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Anyone know where I can find some dental views?


#90sToid I fucking loved the 90s, although I'm rather biased, having my formative years spent there. We need some more Sublime in here. Also, I will fight you if you make the claim that the self titled album is better than 40 oz to Freedom.


Let's get baked! Was going to make some cookies using the last two severely overripe bananas, realized I didn't have chocolate chips, and changed to brownies instead. World's greatest brownie recipe in the comments.


Finished chapter 12 of Three Houses, and wow! I did not expect things to take quite a turn. This game is fantastic so far, and I couldn't be more excited to see where it goes next.


A little levity for the election season.


The newest addition to the family, our baby girl Harper. She's almost 4 months old.


Have any of you ever repaired a Wii U gamepad's screen? My son dropped it, and the screen is smashed. Getting a hold of a replacement gamepad at this point is rather expensive, and I'm thinking about trying the repairs myself. (Screen is only like $22)


I was worried for a second there that the government might not be completely corrupt. Thanks for stepping up Nancy! Now the government wants to hand out money to lobbyists while regular people are told to stay home and pay bills with no job? Please VOTE!


#UnpopularOpinionToid I don't mind time limits in games, even in RPGs. (ie limited time to get the chip in FO 1) If my daughter is kidnapped by bandits, maybe I can't spend 14 months learning every skill and/or doing literally everything but rescuing her.


Decisions, decisions. Got some extra money from selling my old graphics card and a gift for my birthday. Do I upgrade to a 1440 monitor, or put it towards my eventual foray into VR?


Thanks for the birthday wishes! Day was spent relaxing with a bit of Gears Tactics (fantastic!). Just downloaded Streets of Rage 4 and played with my boys for the last hour, and we all had a great time. Now to put the kids to bed and a night of gaming.


Hey RiffRaff (and anyone else into cRPGs!), this came across my suggested list on YouTube, and had some stuff that might be worth checking out coming soon. I'm always up for hearing about new entries to the genre.


I tried to think of some birthday pun, but I've got nothing. Happy Birthday Gus.


It's weird how they taught all ranged attackers at the monastery in FE: 3 Houses to pinpoint all arrow and javelin attacks directly at the dick of their opponents.


#MyFirstQPost It's a shame watching past me get all prepared for the disappointment of delving into MGS V. At least The Witcher III was amazing!


Just popping in for a quick Happy Birthday to Occams!


Go home Total War: Warhammer - you're drunk. You mean to tell me the most intense rivalry of the old world has somehow caused the greatest warboss to love his enemies?


Finished cleaning and my morning run, now time to dry brush some Alpha Legion chaos marines out on the deck while the kids play in the yard. Hope your Sunday is going well.


Thinking of picking up an AMD RX 5700. Anyone have experience with one, and if you like it?


Well that's certainly awesome. Just got notice that my next student loan payment has been pushed back to September, and no interest will be accruing during this time. Apparently this is the case if your loans are through the US Dept of Education.


Finished up the first half of the squad. The local gaming store's page posted a painting competition online since the store is closed right now, and I've decided I'll enter them at the end of the month. Should be fun! (Shoulder logos needed yet)


My gaming ADHD that I've been having lately seems to have finally settled on a game: Fire Emblem Three Houses. I really wish Claude would stop calling me 'Teach' though.


I am Alpharius. First finalized chaos marine from my side project Alpha Legion army. Very happy with the results.


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