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Why do some people feel the need to talk while in the bathroom? Don't do that, it just makes things awkward.


The Phantom Menace might get a lot of crap, but this song is nevertheless epic.


Other than Batman and Green Arrow, what members of Justice League Unlimited are super wealthy?


Batman playing good cop? Well, that's terrifying.


I went outside to do a minor chore, and a mosquito bit me. That species deserves to go extinct.


Neopolitan: the name of a psycho, cute, female, and shortest character in the RWBY web animation. It is also the name of an ice cream I would only eat if faced with no other alternatives.


Play as the Brotherhood of Nod, takeover the White House. Play as the Global Defense Initiative, retake the White House. If I play as the Scrin, do I get to destroy the White House with a huge laser?


I tried some Pepsi Fire today. It has a reddish brown color to it. It wasn't very carbonated and the cinnamon was experienced as an aftertaste. The flavor isn't very spicy. The soda is okay, but I would rather have their cherry version.


Well, the Justice League Unlimited cartoon version of Supergirl is kinda annoying.


I just saw the Justice League Christmas special where a huge bar brawl happened. I did not see that coming.


I seriously fucking hate it when Norton 360 flags a game file as unsafe and quarantines it. This should not be happening at all. Unfortunately, it is one of the better AV suites currently available so I am stuck with it.


A fair amount of new gender bender manga has shown up on various reader sites lately, which is great! However, I imagine their release cycles will be slow, at best.


I went for walk, and as usual, the tomcats also went for a brief walk. Mister Fluffy apparently walked further then his brother, and because he has long fur, he was panting when I saw him. Cats.


I honestly did not expect the law of conservation of energy would apply in the Justice League cartoon, what with all the crazy stuff that happens.


Meet Giganta, a redhead gigantess villain from the Justice League cartoon (which will soon be expiring from Netflix).


I think that most of the plot of the Justice League episode "The Terror Beyond" could have been stopped by a quick phone call from Aquaman to Superman.


Zero is not anime Batman. Batman punches people in the face and investigates crime rings. Zero commands his military force, along with killing and Geassing a lot of people. Zero also isn't an athlete.


Aurelia Hammerlock making jokes about Mad Moxxi's boobs is the sort of thing I'd expect from a modern anime, Japanese made game, or manga with lots of female characters, not a first person shooter role playing game from Austrialia.


When Borderlands 3 is released, I hope it is set somewhere other than Pandora or Elpis. When Serious Sam 4 is released, I hope it won't have any levels set in Egypt.


Weiss, you tsundere traitor!!! Neo, you are such a pseudo loli troll!!


Someone has done the impossible. They have made Suzaku Kururugi an even bigger idiot than he is in the canon.


About Electric Reaperone of us since 10:55 AM on 08.12.2013

I am a gamer who prefers games that are more about action than story; especially shooters, action RPG's and hack-and-slashers. I often don't care that much about a video game's story, and instead focus on the weapons instead: how they sound, how they fire/attack, how they look, how they function, and how the more unusual weapons may work. Sometimes a game may be great in just about every category, but I might just ignore it for using boring conventional guns that I've shot a million times.

I am into sci-fi, supernatural, and mecha anime/TV shows/movies/games. I don't care that much about photorealism, unless it drags the gameplay down.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of stupid/unwanted things in the video game industry. Online passes for multiplayer, on-disc downloadable content, day one DLC in Mass Effect 3, pre-order bonuses for Brink, multiple versions of Evolve, collector's edition for the first Watch Dogs game, microtransactions in Dead Space 3, and more. I have also seen things that get in the way of the customer accessing the game they legally bought. SecuROM in Crysis, Games For Windows Live in Red Faction Guerilla (removed over a year ago) SecuROM AND GFWL in Bioshock 2 (both removed years ago), always online DRM in Dead Space 2, Origin in Mass Effect 3, and Denuvo anti-tamper in Doom 4 (it might not get in the way of playing the game but I still have a deep-seated hatred for it). Why does the game industry keep doing this crap? Is ticking off your customers with these draconian measures really worth a week or a few months of zero piracy?