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I think the only thing that remotely interested me from SE show was JC4 and Platinum's title. Everything else was meh. Would have been nice to see KH3 on PC, but I guess it's not that important to Square.


Well, so far E3 for me has been good. Well apart from EA's conf, which shat all over the games I was looking froward to from them and told me to sod off. MS's was nice, still not getting an X1 or using the win 10 store though. Ubisoft's definitely has me.


managed to get next week booked off from work, so I can finally spend E3 week with friends. Going to be good week (hopefully).


Boy does depression suck. Doesn't help that I'm not doing much to stem it, but I'm not really one who believes that a pep talk and popping pills solves everything. I've seen a friend struggling with the meds and I didn't like how he suffered through it


So now Dtoid is deleting my Qtoids now?. The last one wasn't NSFW either. And if they thought it was, they should be deleting picture posts in all those articles that have been posted over the years.


I sometimes wish Sega gave a shit.


Not sure if I should bite the bullet and sub ESO, because the lack of a crafting bag is slowly killing me, and the grind to upgrade bag space is real. That and other content is locked behind Crowns.


Grats to Fatshark for their sales so far on Vermintide 2. So far they've managed to outsell the entirety of the original Vermintide in terms of revenue on PC only so far.


Grats again to DSO for the Cities Skylines Milestone news: 5m copies with more to go.


TIL Crash is coming to PC and X1. Thanks Darkside of Gaming for doing your job!


Not belonging to any community

For a long time now I've browsed and posted on many a site, from Destructoid to the Escapist, Dark side of gaming, VGchartz etc, but within any of those sites, I feel I'm not a part of said communities and I have a good idea as to why....


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