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I couldn't join you guys last night but I'd be down to smash tonight around 7pm EST if anyone else is game.


Due to a pact we made with an infernal entity our semi-regularly scheduled night of pain and misery continues at 7pm eastern. We danced with Torchman by our graves and this is the decision that he made. Twitch.tv/venturecrow


How Limo feels when someone finally takes that first hit of hydration.


Spoilers: Bloodstained's castle is made out of Spaghetti floating in a moat of marinara.


Square should make a Theaterythym compilation that spans their entire catalogue if for no other reason than to have Chrono Trigger music in a Theaterythym game. I guess they could pull from other games as well...


Just beat Cadence of Hyrule. Man, who would have thought a Necrodancer centric spinoff would turn out to be one of my favorite Zelda titles.


Because Ubisoft is releasing a spooky scary Rainbow Six game here's the spookiest girl in Siege. Artist is Shino Saaaaang.


A free expansion for The Messenger and The Youngbloods both releasing in July? Finally, a reason to celebrate that month.


I realize the majority of them are not console exclusives but all of the indie games featured during the press conference being on Game Pass has been the biggest thing to sell me on Microsoft's service.


Well shit. Now I really have to step up my campaign to weebify Soul if I want him to play Phantasy Star with me.


So weird question. Has anyone ever sat in such a way that their dick fell asleep? Like, to the point where you just couldn't feel anything in that general region? Asking for a friend.


In an hour's time I will win GM's heart and taste the sweet nectar of his lips, much to Limo's chagrin. Come watch as Limo and I make a woman out of GM and we all make asses out of ourselves in our continuation of Dandelion. Twitch.tv/Gamemaniac3434 LIVE


Because this train has no brakes and they keep laying track in front of us next up is Halo 5. Join Mama Gus and the Boys at 7pm EST as we meander through this much maligned monstrosity. EDIT: SOOOOOON Twitch.tv/venturecrow


"W-wanna play Siege?" Soulbow asked, a hesitant lilt in his voice. "It's been ever so long." 'Sure' I thought. 'That could be fun. I mean what's the worst that could happen? He shoots me in the back of the head within the first second? Yeah right...'


Prins already posted a pic of him for #pettoid but here's one more of Jayne at the moment he ascended doghood.


At 7pm EST Gus, Hypno, Renaud, and myself are going to saddle up that big space horse in the sky and take on Limo's favorite game in the series, Halo 4. Join us at twitch.tv/venturecrow


It's finally happening. Limo is subjecting GM and myself to his GOTY. Come watch our heroine, GM, try and get busy with one of us.


Alright geeze! I'll clean out my mailbox, kupo.


Streaming some drunk legendary ODST foursome with Gus, Renaud, and Hypno. Join us at twitch.tv/venturecrow


So a kid and his mom passed by me in the lobby of our apartment complex today and I overheard him tell his mom he considered Dark Souls to be a masterpiece. Couldn't have been more then 10 years old. I-I think I'm crying.


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