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The following is a GOG discount code for a bundle that contains Myst Masterpiece Edition, Riven the Sequel to Myst, Myst 3 Exile, Myst 4 Revelation, Myst 5 End of Ages, Uru Complete Chronicles, and realMyst Masterpiece Edition: RFCQ69055FD0AB664A


To all Steam users: make sure to check your Steam inventory and badges every now and again. Old games can get cards added to them long after you bought the game and selling these cards can help pay the sales tax or even buy games outright on the store.


I only started watching the last 30 minutes of it, but it looks like President Joe Biden's inauguration was about as boring as it should have been. Looks like he's off to a good start.


I've seen a lot of weird stuff in Earth Defense Force 4.1 and 5, but alien frog dragons just takes the cake. Did the devs of EDF 5 find the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy writers' secret LSD stash or something?


All things considered, the Earth Defense Force games are just Power Rangers games in a different genre intended for a somewhat older audience.


So, apparently this is the year of sea shanty.


Someone called for giant Bowsette? More in the comments below.


Finally got the order I made in December. I kinda wanted to use the censor boxes to make jokes, but I gave up on that.


Monster Girl Monday another image in the comments


To everyone reading this, congratulations on surviving the year of hell that was 2020. May 2021 get really boring very soon.


Here is the 22% off voucher code to use on Green Man Gaming for PC games: PREPARE2PLAY The voucher is valid until January 21.


Here is a GOG discount for the following Hitman games: Codename 47, 2 Silent Assassin, Contrats, Blood Money, and Absolution. The code is CFFVE7105ED171D9AB . As usual, I don't know what percent the discount is.


Those insurrectionist terrorists that attacked DC on 6/1 are dumbasses for multiple reasons, including for not knowing how coups function:(5:03-6:01),(14:12-14:47),(15:06-16:54) If they did, they either would have stayed home or covered their faces.


After the insurrectionist terrorist attack on DC last night, I hope a lot of people get prosecuted: the terrorists themselves, any cop who enabled them, Drumpf, and any congresscritter who egged them on. Actual sedition cannot be tolerated.


The addition of ray tracing to SPV3 is most impressive, too bad not all the new weapons are gonna be in the campaign.


If anyone wants a Steam copy of the VR game Killing Floor: Incursion, please say so and I will send you the key through a Dtoid private message.


All things considered, I think I will probably have more gripes with Cyberpunk 2077 than I have ever had with a Fallout or Saints Row game.


Well, Cyberpunk 2077 crashed to desktop and crashed my display driver until I lowered the FPS to 10 to deal with the first mirror scene. Female V sounds somewhere between Edolas Lucy Heartfilia and Iris Heart, all of whom have the same voice actress.


Awhile ago, I had a Bacon Pretzel pub cheeseburger from Wendy's. It was pretty good, though kinda dry. They should have put more of that mustard and cheese sauce on it.


Here is a GOG discount for Star Control Origins Galactic Edition: QD8D2I3ZNGLBGNT5E4 This include Star Control 1,2,3, Origins, Origins Earth Rising, and the OST for Origins. Not sure what percentage the discount is.


Happy New Year and may this year be far more boring compared to 2020! No more apocalypses, PLEASE.


Despite Belsnickel being such a jerk in The Christmas Chronicles 2, he does succeed in getting Kate Pierce two major gifts for Christmas, though the 2nd was probably unintentional.


About Electric Reaperone of us since 10:55 AM on 08.12.2013

I am a gamer who prefers games that are more about action than story; especially shooters, action RPG's and hack-and-slashers. I often don't care that much about a video game's story, and instead focus on the weapons instead: how they sound, how they fire/attack, how they look, how they function, and how the more unusual weapons may work. Sometimes a game may be great in just about every category, but I might just ignore it for using boring conventional guns that I've shot a million times.

I am into sci-fi, supernatural, and mecha anime/TV shows/movies/games. I don't care that much about photorealism, unless it drags the gameplay down.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of stupid/unwanted things in the video game industry. Online passes for multiplayer, on-disc downloadable content, day one DLC in Mass Effect 3, pre-order bonuses for Brink, multiple versions of Evolve, collector's edition for the first Watch Dogs game, microtransactions in Dead Space 3, and more. I have also seen things that get in the way of the customer accessing the game they legally bought. SecuROM in Crysis, Games For Windows Live in Red Faction Guerilla (removed over a year ago) SecuROM AND GFWL in Bioshock 2 (both removed years ago), always online DRM in Dead Space 2, Origin in Mass Effect 3, and Denuvo anti-tamper in Doom 4 (it might not get in the way of playing the game but I still have a deep-seated hatred for it). Why does the game industry keep doing this crap? Is ticking off your customers with these draconian measures really worth a week or a few months of zero piracy?