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Finished up Dragon Quest VII last week. My save file was around 160 hours (some of that is from dozing off while playing in bed at the end of the night, so realistically more like 135-140 of game). Thoughts in the comments.


Are we still going to be doing the Pinball FX3 tournament?


My wife posted this on Snapchat last night. We received a paper from the school stating that our son is in the 91st percentile for weight and is overweight (you can tell because his ribs are showing!). BMI is a garbage measurement.


Happy birthday Ein and Rad Party God!


Just ordered Dragon Quest IV and V with part of my Amazon gift card money. Loved IV when I played through it originally. Looking back, I was 11 when it came out. Damn, I'm getting older! Looking forward to playing it again and V for the first time.


Now that I'm several days out from having finished the new God of War, including my thoughts in the comment section here. Spoilers, beware!


My entire drive home goes through this red area. Dime sized hail coming down a little while ago. Wish me luck!


Figured it was high time to start playing Dragon Quest Builders since I bought it back at release. It's delightful so far! I do wish I had waited for the Switch version though. Would be perfect on there.


Since my ridiculously stretched out playthrough of Dragon Quest VII is finally nearing the end, I'm feeling in a DQ mood. Started looking up the entries on DS that I missed. $120 for VI on Amazon....what the fuck?!


Man, I was not expecting Atreus to spill his mother's ashes at the summit, prompting Kratos to scream "BOOOOOY" before smashing him into a ball and punting him off the mountain.


While I've been loving God of War, Muspelheim is really feeling like a slog. This "kill 100 enemies" trial is turning out to be a massive time sink and huge pain in the ass.


Question to Pillars of Eternity II Players: I see in a review that you can import your character from the first game. Do you still get the summary of events from the previous game when you do this? I could use a refresher.


Not the best picture, but this sign puts a smile on my face every day during my drive to work. People need to crudely spray more balls onto signs.


I've come to the realization that I should probably not discuss Fallout 4 any further. I have such a hate boner for that game that wearing pants is becoming difficult.


Well that was pretty cool. My wife and two youngest kids surprised me at work with a cake and some coffee.


Is it me, or has EinOnShrooms disappeared on us?


Sweet. Just got two tickets to see Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie together. Never saw Rob before, and I loved The other Manson show I saw. If you weren't aware, LiveNation is currently running a $20 ticket promotion for a lot of different shows.


I've started playing Battletech during times when the TV isn't available for God of War. This game is pretty great so far, and scratches that turn based strategy itch for me. Very glad I read Chris's review and grabbed it.


Holy shit! Watching the credits roll on Infinity War with my jaw hanging open...


I've been thinking about Bloodborne a lot since I've finished it. I really love the lore behind everything. Can't wait to play through it again.


Was going to meet with some former co-workers for drinks and dinner tomorrow night, but we re-scheduled due to some last minute issues. Since i don't want to waste my mom watching the kids, now I'm seeing Infinity War! I can't wait.


Spam responses to Disqus comments I made 4 years ago...what the hell is going on?


You guys might not have heard of it, but there's a new game out for the PS4 called God of War. It's pretty good!


Just dropping in to wish Occams and Jasondm a happy birthday! May you both have a great day and get some sort of cool surprise.


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