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To any of you that have experience with unemployment benefits, how long does one typically wait to receive anything? It's been 3 weeks, and haven't gotten anything yet. Stressing out as bills are looming very close and wife has surgery next week.


I've done it. I finally watched The Room. There was nothing that could have prepared me for how wonderfully terrible the whole experience was, and I have to whole-heartedly recommend it for anyone who has not yet been exposed to Tommy Wiseau's trainwreck.


After losing my job, I honestly wasn't expecting anything for Christmas. I was happy that the kids would be covered. Last night my wife told me she had saved a bit extra, and I could pick a game or two. Grabbed Wolfenstein 2 on sale. I love this woman.


All my notes for the next installment or two of Tales from the Rimworld were on my work laptop. Shit. Do I start fresh (there's a big new patch to try out), or just leave a gaping hole in the story with cliff notes of what I think happened?


So I just got fired. Happy holidays?


I'm not really even all that excited about Thanksgiving dinner itself. However, I am declaring all out war on the dessert table.


8 episodes into The Punisher and having a great time watching. I'd put this right behind Daredevil in terms of my ranking of the Netflix shows.


How did I miss Rocket League's Switch release? How is it compared to every other version out there?


Wow...just read an article on IGN detailing what $100 got them in Battlefront II (obviously before the crates were removed). This shit was worse than I thought. I'll add the link and some highlights in the comments.


Happy Birthday Spiders. Here's a pic of one.


#selfietoid Let's get it right this time. Starting my day at work. This is before the soul crushing begins.


Screw it. I love the Dark Souls series, and have had a blast with III, but fuck you Darkeater Midir. This is the first time a Souls boss has just sucked the fun right out of the experience for me. Don't feel like I'm improving after countless deaths.


I decided to stop being a terrible person and finally watched both seasons of Stranger Things. Dustin is awesome. I'm also a fan of Steve and Hopper.


Happy birthday to my fellow sexy bald dude!


Also happy birthday Chris and Scruff!


This fight....damn. I'm having a great time with it despite getting my ass kicked. Got him down to about 10% and I was shaking from the adrenaline rush.


I don't get the filter on names in this game. They will turn Knight into K***t because of "nig" but Fuckbringer makes it right through.


Had my phone interview. It was a good conversation, but the position wouldn't be right for me. It would be 65+ hour weeks with nights and weekends, so terrible for having young children and a wife working nights. Still feel positive for whatever is next.


Phone interview today at 5:45 for one of the jobs I recently applied for. Ironically it's the one I'm least qualified for out of the bunch, but they are looking to bring someone in and fully train them. That I can definitely handle.


On this season of The Walking Dead...


I used to think that people might be overstating the poor hit detection of PvP in Dark Souls III. Nope. Everyone was right; It's terrible! There's no point in even trying to parry.


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