On PCI: My Time At Portia is the perfect summertime game
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Everyone has diarrhea and is slowly suffocating in too much CO2. I love Oxygen Not Included.


Kingdom Hearts Orchestra was awe-inspiring. It made me remember exactly why I love that series. I had tears in my eyes. The music tied so many themes together, that one could almost believe that everything made sense.


Just a PSA to anyone digging into (or getting frustrated by) the large map of Hollow Knight: After you get a certain amount of Dream Essence, you will get limited teleportation ability. That + stag stations + movement charms should make it doable.


mad mad madlibs https://www.thebeaverton.com/2015/10/mass-shooting-in-usa-kills/


After 20 hours of play, my love of Xenonauts is finally waning. It definitely opens with a lot more freedom and options than XCom. A LOT more. But after 20 hours, all new tech is mostly numbers upgrade. It was a good run, but imma call it for now.


The only digital CCG I've invested time in was Spellweaver. I thought it quietly died ... but just found out it's still alive and now on mobile!! https://spellweaver-tcg.com/


Call me the patron saint of indie games cuz I just broke the effing bank to buy the good stuff: Boss 101, Virginia, Downwell, A N L Phone, (all four < $2) Chuchel, A Case of Distrust, Inner Space, Rise and Shine, Luftrausers, Edith Finch and Gorogoa. :DDD


Boss 101 is on a steep discount. Pick it up if you haven't already. I wish Slay the Spire was at least 50% off, but I guess it's too popular rn :/


I've been a bit distant from Dtoid lately. But when the world is shitty and I need good feelz, it's still the most supportive / non-judgemental community I can think of. Well, I'm back. Let there be rejoicing in the streets! And moaning in the sheets.


For about 8 years so far, I have been memeing that KH3 can only be released 2020 at the earliest. For half a month, I was scared that SE might actually prove me wrong. But E3 quelled my fears :)


Rest in Peace Totalbiscuit. The industry is weaker without his strong voice, his ability to single-handedly popularize hidden gems. Condolences to his family.


Stardew Valley on the PS Vita :BlessRNG:


I was feeling intensely anxious about disappointing my parents, until I remembered Occams saying, "Lydia is a grown ass woman." They should be responsible for at least *some* of their happiness, right? [Gaming update: Nier Automata. This cannot continue.]


Why do digital CCG draft modes have a cost if they don't let you keep the cards? I want to play draft all the time, so I don't have to worry about the meta decks. There ought to be an option to play for free by forfeiting the "rewards."


Gaming update (how uncharacteristic of me): I wasn't expecting to like Elder Scrolls Legends (the card game), but I'm totally hooked onto the single player story-mode. Still on the first story, hope there are loads more like it.


Canadian satire on point. https://www.thebeaverton.com/2018/03/local-man-still-unaware-late-night-tv-hosts-powerless-prevent-authoritarian-takeover/


Channeling my inner NathanD to start Nier Ow Tomato for the first time. The power of best waifu compels me!


The thing I loved about Wakanda was how much it reminded me of Gondolin. Long dormant fantasies sprang up again in my mind, this time in the guise of afro-futurism instead of medieval euro-fantasy. Spoilery stuff in the comments.


A mostly shitty friday evening, made bearable only because of Felicia Cooke's Black Panther piece, and Occam's gifs in its comment section.


I did it! I beat the true final boss of Hollow Knight! :D Spoilerific screenshots of the fight will be in the comments.


The Overwatch League caster saying the words "beard on fleek" was my cue to take a break. I need to go watch some Frasier to balance it out.


Shoutout to GajKnight who gets me, to Seymour who I want to get, and to InqRaven for super secret reasons. (And an over-the-pants shoutout to the hotties of Dtoid. U kno not how lovely U R.)


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