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Well I hope you're happy now. All the Indomitus Necrons assembled and ready for base coat once I get some more runelord brass. I guess it would help to have a second army for my orks to beat up on while I learn the 9th edition rules.


Still need to complete the bases, but my fledgling Necron force is on its way.


Back on Darkest Dungeon, as I'd like to actually complete it some day. Forgot how quickly things can turn against you though. Shortly after this screen cap, lost the entire group. That was my last healer, and none came on the next wagon. New game started!


Some of the quickest models I've ever completed (minus bases obviously). Got to try out the new(ish) metallics, which will come in handy for future projects. Kind of nice to be able to quickly knock something out like this.


Now for the pics of the gorkanaut. Apparently, next up is some...Necrons?


Wrapped up my gorkanaut last night (pics to come later) and now not sure what to paint next. Should it be: an ogor butcher, a Necromunda gang (Escher or Goliath), Vorpal Swords Space Marines of some sort, Necrons, or some Kharadron Thunderers?


Capcom sinking the labor market.


Early gift for myself. I had some walmart gift cards, and needed new joy con's- dropped my stitch the other day on its side, smashing one apart. Found Ring Fit as a bonus!


Sorry I was too late for Easter on this one.


A bit swamped today, but dropping in to say Happy birthday Jasondm and Occams!


I'm a little on the old end of 90s kids, but thought this was fitting.


Got any Sir Sly fans here? I've been listening to them quite a bit lately. #musictoid


Just discovered that my XFinity HBO sub does in fact include Max, so I now have access to those DC shows. I had thought The Doom Patrol looked decent, have any of you checked it out?


The council is lying to you. Destructoid wouldn't even let me change my user name to join. More like "We'll take everybody, except for absolutfreak"


So is the council going to be over Zoom, Teams, or what?


It's going to be neat to get the impressions of everyone getting to check out Disco Elysium for the first time on PS4.


The new project begins. I believe this will be my biggest model yet.


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