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Got this really cryptic psn msg from a bot please help


Need your help my dudes. Deadly premonition is on sale on switch for $15. I'm a fan of Twin Peaks. Should I get it? State your case in the comments!


Big shout out to my man Etosi, who mailed me a copy of Death Stranding. I owe you a beer when this is all over buddy. Also thanks for being my confused but willing Hunt: Showdown partner 🖤🤠


Happy bday Papa Occams and Mr. Damon! Mother says you were the best/worst thing to happen to our family but I can tell she misses you regardless of the herpes you gave all of us. Hope its a good one dudes.


So, I got my stimulus check. That being said... is there anyone who has or is interested in getting into Hunt: Showdown on PS4? Because I want to play that shit and I'm unemployed right now.


Anyone still play smash ultimate? Looking for new peeps to play with if anyone is interested. Just tryna smash my bros, ya know?


thank you all for your birthday wishes! I really appreciated it. Covid bday sucks but you guys all made it a little better for me :) I impulse bought Outside Worlds and Control with bday cash :D


Today is mine and Beau's birthday, so I think we're gonna do a conjoined thing. Probably something involving pizza and strippers.


Keep an eye on zipper while you walk away from him. He seems genuinely relieved that he doesn't have to put up a front anymore, thinking he can relax and take the suit off.


That's a lot of fucking iron ingots


Since the government has mandated that we all catch up on our backlogs, what are you guys planning on playing? I'm finally gonna beat MGSV and have Uncharted4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona5 and Witcher3 on standby. #covidbacklogtoid


Well, all my gigs have been cancelled and I've already been living off pennies. I'm considering driving 400 miles just to do my taxes and acquire my game consoles. Might as well play ps4 while the world burns.


Hey dudes. Going through some shit right now. Looking for recommendations for games with my limited resources and tech limitations to get my mind off things. I'm broke as hell and running on a mid 2015 macbook pro. Thanks!


does anyone still play splatoon 2? I just got it and I'm really into it. If anyone wants to play my friend code is SW-4803-0295-9606


Another fucking fire emblem character are you fucking serious


Question for you smash ultimate players: what's your control scheme? I made some changes and it's making a significant difference


I hope you're doing well. You're a good person and you deserve to be happy.


So I'm working for Vice today and the president of Vice kinda lost his shit at me and my boss for something real small. My life is fucking weird and hilarious sometimes.


Hey everyone. Mike is currently in the ICU having more work done on his heart valve. He wants everyone to know that he's okay and that we should hear from him late tonight or tomorrow.


Big shout out to MeanderBot for sending me these dope stickers and a little extra. I will be slapping these around New York and taking pictures for you!


hey everybody. I just want to say thank you for all the love and support. I'm going to leave a bigger note in the comments (I also left it in the comments of our beloved Mike Martin's post). I just want you all to know I appreciate you. Thanks4everything.


Chaotic Good edit: post got deleted because qtoid hates me and wanted to ruin our friendship post


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