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Do we have many WoW folks here on Destructoid? The communities feature is now up, and wondering if it would be worthwhile to create a DToid group.


Got home, and was excited to see the new login screen....


Today marks 8 years of being married to this awesome, sexy woman. That's 10 years total, amid I still get a smile on my face when she walks into the room.


Go to hell Google. I received a prompt that a new album was released by Tool today and I was immediately excited. Looked into it and it's actually "Tool$" and completely unrelated.


As far as Destructoid is concerned, is Octopath Traveler the biggest game this year since God of War? I'm seeing similar levels of mentions about it. This makes me smile. I love it so far, but only have three character chapters done.


Octopath Traveler is waiting. Now I only have all day to get through before I can get home to play.


Hope your birthday has been going well there, Wilfoftheblues!


Late to the party, but caught up on Jessica Jones season two. I liked it a lot! Starting on Luke Cage season two now.


I was getting ready for work this morning, and my oldest son got up early today to get some SNES in. I'm so proud.


Anyone know if the Octopath Traveler review will come out before release day?


Finally got around to watching Blade Runner 2049. Damn that was a fine movie.


My first test with the beta 1.0 build of RimWorld has of course ended in a spectacularly bad fashion. Went with random and extreme difficulty. Not the best choice to try to see what new stuff there is. Story of the two day run in the comments.


I've found out there's a beta release of RimWorld 1.0 available now. Think I might give it a test drive tonight along with a nice glass of bourbon. Now to decide which DToiders to likely subject to a horrible death.


Finished The Wolf Among Us over the weekend (it was fantastic.) Started Shadowrun Returns. Love the role playing, but would like a little more leeway to explore. Combat is pretty enjoyable, if somewhat simplistic so far.


Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us completed. I want to punch myself in the face for not playing this sooner.


Finished up Battletech last night. With that and DQ Builders done, my backlog beckons to me. I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance.


Happy father's day, fellow gaming dads. Also extending a welcome to the newest dad, SrChurros.


Got to squeeze in a second movie today: Train to Busan. Awesome zombie movie, and I would highly recommend to anyone into the genre.


Dragon Quest Builders is done. There's one game from the backlog completed! Very delightful and fun game. I liked that it gives focus to Minecraft style gameplay.


The kids are at grandma's, and wife is away until tonight, so decided to treat myself to a movie. Saw Solo. It was a really enjoyable movie! I liked the characters a lot, and I didn't have any issue with the guy playing Han. Hope they make another.


Square Enix just had to break my heart when I discovered that the Octopath Traveler demo has a 3 hour time limit.


To the Fortnight players: How long do games last, on average?


I've enjoyed E3 so far, but I'm so bummed that I'm probably not going to be able to watch Nintendo's show live with everybody.


Ugh. Just realized I'm stuck working on the intake team for a massive rollout of a new system at work 2 out of the 3 days of E3, so I won't really be able to watch anything as it's happening.


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