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Anybody else picking up Dark Souls on Friday?


My friend sent me this and I felt it was pertinent to share with all you fine folks. Sorry if it's been posted before.


In moving out of Florida to a place with actual seasons I think the one thing I was least prepared for was how damn cold it can get. I keep asking around how people generally deal with it and all I really get is...


It might have been rather impractical but I think the Germans were onto something with this combination flintlock pistol and axe.


Just finished my first playthrough of Devil May Cry 3. Using Trickster the entire time felt like cheating but that was the only way I was going to beat that game.


I don't have a history watching Jim Ross, or the WWE in general, but this older video is what I need after a waterlogged weekend. Hope everyone has a good rest of their week.


Now that it's the spookiest month of the year let's get some scary stories. Was there ever a book, movie, game, scene, etc. that took something you had otherwise thought innocuous and made it terrifying? I'll post mine in the comments.


Just came across this one and it's probably my favorite so far. Link in the comments.


Finally beat The Messenger. What a phenomenal little homage. I felt that the second half backtracking bogged the pace down a little bit but the whole experience was fantastic. Now, what to play next?


When your friends aren't online but you still want to take on that Arch-tempered elder dragon.


So I've recently been playing through Devil May Cry for the first time via the HD collection and I've really been enjoying it. But HO-LY shit fuck those goat spirit assholes with the scythes or giant scissors. Seriously. Fuck 'em.


This made me laugh way harder than it probably should have.


In remembrance of Telltale here's one of my favorite moments from Tales from the Borderlands. It's the intro to episode 4. Spoilers in the video, obviously.


What comes next may suprise you... (wow that's lame. More pics in the comments. Artist is Beanie%20.)


In replaying Ninja Gaiden Black recently I didn't think the thing I'd be fighting with the most would be the camera. It's not too terrible in combat but holy hell does it make proper platforming a chore.


Mandy in a couple of hours and these to follow make for a chill Saturday.


I can't believe it took me this long to start playing Undertale. What is it about the Switch that convinces me to play all the indies I neglected on the pc?


Happy Friday PSA: My favorite beat em up on steam is 50% off until September 24th. https://store.steampowered.com/app/674520/FightN%20/


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