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I thought Jessica Alba had just up and disappeared. Turns out, she was out there building a business empire (now valued at around $1 billion), raising two kids, and somehow turning into a more gorgeous woman. The perfect package does exist!


AvtrSpirit's List of Memorable Games 2017

  An attempt to summarize my experience gaming in 2017. Next to the game is the amount of time I spent playing it in 2017.   Games I Played in 2017 Steal My SOUL Award: Hollow Knight (55 hours) Also wins: Most Hauntingly Bea...


Absolutely love the core loop of The Long Dark (good rec seymour). But then I had a hankering for more goal oriented play. So I reinstalled an old classic, but with winter survival mods. It's been 4 years since my last pilgrimage to High Hrothgar.


Merry Christmas everyone! I'm finally catching up on ALL the games of 2017. Currently busy dying in The Long Dark. Fun times :D


Typing qtoid.com in my browser URL does not redirect to the page correctly. Pls fix, so I can continue being lazy and unproductive on qtoid. After the Turkey is done, of course.


Just one episode into JoJo's and I'm already in love with Dio. (Incidentally, I figured that "But it was me, Dio" line would come after a multi-episode deception arc. Instead... LOL)


Can't wait for this game to be released so I can finally open all the lootboxes! ;) http://store.steampowered.com/app/733990/I%20/


What's a piece of fictional work that you feel super sad when it ends? LotR and Jungle Book 2 are my usual suspects. But today morning I bummed myself out by re-reading the final Animorphs book. I just want to cry now.


Scrolling through all these handsome selfies: +5 to self-consciousness, -500 to chances of me ever posting a selfie here.


It was sad that Epic missed the MOBA train with Paragon. So it feels good to see them actually get a break with Fortnite. I didn't know until today that the battle royale mode was free. Time to try this genre for the first time.


If I mess up the sanctity of a 69-fap post, it's only because I considered the post important (or meme-worthy) enough to fap it. It's an act of love, not vandalism. Also, HBD to my favourite mexican dessert.


Activision be like: Chill yo. We are not screwing you over. We are only exploring ways to screw you over. Big difference.


Since I love making big sweeping (not always kept) declarations: Jaded by the AAA practices, I'm only going to be playing and watching indie games till the end of the year. And may continue that to next year (with allowance for a few ethical publishers).


Just finished Pyre. Great art, heartfelt story, the gameplay swung between exciting and frustrating. Those Titan Stars can go **** themselves.


Qtoid talking about a controversy... something big must have happened on the Front Page. *hesitantly ventures outside of Qtoid* hmm... 175 comments on this headline. Did Destiny 2 get a bad review? Or maybe it's the- oh wait, 337 comments. Found it.


I'm such a Tsundere. I don't want to play Hollow Knight anymore. But... but... it's not like I want to see that ending or anything! BAKA!


2T and 1L- A) I love Fall. B) I love Summer. C) I love Summer Glau.


Overlooked Games - Spellweaver

  The Game It's a CCG. [Collectible Card Game, for the uninitiated.] The previous game in this series was a very unique take on single-player CCG. But this game is the epitome of traditional CCG. If you know of Magic: The Gatheri...


After a few downer days, things are looking up. In gaming news, I'm pretty sure I'm approaching the end of Hollow Knight - the adorable baby of Dark Souls and Metroidvania. Still dipping into Gigantic from time to time. New cblog in the works as well.


Finished Non Non Biyori and Nozaki-kun yesterday. Feeling a little lost now. Looking for chill anime recommendations for lunchtime.


Aww yisss! I gots that Double Jump now. My Hollow Knight gonna be be dashing, hopping, horizontal flying, and belly-flopping all over this shizz.


real life is too rough / I don't want to play Ranked HotS / but it numbs me good


darkest before dawn / insecurities arise / late night HotS is shit


Jotun has been put aside (4 Jotuns down, good enough) and BG&E deleted including savefile. Flavour of the hour: Hollow Knight. I just got the map and compass. Much excite! :D


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