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Hey dudes, I just wanted to thank you for the love and support. My life got turned upside down & you guys really helped make me feel better. I'll likely be doing a gofundme to help unfuck my life (any tips on this would be appreciated)cont comments


I spent the week in the hospital as a hit and run victim. Leg and arm broken but could have been worse. Be safe out there everyone


Happy bday Mr. Moyse. You are truly a God among men and sincerely appreciated. You keep going when things are tough and it really inspires and resonates with me. Much love dude


where my dtoid back4blood peeps out? and when are we playing? add me y'all


You're a swell dude Dere. Hope you had a good one!


When I can, I'd love to play some Splitgate and/or Hunt: Showdown with you beautiful people


I wouldn't say I'm totally rethinking my career, but damn... I'm definitely having second thoughts and worrying about my future. Working 7 days of overnights in a row. Might be doing 11 days in a row next week. Any advice or support would be appreciated


Did anyone here play the New World Beta? I'm curious about it and some friends want me to get the game when it releases. I've never played an MMO and am worried about getting into one...


Worked a 12 hour overnight gig and just wrapped at 8am. I'm tired to the point of feeling drunk, but its the most fun I've had on a gig in a long while. Hope you're all having a good weekend :)


Dear TheIntern, I hope you get your peepee touched, eat good food, and get some cool shit. Happy bday! Love, AdmiralAckbong and all the Mon Calamari


can anyone here sell me on STALKER? Its $6 on Steam. I've heard great things but also that its a buggy mess and a nightmare to get working


First time in awhile I've been able to just hang out for a bit. Breaking in my first PC with my trusty crowbar. Add me on steam and give me your summer sale recs!!!


My weekend starts now. Hoping to set up the PC and do jack shit. Here's a fun pic from my job this week (I'm on the right). AMA (work, life, butt stuff, etc). Or share something with me so I can motivate you 🖤 Hope you're well :)


Well, after being a lifelong console kid I've finally joined the PC master race. Anyone have suggestions for some games that will make me feel like its all been worth it?


Love Griftlands. Except it crashed and erased all my progress... I had a lot of perks and all the characters unlocked... not sure how to proceed...


Overworked and often exploited but at least I get cool pictures on the job. Moving up in the world as much as I can and trying to have fun while doing it. Much love and hope you're all well


Hope you're ready for my debut on WWE. I'm gonna topa suicita, DDT and DMT in the ring all day


Thanks to everyone replied RE DQXIS! Started the demo and will go from there. I do enjoy how cute everything is and I think I'm in the market for something simple, so we shall see!


All right fellas, sell me on DQIXS. I don't play a lot of JRPGs or anything really turn based these days but for some reason, y'all got me interested. Would you recommend it to me even if I don't really play that sorta thing anymore?


I'm currently pooping in the WWE NXT locker room. This is where champions poop.


I'm about to fly out to Orlando for what already seems like a nightmare of a gig. Its only a few days but... God help me. Wish me luck and cast spells to protect me from Florida Man


Is there some sort of program to adopt a grandparent? Cause I'm super down to have a wholesome grandparent right now. Just someone to make cookies and tell me stories and life lessons and shit. I'm down to take out the trash and help cook n shit.Lemmeknow


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