'll give you legitimate, well thought out answers. Or cat gifs.


Production is wrapped. I have less money than I did 20 days ago, but more experience, friends, contacts and opportunities. Whirlwind of feels. So strange its all over already. Bittersweet moment but the future looks bright.


Happy bday Chris Moist Senpai! Hope you get some cool shit and a consensual fondling! Treat yourself buddy, you deserve it and we all appreciate you!


Happy bday churros! Hope you get something nice and that your peepee gets consensually fondled, birthday style!


Happy Halloween! Had to work but I borrowed someone's horse hat for a good portion of the night


Admiral Update: One of the cast members of the film played Piama in Malcolm in the Middle. Tonight she put on my daily gear and did impressions of me. I had to drive her around and we danced to Michael Jackson songs. Lol wtf is happening right now


Admiral Update: officially promoted n now they're trying to figure out how to pay me when I signed on unpaid. Serious LVL up. Stat increase to END, DEX, STR, CON, CHA, INT & WIS. Gained Tough Skin, Smooth Talker, Fast Learner, and Ninja perks.


Just wanna take a sec to thank all of you for the love n support you've given me over these last few months. Surrendering myself to the unknown forces me to confront fear n uncertainty. You've reminded me I'm not alone. I genuinely appreciate you all <3


Admiral update: day 3 of shooting done. Almost out of bourbon. Tired. Working 13+ hour days but it's been fulfilling. Got promoted to Key PA which kind of equates to King of the Untouchables but still cool. Might get paid n future paths are opening up


Admiral update: day 1 of shooting done. Worked my ass off, learned a lot, met peeps, made friends, and one of the producers told me she's gonna pay me out of pocket even though I signed on w/o pay. Got beers, references n possible future gigs lining up.


Admiral update: I'm crashing in a house full of strangers, "working" (unpaid) as a production assistant for 3 weeks on an independent feature length film, networking, gaining experience n hoping this leads me somewhere. Its a strange life. Wish me luck.


I am an east coast admiral now. Prepare your buttholes.


any dtoiders in Washington DC or NY? I'll be bumbling around there for quite some time, to the point where I plan to get a job and start working around there for a bit.


Admiral update: kicked out of the RV in Dallas, stayed in a murder motel, partied, bar hopped, ate bbq, saw evil dead the musical n got my peepee touched in Houston, caught a greyhound to ATL, chilling in Georgia. Much love, live your best lives everyone


I quit my job, threw out almost everything I own and I've been living out of a tricked out van, driving the US for a little more than a month. Tonight I'm sleeping in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Texas. AMA!


Happy bday Mr. Blues! Hope you get some cool games, your kids don't act up, and your butthole gets consensually touched by the Mrs!


happy bday to Amna and Nekkid! Hope you guys get lots of games, cash, and consensual genital touching!


I'd post a gif for the dance party but instead I went out, got drunk with family and danced my ass off. I hope that is sufficient for you all.


It's been some time since I 1st joined. This has been a comfort zone for me through tumultuous times of growing and changing as a person. I just want to say thank you to everyone I've encountered. You're all my weird ass internet fam n I appreciate you


Been packing for the last few days and I'm having a going away party tonight. Let's play a game called "try not to cry"


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