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Happy birthday Wes! I don't have anything witty to add, so I'll leave it at that!


If the mods could nuke about 80 of those posts in the Dusk contest article to boost my chances, that would be great. Thanks!


Because I'm clearly an idiot, I went running in 11 degree weather. This is what I get for putting on 10 pounds in the last two months.


Nice! I was able to salvage my Destructoid RimWorld save file. Also Cocks lives on! (Sorry folks, I have no notes on what happened in the year of game time since the last episode.)


Drunk moose thoughts: Oh fuck, how did I get stuck in this tree?!


Meanwhile, at Michael's while looking for craft stuff for the kids....


And now for one of my favorite holiday traditions: I have a few beers, and watch Die Hard while wrapping the presents.


Taking a trip down memory lane... My parents split up recently, and my mom asked me to come by and go through my old stuff in the basement. First up, a Sega Master System! (With soldered on cable in the back) More pics to follow...


It's been a stressful time lately to say the least. I lost my job and am searching, and now I'm taking care of the wife after her surgery on Thursday (it went well). I'm really here to say thanks to everyone for giving me a place to hang out and unwind.


So I didn't get the job yesterday, even though the interview went pretty well. On the bright side, I've got another one lined up for next Thursday!


Introducing....the newest Disney princess.


My first interview since losing my job starts in 35 minutes!


To any of you that have experience with unemployment benefits, how long does one typically wait to receive anything? It's been 3 weeks, and haven't gotten anything yet. Stressing out as bills are looming very close and wife has surgery next week.


I've done it. I finally watched The Room. There was nothing that could have prepared me for how wonderfully terrible the whole experience was, and I have to whole-heartedly recommend it for anyone who has not yet been exposed to Tommy Wiseau's trainwreck.


After losing my job, I honestly wasn't expecting anything for Christmas. I was happy that the kids would be covered. Last night my wife told me she had saved a bit extra, and I could pick a game or two. Grabbed Wolfenstein 2 on sale. I love this woman.


All my notes for the next installment or two of Tales from the Rimworld were on my work laptop. Shit. Do I start fresh (there's a big new patch to try out), or just leave a gaping hole in the story with cliff notes of what I think happened?


So I just got fired. Happy holidays?


I'm not really even all that excited about Thanksgiving dinner itself. However, I am declaring all out war on the dessert table.


8 episodes into The Punisher and having a great time watching. I'd put this right behind Daredevil in terms of my ranking of the Netflix shows.


How did I miss Rocket League's Switch release? How is it compared to every other version out there?


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I'm a married father of four, and I've been gaming since I was big enough to hold an Atari 2600 controller. I tend to favor single player games, but I'm not against some multiplayer. When online, I prefer cooperative experiences, or team based competitive games with objectives.

My top genre is RPGs, and I fell in love with them after playing old ones like the original Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Wasteland, and the Gold Box D&D games.

Here are just a few of my favorite games:
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