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It's up. Spring through Autumn of the new RimWorld run.


Tales From the RimWorld: Season Three

It's time for a new season of Destructoid community members taking on the hardships of life after crashing onto an uncharted planet on the outer rim of the galaxy. As the transport ship was destroyed in a catastrophic accident, Dere, D...


Whoa, didn't realize The Defenders starts tomorrow already. This one really sneaked up on me.


Loved last night's Preacher episode. I was laughing my ass off during that scene with the "professionals". Herr Starr is really competing with Cassidy for the best character award.


Spoiler for Sonic Mania: Sonic goes fast.


Discussions on here in the last day or so have further confirmed my thoughts that a two party political system really does no favors for anyone. (Except the politicians in said parties)


Over lunch today, started on writing up my next entry to Tales From the Rimworld. Dere, GetNekkid, and DinoSir, you're the first three to crash land! Look for the new entry next week some time (hopefully).


So word on the street is that there's a Judge Dredd TV series coming, called Judge Dredd: Mega City one. Karl Urban is in talks with the producers, and needs to be in it as far as I'm concerned.


Since I like to screw around with different builds, this is the one I finally settled on to play through the game again and see the DLC at long last. This is the working class hero Lothric needs. I always wanted to do a themed character.


Woohoo! Someone got a hold of my credit card number, and spent a bunch of money on iTunes and porn (I think, the charges aren't specific).


Almost forgot how much I hate these assholes. Although it makes it that much more satisfying as I smash their heads in with my mace. I've also found they really don't like Dorhy's Gnawing.


Busy day. Ran a 5K this morning, had the best run of my life. Went to see Wonder Woman with my second youngest (enjoyed it a lot!). Now sitting down for a couple beers, some Heroes of the Storm, and Dark Souls III later to get to the DLC.


There was some sort of error and Walmart cancelled my SNES Classic pre-order. Guess I'm not giving any BJs after all...


Samhain and TysonofTime, I'm straight but I will totally blow both of you for posting that WalMart had the SNES classic up. Got mine preordered!


Guess I'll have to join #wifebeatertoid after work. Didn't realize it was a thing until I got on this morning.


As of today, the wife and I are married 7 years!


Going to do a restart of this RimWorld episode, since otherwise it would be incredibly short. I'm laughing my ass off right now as everyone was wiped out by a marauding pack of house cats.


The new episode begins today! Dere, Dinosir, and GetNekkid have just crash landed at their new home. Maybe they won't die horribly like all my other settlers!


A user here has a laptop for taking her work on the go. She just requested a smaller laptop to travel because hers is "too heavy". So the one you originally wanted can't fulfill the role of what you wanted it for? My brain hurts.


First night playing Battlegrounds. Made it to 10th place in my last game! Gunned down a woman who tried to shoot me in the back, found a car, ran someone over, and then was killed while driving by someone I didn't see. Lots of dying but lots of fun!


Tonight, I jump into Playerunknown's Battlegrounds for the first time. Let's see what all the fuss is about!


For those of us in the U S., it's Independence Day! For the rest of the world, it was Tuesday. Have a great day everyone.


Last one of the night for me. Goodnight, sweet Destructoid. Say "yes!" to glory holes.


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