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Any time the power goes out, I end up in Silent Hill.


At a game store, a man asked the owner if he was the head of the block's Pokemon Go gym... just to make sure it wasn't someone he knew before he would show up at the shopping center at midnight to take it over. This is why we can't have nice things.


The System Shock remake demo has an item duplication glitch. LPer Kamoc/Shesellssheshells has put it to good use:


Got a really good deal on a GTX 950. I'll tell you, when you crank up all the graphics settings on the Doom demo to the max and you're averaging around 40-45 FPS during the heavy action sequences... that makes you feel pretty damn good about your system.


Got back from the theater showing the Sony E3 presentation. The projector had some RGB noise throughout... but I got to cheer along with a packed theater and got a voucher for free stuff on PSN, including $10.00. Can't complain.


Going to see the Sony presentation in a theater. Let's hope that the meme-parroting kids stay home.


Brain, stop. PlanetQuake has been down for years. Stop trying to open it.


The first few levels of Doom are free, there's a new Quake coming out... Long live 90's PC gaming.


Keiji Inafune is about to make you his bitch.


Just finished Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Almost forgot how good it felt to beat a balls-hard platforming level.


DearS was not a very good manga or anime.


I should probably stop playing Tomodachi Life. Jim Sterling just married Mettaton.


And that was my sister wining the showcase on the Price is Right.


That feeling when you get a brand new system for the first time...


Got around to updating my record for the world's largest collection of fighting games. It's at 310 now: https://recordsetter.com/world-record/collection-fighting-genre-video-games/46285


Congratulations to the Retro Give Grumps livestream for collecting over $150,000 for the Support Crisis Text Line.


Volition just announced that next week, they're going to stream gameplay from an unreleased Saints Row title for the PSP. ChipCheezum apparently found it while poking around Volition's equipment room.


Something Missing - A poem by Shel Silverstein

I remember I put on my socks, I remember I put on my shoes. I remember I put on my tie That was painted In beautiful purples and blues. I remember I put on my coat, To look perfectly grand at the dance, Yet I fell there is someth...


Happy new year, try to treat people better... even if you don't agree with their opinions on video games.


Stupid internet drama is over, if you want it.


I think I'm going to spend time next year studying anger and outrage addiction.


I'm offended that you're offended over being offended by someone being offended for getting offended by someone else who was offended by another person getting offended due to somebody...


I wouldn't be surprised if someone thought that getting arrested for yelling obscenities in a public place was a violation of their free speech.


The next season pass for Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round is priced at $92.99. I think we hit the apex.


So apparently most of the Silent Hill series is about exposing the evil, Satanic Illuminati practice of circumcision according to one Silent Hill wiki editor. https://storify.com/jasperrolls/the-silent-hill-wiki-circumcision-meltdown-of-2015


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