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Happy birthday to our collective DTOID mom! You're an awesome person with a unique skillset and seeing your posts around here is inspiring. Much love, hope you get some cool shit!


Happy birthday JC Dent! I'd get you a gift but I already gave up one of my testicles so you could get your voice back! Cheers!


Was perusing metal gear stuff on YouTube and found this. Bless your hearts, have an awesome weekend you beautiful people.


To any dtoiders in/coming to bay area: you have a month or so to get a drink n game with me. To dtoiders in other states: I'll be roaming around the US and would love to meet/hang out with you in the near future. Its (not) a trap!


Bass is time traveling and upvoting posts from 2 years ago. Keep on keeping on baby <3


#Truestorytoid. In my 2nd year of college, a girl I fancied was coming over. I left the door unlocked, the lights off, a fully loaded nerf gun, a rose and this song playing. We had a gunfight. For young, dumb love.


going out more. quit my job. got new clothes. going to shows. got a girl's phone number. i guess sometimes i just need to throw myself in the deep end and swim. haven't felt this alive in awhile. gonna embrace the chaos for awhile. wish me luck fam


I just spent the last 40 mins saving a baby bird who had gotten stuck inside my work. It later sat in my hand and climbed up my shirt. I eventually returned it to it's family. Weirdest day at work ever.


Love you Occams. Happy bday! Hope you got some new teeth in a jar and someone attractive consensually touched your genitals today!


Work at 5am. Woke up at 3am so I could play Dad of War for about 45 mins. Fucking get me home.


Last night we went out for my friend's birthday. I ordered two Ike Turners, which is where you take a shot and the bartender slaps you across the face. I told her to go super hard. She gave the bday girl a nosebleed. I regret nothing. Successful night.


I feel like it's been such a long time since I've been able to say it but... I'm doing pretty great guys. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend :)


Our resident Positivity Officer Chris Moist Senpai looks like he needs a break and some positivity himself, so I'll be offering some assistance. More than halfway through the week and onto your weekend! Have a great day you beautiful people!


PSA: You are beautiful people and the Admiral is glad to have you. That is all. Carry on.


Thank you for all the birthday wishes my friends. It really brightened my day. Much love to all of you


Today is the anniversary of my egg hatching! Shout out to my mom and dad. Let's celebrate with some music. Code in the comments


For various reasons, I took a week off and my vacation starts today. Fuck Yes.


For the last week, I've finally been able to see some light at the end of this tunnel. Much love peeps. Thanks for all your support and for being you.


Fish is a beautiful fella. Happy bday my fellow ocean creature compadre. Glad you are around, hope you get some cool shit and that someone pretty consensually touches your butthole today <3


I've had a good day. I've smiled. I had a nice time being alone. I felt more like myself than I have in weeks. Thanks for all your love n support, it's meant a lot. Hope you all have a great week <3 Also happy bdays to the talented Alphadeus and Strider!


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