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Love Griftlands. Except it crashed and erased all my progress... I had a lot of perks and all the characters unlocked... not sure how to proceed...


Overworked and often exploited but at least I get cool pictures on the job. Moving up in the world as much as I can and trying to have fun while doing it. Much love and hope you're all well


Hope you're ready for my debut on WWE. I'm gonna topa suicita, DDT and DMT in the ring all day


Thanks to everyone replied RE DQXIS! Started the demo and will go from there. I do enjoy how cute everything is and I think I'm in the market for something simple, so we shall see!


All right fellas, sell me on DQIXS. I don't play a lot of JRPGs or anything really turn based these days but for some reason, y'all got me interested. Would you recommend it to me even if I don't really play that sorta thing anymore?


I'm currently pooping in the WWE NXT locker room. This is where champions poop.


I'm about to fly out to Orlando for what already seems like a nightmare of a gig. Its only a few days but... God help me. Wish me luck and cast spells to protect me from Florida Man


Is there some sort of program to adopt a grandparent? Cause I'm super down to have a wholesome grandparent right now. Just someone to make cookies and tell me stories and life lessons and shit. I'm down to take out the trash and help cook n shit.Lemmeknow


I think this is just a good opportunity for all of us to reflect and be better. I think it behooves us to be open to these criticisms, rather than default to being a defensive echo chamber. Idk. I'm gonna write in the comments if anyone wants to engage


Happy birthday Papa Occams! Shit wouldn't be the same without you. There'd be a lot less teeth, spiders and joy. Appreciate you buddy!


My bday is tomorrow and I celebrated with my neighbors. In other words I've been drunk all day and low-key blacked out but I'm going to start Disco Elysium cause a bunch of you said its a good idea to play while drunk and also I love you all kthxbye


I'm kinda drunk. Is this a good time to start Disco Elysium?


alright ladies and gents. I have no willpower and you're all a bad influence, so I'm now the owner of MH:Rise and Disco Elysium. Time is limited this week. What should I start playing?


All right you bastards. You made it too tempting and I impulse bought monster hunter. You mother fuckers better play with me though


Am drunk. Is bueno. AMA? Idk. I miss being more interactive in this community. I hope you're all well and living your best lives given the circumstances!


I realize this is cheating since I didn't take it myself but someone took this recently and its too cool. At work we often need someone to stand in as we figure out lighting/blocking/etc #selfietoid


Hey dtoid fams. Need your input. Looking to buy a TV between $200-300. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Would like to buy off Amazon but I'm open to whatever you dudes suggest. Thanks!


Work in progress. A lot to do. But I have a place to sleep where no one can tell me shit. Taking the day to do absolutely nothing. Much love y'all. Thanks for all the love and support ✊🏽


Today I signed a lease for my first solo apartment, paid my move in costs and made out with a cute girl at work. Personally, 2021 is off to a great start. Hope all you degenerates are doing well


Admiral still out here crashing on couches, pursuing dreams for shit pay. But I'm making progress and growing despite the bullshit. Love you and wish you a good year. Keep grinding. I'm always here saluting, lurking and wishing you the best o7


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