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When I woke up today I didn't realize I was going to be making Torchman hard at some point.


Well that was unexpected. Had a gift card from gamestop, so figured I'd use it to get some e-shop credit for Mario 3D All Stars. They ended up having a copy!


Forgot to post these guys yesterday. The first of my mega armored nobz.


I am completely loving this new Manson album so far. His output over the last few years has been some of his best. This one is quite catchy, reminds me a bit of Bowie in style.


It is hilarious she did this as GOP.


Just put the finishing touches on. This Speed Freeks army is really starting to come together.


Why must I be cursed with the desire to reroll my characters repeatedly in RPGs? I'm actually considering it in Wasteland 3.


Entering the final quarter of 2020. Stay safe everyone, we're probably in for a bumpy ride.


Happy birthday HLarge! Hope you enjoy this MS Paint Bloodborne artwork, that is pretty much the limit of my digital artistic skills.


Preparation for Orktober has begun with a new boss. Some light conversion work and a little sculpting later, it's time for base coating. Even at my glacial pace should be able to at least get this done, hoping for more.


I gotta say, that hard difficulty for Wasteland 3 is actually pretty hard! I died every time in the starting area, which I'm going to just chalk up to feeling things out yet. I've now spent way more time in the character creation screen as well.


Firing up Wasteland 3, and was all ready to create some characters, when I was given several different pairs of pre-made ones. (Edit:or creating my own.) This seemed seemed way more interesting than what I would have come up with. Here we go!


Decided to call it a night at 2:45 AM; time just flew by. Pretty sure I'm in for a wild ride when I get back on to continue tonight. I have zero clue what to expect, and I love that.


Still having a fantastic time with Death Stranding. At 106 hours and I'm only in episode 5. Just completed a sweet zip line from Mountain Knot to the Weather Station. I love finishing new routes like this, but I really need to get moving on the story.


You know that crap they put on Switch cartridges to make them taste bad so pets won't eat them? Doesn't work. So glad my kids left the games lying out. Goodbye Pokemon Shield and Breath of the Wild.


This came across my recommendations, and it made my morning a little brighter.


You asked for it Vesalius! (Mostly) finished at this point, other than bases. I'll do the shoulder pads en masse when I have a lot of models; I want to try making some decal transfers.


Now that the yard is mowed, time to do something I've not done much of lately: painting. Related:


Hahaha why does it say COCK on the board in between rounds? I've had a few beers before playing this for the first time, and I'm laughing my ass off and having a blast.


Is it me or is the Destructoid shirt with all the community names on it not available in the store any longer?


Our school district guidelines came out this morning. Glad to see at least masks are required. My kids K-5 will be attending at school, while my daughter in sixth grade is getting some sort of hybrid schedule of home/at school.


So why isn't Sam using ALL his bodily fluids to fight the BTs? You mean to tell me he isn't going to blast one out every morning so that he can whip jizz grenades at ghosts?


So the DNC has given their official platform, and they're content to be the "less shitty party than the Republicans". We're in the worst job situation since the great depression, facing a pandemic, and they want avoid changes that will help, like M4A.


I love Games Workshop's anti-scalper moves. The new box set is releasing at $200, so of course scalpers immediately jumped. GW announced they would make new copies to order, and struck down eBay posts where people were making up prices. Fuck the scalpers.


I'm the opposite side to Xeo's coin; I love asses. That is all.


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