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Wow...just read an article on IGN detailing what $100 got them in Battlefront II (obviously before the crates were removed). This shit was worse than I thought. I'll add the link and some highlights in the comments.


Happy Birthday Spiders. Here's a pic of one.


#selfietoid Let's get it right this time. Starting my day at work. This is before the soul crushing begins.


Screw it. I love the Dark Souls series, and have had a blast with III, but fuck you Darkeater Midir. This is the first time a Souls boss has just sucked the fun right out of the experience for me. Don't feel like I'm improving after countless deaths.


I decided to stop being a terrible person and finally watched both seasons of Stranger Things. Dustin is awesome. I'm also a fan of Steve and Hopper.


Happy birthday to my fellow sexy bald dude!


Also happy birthday Chris and Scruff!


This fight....damn. I'm having a great time with it despite getting my ass kicked. Got him down to about 10% and I was shaking from the adrenaline rush.


I don't get the filter on names in this game. They will turn Knight into K***t because of "nig" but Fuckbringer makes it right through.


Had my phone interview. It was a good conversation, but the position wouldn't be right for me. It would be 65+ hour weeks with nights and weekends, so terrible for having young children and a wife working nights. Still feel positive for whatever is next.


Phone interview today at 5:45 for one of the jobs I recently applied for. Ironically it's the one I'm least qualified for out of the bunch, but they are looking to bring someone in and fully train them. That I can definitely handle.


On this season of The Walking Dead...


I used to think that people might be overstating the poor hit detection of PvP in Dark Souls III. Nope. Everyone was right; It's terrible! There's no point in even trying to parry.


Spoiler alert: Odyssey is fucking delightful.


My kids are all excited for the release of Mario Odyssey on Friday. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I'm going to be hogging it all evening.


So Keyser Soze was Mario all along?!


Wooooohoooo! I had an extra Walmart gift card lying around, and I was able to order Super Mario Odyssey. It should be arriving Friday!


My peasant and his new best friend.


I want Sucker Punch to hook me up with a new network admin job.


Yesterday I was lamenting getting Vertebra Shackles by grinding. Last night I was pleased to find that invading as a mad spirit in the opening area of The Ringed City is a gold mine. Most times the archers did the work for me. 8 Shackles in 40 minutes.


Started farming vertebrae shackles in Dark Souls III to get the last of my pyromancy spells. Spent half an hour farming in the catacombs, and walked away with zero shackles. Using the covetous gold serpent ring with 40 luck. This is really going to suck.


Loving the second half of the Dark Souls III DLC so far. My peasant champion isn't loving these angels that look like they belong in a Tool video.


On this day, a peasant slew a king.


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