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After all this crap going on with Respawn right now, I would hope that in the future developers go about using dedicated PR people to do the talking with the general public.


Further proof that Magical Sound Shower is the correct choice when playing Outrun.


What's going on with the CBlog pictures? I first noticed this from Plisken's blog. Pics don't display if you enter them via the right side of the QPosts. They seem fine if you enter through the CBlog page itself.


It has been way too long since I've picked up the brushes. Back to work! Can't wait to get these guys finished.


Discovered that one of the phones TNs I'm working on today has an extension for a Dr. Ornstein. It is really hard resisting adding a second extension for a Dr. Smough.


Came back from my run yesterday, and absolutwife was watching Blade II with the kids. It still annoys me how much they wasted having Donnie Yen in that movie.


To anyone that will be playing Classic WoW later this month, I'll be joining up with some people I played with previously. We'll be on the Herod server. Name reservations begin tomorrow! I'll be absolutfreak and Gildark.


Hey Soulbow, just a suggestion on how to handle your last day at your soon to be old job...


Got some fantastic news to start the day today. I'm a contractor currently where I work. Full time jobs have gone up for my position and each of my contractor coworkers, and boss is telling us to apply. Time to get hired fully! (Sizable raise too)


Got some bad news this week. Absolutwife found a lump on her chest recently, and went in to have it examined. Several biopsies later, the diagnosis is a form of stage 2 breast cancer. The bright side is that this should have a 99% survival rate.


YES! My turn to pick the concert we're going to, and just grabbed some tickets thanks to the overtime I put in last week.


Out at the show tonight at Hersheypark Stadium. Breaking Benjamin, with Chevelle and Three Days Grace opening. Hope your night is going well!


Let's do this. Stopped at gamestop, and they were sold out. Popped into walmart, and they had a few left. For some reason, it was also only $50.


In terms of not having enough time/money for the games I want to play, things feel worse than usual. Playing Warframe, MUA3, and Xenoblade Chronicles right now. Now I want DQ Builders 2 and the new Fire Emblem on top of that. Need to clone myself.


I'll put my lock screen in the comments, but here's my main screen of me after the kids buried me.


The surgery was a success. Replaced the analog stick on my drifting joycons, and the problem is solved. It's nice to actually be able to use the thing in handheld mode again.


Sweet! Development has begun on a Warhammer 40,000 TV show, based around Inquisitor Eisenhorn.


Tumbling down yet another rabbit hole: a buddy and I decided to dive into Warframe finally. An hour or two in, and having a blast so far. Went with a Mag wielding a bow, knives, and sword. It's a bit like playing Genji with Hanzo's bow. Fun!


Just realized that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is out in two days. I've been very much looking forward to it, and thought it was coming later for some reason. This will make for a better weekend!


This came up for me as a suggested video today, and wa fascinating to listen to. Moving away from nuclear power is worse for the environment than keeping it.


Out at a wedding with this gorgeous woman I managed to talk into marrying me. Unfortunately we have four little chaperones. How is your evening, Destructoid?


Quick questions for anyone in a state with legal cannabis. Stopping at a dispensary on my way to visit my wife's dad and step mom for my vacation in two weeks. See the comments!


This is going to be fun. Glad I showed up a couple minutes before opening, because the were plenty of others just as eager to get their hands on these. I'll post some results later!


Just talked to the manager at my local shop where I buy GW stuff, and they've got 18 of each new Citadel Contrast Paint. They go on sale tomorrow, so I should have a great shot of grabbing some when they open. Can't wait to try them out!


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