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Got around to finally painting a Chaos Sorcerer that's been sitting on my shelf for a while. More pics in the comments.


For this edition of Frosty's opinion corner if you're looking for a decent comic to read try out Limbo. It's an open-ended, metaphysical, 80's vaporwave romp with a dash of New Orleans' voodoo all tied together in a neat Noir package. I rather enjoyed it.


Fallout 76 let me make a delinquent in the character creator. A+ game so far.


I invited Prins over for coffee but she was unfortunately not impressed.


Heya guys. Just reminding you that Siege is a cool game with neat people and you should give it a shot with the free weekend coming up.


Getting back to my minis after a little hiatus. Finished the first of seven skelly men.


After a small debacle with a cracked case and a dented disc they're both finally here. Two of my favorite movie going experiences of the last couple years.


Beat Mega Man X for the first time in my quest to get through the X collection. Thank god for that Hadoken. Next up: X2.


Game Pitch: Asymmetrical multiplayer FPS set in the ALIEN universe. Alien hunts a crew aboard a ship and the crew has shifting objectives depending on how many of them are still alive. The crew can craft weapons and the alien grows from a chest burster.




Hi all. Frosty here. We've heard a lot recently about Limo's trash opinions or how Gus doesn't like that one movie we all like. I'm here to tell you they're both wrong, about being right. Vote me for supreme opinion and I'll work hard to agree with you.


I have to say Rainbow Six Siege is probably the best RPG I've played this decade.


Basically how I feel towards this community.


Happy Birthday to my favorite Canadian from BC. I hope it's a good one and that you take some time away from studying today to play some vidya games with us fine folks.


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. Hope you all got that fish you crave and are staying warm and safe today.


Got invited to decorate cookies today and I tried to do Hokusai's wave. It was fun but man working with icing is difficult.


Gus joined me for a wedding this weekend! What a swell guy. Edit: My close friend Shibboletho was there as well but withheld the photo of the 3 of us from me until tonight. Pic in the comments.


Happy Birthdays to both Mr. Moyse and DeScruff. I hope you both take the time to celebrate the day properly by playing Siege.


Streaming some MtG Arena with Bass for Extra Life. Come watch him beat my baguette for the kids. Probably could have worded that better but it's too late now. Twitch.tv/venturecrow


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