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Spam responses to Disqus comments I made 4 years ago...what the hell is going on?


You guys might not have heard of it, but there's a new game out for the PS4 called God of War. It's pretty good!


Just dropping in to wish Occams and Jasondm a happy birthday! May you both have a great day and get some sort of cool surprise.


I hate download speeds on the PS4 so much. There's a little over 1 GB patch for God of War, and it's estimating 90 minutes yet (and I'm 30% done with it). The damn thing is hardwired, while my download speeds are many times this wirelessly on my PC.


Bloodborne is now finished! Gehrman and the Moon Presence have been defeated. I only got four and a half hours of sleep and I'm exhausted now, but it was worth it!


Morpho, if you're out there, this one's for you.


The fight against Micolash was pretty unique and interesting. Glad I dumped enough points into arcane so that I can use the augur of Ebrietas. He was easy to knock around with that and then get some hits in.


I watched the season finale of The Walking Dead last night, and I gotta say: what in the fuck was with that ending? Dumbest moment of the entire show for me. Rant and spoilers in the comments.


I thought maybe Bloodborne would be the first Souls game without a crappy poison swamp area. Nope. Thanks Nightmare Frontier. At least the Amygdala boss fight at the end was cool and nicely challenging. More in comments.


Somehow managed to take down The One Reborn in my first shot. Right now I'm shaking from the adrenaline. Ran out of blood vials with him down to about 25% health. It was a fun fight, and super intense!


To commemorate my 500th post, here's a pic of riding in the car with a cute puppy. Thanks for making this the best damn home on the internet a guy could ask for.


Has anyone here ever refinanced their mortgage to try to pay off some other more problematic debt? Any hot tips?


Rom, The Vacuous Spider was the next to fall. I do like how the night continues to get worse in Yharnam. It's a nice touch.


Martyr Logarius has fallen. He beat me quite a few times, and then acted like an idiot the last time I was going to attempt for the night. Next stop, whatever the hell is after the Forbidden Woods.


Realized I have 10 days to finish Bloodborne. I've completed the Forbidden Woods last, and am ready to tackle Cainhurst tonight. Is this a long game compared to the Souls games? I'd like to finish before getting Dad of War.


I see that Black Panther has passed Titanic in terms of box office earnings. I finally got to see it with my two oldest boys. It definitely deserves the praise it has received. I really enjoyed it.


So we got a black lab puppy today! I talked the kids into going with the name Rydia.


Hooray for being on call and woken up at 5:15 on a Saturday morning. It's an issue I'm powerless to do anything about, now I sit here like a zombie, unable to go back to bed yet, while higher tier folks try to resolve the problem.


The Shadow of Yharnam is defeated. First try! It was a pretty intense fight, and I almost ran out of vials. Overall, I thought it was a fun battle. Should be even more fun cooperating with some folks.


Today's peek at Pennsylvania news:


I was just accused of "holding patients hostage" because I wouldn't hand out a VM password of an employee that left. Guess she is cool with a massive HIPAA violation and me possibly losing my job. I need a beer tonight. Or multiple beers.


Does anyone use the PS4 remote play to PC feature much? Playing Bloodborne while absolutwife is using the TV, and it's incredibly hit and miss. It seems to work pretty well, and sometimes it just goes nuts and I can't even control my character.


The other night I was bitching about Darkbeast Paarl and how he was kicking my ass. Tonight I spent 45 minutes farming blood vials in anticipation of a long night of attempts. I completely destroyed him in the first attempt, using 2 blood vials. Oh well.


I'm wishing Jiraya a happy birthday, but don't tell him I said that. We aren't supposed to tell anyone.


So it has come to my attention that the best video game ever came out on this day in 1994.


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