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Got any Sir Sly fans here? I've been listening to them quite a bit lately. #musictoid


Just discovered that my XFinity HBO sub does in fact include Max, so I now have access to those DC shows. I had thought The Doom Patrol looked decent, have any of you checked it out?


The council is lying to you. Destructoid wouldn't even let me change my user name to join. More like "We'll take everybody, except for absolutfreak"


So is the council going to be over Zoom, Teams, or what?


It's going to be neat to get the impressions of everyone getting to check out Disco Elysium for the first time on PS4.


The new project begins. I believe this will be my biggest model yet.


The saga of my son's quest to get as much video game time in as possible continues. Last night when told to wrap it up on Fortnite for dinner time, we overheard him say to his friend: "Ugh, I have to go eat. Again."


Next up, my Ogor Tyrant. Since the banner design I used ended up being that of the "Bloodgullet Tribe", I'm just going with it and adding the blood effects around the mouth. Added to previous models and gives a nice splash of color.


First 40k model of the year! Ok, technically this is from Age of Sigmar, but he's going to be my new weirdboy, since I like this model better than what's currently available in the 40k ork range.


To follow up on medicamecanica's post, the Jimquisition this week was on that very subject of NFTs.


I've just realized that my son has un-friended me on his switch, so that I wouldn't be able to see him online if he tries to sneak it into bed.


Standing in line at Walmart. Wtf is this?


Next up for the Ogor Mawtribes army: the iron blaster. Gotta say, I'm having quite a good time painting these guys.


Finall getting around to posting the finished results of that giant I had been working on. Sad to say it was the first model I finished in 2021 (technically done 2 weeks ago but still). I've caught the painting bug again though and I'm back to it.


Nice! Astartes has gotten the go ahead to create official stuff for Games Workshop. If you've not gotten the chance, check out his 40k short videos. Amazing stuff.


Finally, a complete run in Spelunky 2! To make it even sweeter, it was during the daily challenge, and I'm ranked 17th currently.


I've now hit the reset button on everything for 2021. My chin is visible in the comments, for the first time in 12 years.


Took a look at my most played games, and there was one standing atop the heap for #indietoid. RimWorld is such a great little survival sim. Also special credit to Dwarf Fortress for inspiring it.


Got any Sir Sly fans here? I've been listening to them a lot lately, especially:


They were doing well for a while there, but it appears cocky insane Games Workshop is back. The Indomitus box set included these models, + a full squad, 3 bikes, 2 characters, and an entire opposing army for $200. This is $60 less? GTFO of here with this.


It seems 2020 installed a lot more gray than I remember having in my "winter coat". #selfietoid


You guys have converted me into a Valheim player. My 20 minutes with it during lunch break now have me watching the clock, waiting for the end of the work day.


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