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Didn't have internet access for a week, wonder what gaming news I misse- CLOUD'S IN SMASH!?


Capcom can only hope that the upcoming Street Fighter V boycott is just as successful as the Modern Warfare 2 boycott.


Sorry about last week, I like booze.


I think Giant Eagle is hosting a Mahvel tournament...


What the hell is Sega using in the printing of their PS3 game manuals? I wouldn't be surprised if some dumb kid stuck one in a plastic bag and started huffing the fumes to get high.


The only Apple gaming I care about involves 5.25 inch floppy disks.


Holy Jesus. Hope it doesn't taste like it plays.


Wow, it's really easy to get people upset over video games.




This is how we amused ourselves in the 90's: https://youtu.be/LDMamnn%20


I'm nearly finished with recreating the Washington Monument in Minecraft to scale. I think I have a problem...


The big display on the massive gaming rig gets the MSGV trailer on repeat. The 55" by the counter gets Mass Effect Andromeda because fuck yeah, Johnny Cash.


I put the Mafia III trailer on repeat for one of my store's displays. Let's hope no one cares that the word "fuck" is said in it.


I am the King of Fighters (for now)

Today, via RecordSetter, I have claimed ownership of the world's largest collection of fighting games. Under the rules I have submitted, the record stands at 244. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I don't deserve the record. My intent is to ...


Merry Christmas D-Toid

Yeah, I haven't updated in a damn long time, but one must continue some traditions. I'm hoping that the new year offers me more chances to share with this community. More games, more conventions, more fake holidays and so on. Anyway, I ...


Goodbye MoMo's

(Photo by Tim Static) Last week, gaming lost another great place. It wasn't an arcade. It wasn't a store. In fact, there wasn't anything related to video games as part of the place at all. But many gamers hold it in a high place for what...


Giving: My introduction to gaming

The way I figure it, based on my memories and checking release dates, today marks 30 years since I was introduced to gaming. That, up there is the big gift that awaited me along with my brother and sister on Christmas morning, 1981. The ...


Merry Christmas D-Toid

Just something to put out there for now, but later on I'll be posting another blog entry that's a bit more profound... if you can call it that. Anyway, enjoy the holiday.


Why do I do this to myself?

Was it just pure morbid curiosity? Was it the long wait? Was it the fact that it was now under $10? Everything said about this game... it's all true. The lacking gameplay, the reliance on checkpoint saves, the dodgy engine, the awful jok...


What I saw (and got) at NerdPow!

Over the weekend here in Columbus was NerdPow!, a dedicated video game convention. The con itself was rather small, taking up only several of the basement rooms at the Hyatt Regency, everything else was taken up by a disturbing, pedophile-a...


Creating an ideal retro setup.

Perhaps it's the accumulation of a lifetime of gaming. Perhaps it was just an ambition I knew I could achieve. Perhaps I wanted something I could put in the background of a video. Perhaps I wanted to do something with all my extra equipme...


What I got at Corgs-Con

On Saturday, Corgs-Con was held in an empty tax accountant office in the southern side of Columbus. Vendors filled tables with various retro systems, games, and other items. There were piles of cartridges, rare systems, many import titles...


Merry Christmas Destructoid

Here's another Nativity scene for you. Not sure what I'll be getting, but I think that a red Wii might be in the works. Hoping for some PC upgrades, but anything's good. Enjoy the holiday.


Happy Day of the Ninja

Hope everything turned out well. I had to get some work done first, but then I was able to get all the good stuff out and celebrate properly. Nothing like the original NES Ninja Gaiden to kick your ass. Enjoy the holiday season!


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