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Finally, a complete run in Spelunky 2! To make it even sweeter, it was during the daily challenge, and I'm ranked 17th currently.


I've now hit the reset button on everything for 2021. My chin is visible in the comments, for the first time in 12 years.


Took a look at my most played games, and there was one standing atop the heap for #indietoid. RimWorld is such a great little survival sim. Also special credit to Dwarf Fortress for inspiring it.


Got any Sir Sly fans here? I've been listening to them a lot lately, especially:


They were doing well for a while there, but it appears cocky insane Games Workshop is back. The Indomitus box set included these models, + a full squad, 3 bikes, 2 characters, and an entire opposing army for $200. This is $60 less? GTFO of here with this.


It seems 2020 installed a lot more gray than I remember having in my "winter coat". #selfietoid


You guys have converted me into a Valheim player. My 20 minutes with it during lunch break now have me watching the clock, waiting for the end of the work day.


Rebooted my computer, and started up Destructoid, not logged in, to find this monstrosity. GFuel has infected the site.


I've always thought the humble grilled cheese sandwich was a perfect food item. Came across this in my feed today, and some of these ideas look fantastic.


Any of you guys really into Deep Rock Galactic? I've had it on the back burner forever now, started playing a bit last night.


Getting some second chances at games I bounced off of initially all those years ago when they came out - Legend of Mana and Saga Frontier. I've heard plenty of people with good things to say about both, so we'll see what I was missing.


29th time is a charm! This combo of triple/fury jab combined with smashing enemies into walls repeatedly paid off big time. Came down to the wire, but pulled it off!


That's a wrap on the Graven demo. I'd say it has persuaded me to get the full release when it's out. I like the aesthetics, and the combat was fast and fun. Weird design choice though to have a flame spell like this, which literally can't hurt things.


Does anyone at this point not own Portal 2 on PC? I've got a copy sitting in my Steam inventory. First come, first serve is someone wants it. If you're interested and already on my Steam friends list, easy enough. Edit: It went to Limo!


Just a heads up, the final issue of the totally fantastic comic Seven to Eternity is coming on Feb 15th. Check the series out if you get a chance. It has quickly become one of my favorites. Edit: It has been delayed! D'oh!


Apparently my PS4 wasn't aware I used it in 2020? No email. Edit: Thanks to some help in the comments, I now have the details.


No gundams here. Best I can do is a WIP drunken giant using a section of wall as a flail.


To anyone that grew up watching Saved by the Bell, RIP Screech.


Anyone else watching Wandavision? It's got an interesting premise so far, and really liked the last episode.


And that's the end of Half Life: Alyx. That ending, and even moreso the after-credits scene put a gigantic grin on my face. I am so ready for whatever comes next.


Since Redditors are helping show us what a joke the current economic system is in the US, maybe it's time to consider another way. Came across this channel recently, and Hakim is a physician living in Iraq. Nice to get some other perspectives.


Saw everyone talking about Cyber Shadow lately, and had no idea what it is. Looked it up, and guess I'm buying Cyber Shadow now.


This was incredibly interesting.


Current status. Have any of you actually finished this game yet? I'm starting to get massively tilted, and maybe should take a break for a few days.


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