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I was going to make a post about my experience yesterday, but it ended up being way too long to cram in as a comment in a QPost. Is it okay if I post it as a blog, considering it's not video game related?


After over 10 miles and nearly 4 hours of being scraped, bruised, frozen, and shocked, absolutwife and I are done worth Tough Mudder!


This will be my last post of the day on the subject. Thank you Chris for all the amazing music and the memories that were made with it. Here's a cover from his last appearance on Howard Stern.


Newest update to Tales from the RimWorld is going up...only over a month after I started working on it. I've been busier than I thought I was lately.


One more of Chris Cornell's solo songs, another one I really loved. This is hitting me harder than I would have expected. I really don't want to be at work right now.


Soundgarden is my favorite band of all time. So glad I got the chance to finally see them at Lollapalooza when they reunited, because now I'll never get to again. First time I'm in tears over a celebrity death. Here's my favorite Soundgarden song...


Wow! What a season of Agents of SHIELD. If you gave up on it due to the first couple episodes, you've truly done yourself a disservice.


My PC bad luck streak continues. Got some free time to get things put together yesterday, only to find that the new heat sink was missing threads on one of the pins to keep it held down. Finding out at 10:00 on a Thursday night sucks. More in comments.


When I used to see Abathur apart on my team in HotS, I would think "Damn, some shithead picked Abathur. Now we're going to lose." Now I'm finding that I'm really liking the character a lot and I'm that shithead picking him!


I can't wait to get the full map rotation back in Heroes of the Storm.


I decided to use my dead motherboard as an excuse to do some extra upgrading. New CPU, motherboard, case, and a 250 GB SSD for the OS and commonly used programs will be shipping out!


Looks like the motherboard on my computer has died on me. Tried to turn it on this evening, nothing happened. Tested the PSU which works fine on its own. As soon as I plug it into the motherboard, it does nothing. Fuuuuck!


Anyone else here watching Silicon Valley? Loved the ending to Sunday's episode.


This smart steering is fantastic in Mario Kart 8. My 4 year old son can now join in on the fun and had a great time.


I'm excited for Mario Kart 8 today, but even happier that my kids are excited too. Good times will be had this evening.


Happy birthday Occams! Tried to go with the opposite of your avatar, but I think I've succeeded more in accomplishing #darksiders2.


Trying to take a stab at the hard difficulty of the Overwatch event. Sure would be great if I could stop getting randoms that think it's a great idea to keep running out into the open away from the objectives to fight....


Crowdfunded: Wasteland 2

(This contains some minor spoilers for Wasteland.) It was March of 2012. I headed on to IGN to check the news (it was about a year before I discovered Destructoid), and my eyeballs almost popped right out of my head. Brian Fa...


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I'm a married father of four, and I've been gaming since I was big enough to hold an Atari 2600 controller. I tend to favor single player games, but I'm not against some multiplayer. When online, I prefer cooperative experiences, or team based competitive games with objectives.

My top genre is RPGs, and I fell in love with them after playing old ones like the original Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Wasteland, and the Gold Box D&D games.

Here are just a few of my favorite games:
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