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Turns out Soulbow's a pretty good pirate captain. We only accidently scuttled 2 ships and ran aground 4 or 5 times. He also fell off the ship a bunch but being the good first mate that I am I begrudgingly turned the ship around to get him.


Just waitin' on Ace Combat 7 to download...


Been playing Ace Attorney this past week and I'm just gonna come out and say it. I'm a damn good lawyer.


I love you all as much as one disembodied voice can love another on the internet.


Anyone else prefer honey to sugar in their tea? Or a peanut butter and honey sandwich to a good ol' PB and J?


Stay home internet. You're still drunk.


A man rudely bumped into my friend as we were walking through Paris and as my friend turned to confront him I had to stop and remind him that hostility only baguettes more hostility.


That wizard came from the moon.


Happy Friday y'all! Hope you're staying warm wherever you happen to be.


Is it a Wargroove or RE2 kinda weekend?


Drunk trivia night whoo! I got to correctly answer an easy Olsen twins question and everything.


That's Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin down. SOTN is next. January is Fuck Dracula month apparently.


The wife surprised me with RE2 last night after some foolish resolution made me vow to wait on it. I don't think she realizes what she's done...


My hours are comparatively rather low but Monster Hunter World being my top game was a bit of a suprise.


That moment you realise the suprisingly high quality Kingdom Hearts porn you've been watching, with the longer build up and better narrative than usual, is actually just leaked gameplay footage from the 3rd game.


Happy Birthday Shibboletho. You're the best Zenny this Genji could ask for.


If you have an Xbox and a copy of Siege you should join Soulbow and myself around 11pm Central. He's sure to make it entertaining. EDIT: Time is getting pushed up an hour to 10pm Central ya...hosers. Did I use that right?


My brain when I'm dodging the hell out of an invader in Dark Souls only to roll my dumbass off of a cliff.


I sort of wish Capcom had some sort of collaboration with Insomniac if only to get a working MvC2 cabinet in Spiderman. I want to play Spiderman as Spiderman in Spiderman.


Started painting the shadespire starter box. I have to say that I wasn't initially keen on the look of Sigmar's Boys but they have certainly grown on me.


Streaming some Overwatch with RolanberryPrins if anybody wants to join in.


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