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I was having a bitch of a time against Sister Freide in Dark Souls III last night in the first DLC area. It was very satisfying to finally beat her though. That fight was epic! Looking forward to the last DLC.


Damn, Marvel's Inhumans is off to a frustrating start. So the show creators thought the best way to show off the inhumans is to strip almost all the main characters of their inhuman powers? A few more thoughts in the comments.


The SNES Classic hack was a success! The boys are enjoying it while I prepare lunch.


My daughter asked to go on a haunted hayride, so we took her to Field of Screams tonight. Of course had some idiot teenager showing off in our wagon. Hey douche, nobody is impressed by how not scared you are. Overall we had a good time though.


I am having a blast with Road Redemption. Joel, thanks a ton for the review. I honestly didn't know the game existed before today.


Such a bummer to hear about Tom Petty. I've got great memories of driving around with friends after school, smoking up and listening to him. This is my favorite song of his.


The most terrifying skeletons in gaming have to be these guys that are a part of every new Dark Souls player's rite of passage. You're going to make that turn into the bad part of Firelink, and get your ass kicked.


My son started playing A Link to the Past today. He's only six, so I have to help him out a bit with the reading, but he was enjoying it despite a little frustration with getting killed in the beginning. So happy to pass this on to him.


Playing Super Ghouls & Ghosts again has indirectly proven that God is real. Satan apparently worked at Capcom in the late 80's/early 90's and put the Torch in the game as a weapon. If Satan is real, therefore God must be as well.


Hmmm....almost October. I need to start considering which of my scarier games to play for Halloween. Think I'm going to go with Soma.


I've been listening to a lot of Mastodon today. Enjoy the greatness that is The Czar.


Got written up at work, and think I'm going to get pushed out the door like my boss was when management changed. My crimes? The lights were off on the office and I was playing a game at work. Off the clock on my lunch break. More in comments.


Here's my shameless plug for my next chapter of the RimWorld saga.


Is it "asshole weekend" in Heroes of the Storm or what? I'm used to seeing some people being pricks to their teammates once in a while, but since yesterday it's been literally every game.

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Since there's been quite a bit of positive talk about it here, I started watching Bojack Horseman. Four episodes in, and really enjoying it so far!


Got a call earlier where I got blasted by the shrapnel due to my wife having a crappy day and being frustrated, putting me into a bad mood. Now she just called to apologize. I really did marry one of the good ones. Previous GFs would never have done that.


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