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Newest addition to the army. Converted a chimera into a trukk to be used by my tankbustas. This army is coming along nicely.


If you're looking for a good hobby channel or just want something relaxing to listen to, check this out. When he's doing the painting stuff it has the same sort of calming effect that Bob Ross had going for him.


I've realized my orks are now supposed to be on 32mm bases, so I must redo about 35 of them. Just got my bag of Chinese knock offs in the mail, so time to start. It does look better, but I'm still really irked to have to do this.


Finished Elderborn. Had a great time and definitely worth the price of admission. It was kind of funny though that I didn't even complete the might tree that I was putting points into. I only added 5 points to the other two. Now on to Hollow Knight!


I'm calling the first 10 grots to be finished. The contrast paint helped speed up the process, and it gave a really great look to the skin. A couple close ups included. Next 10 are under coated and ready to be painted next. 10 more after that!


Bump: Finished contrast paint stage. Pics in comments. Got some tips today on painting grots with contrast paints, so time to experiment. I sill can't believe the cost of GW's sprays though. I'll update this with progress.


Next phase of Warhammer 40k's Psychic Awakening storyline, Saga of the Beast is confirmed to be focused on the orks and space wolves. I am excited as hell, particularly since I know there is a new Ghazghkull model in the works. Can't wait to paint him.


Today is the final day of my wife's chemo infusion treatments! Also would like to wish a happy birthday to Xeo. I think today is going to be a good day.


It's painful watching the democrats drop the ball in Iowa. Tin foil hat time: is this the DNC trying to somehow spin Bernie doing well into another result? It feels like the DNC would rather have Trump be president again than have Bernie as the nominee.


During the Superbowl, finished the last of the tankbustas. Ready to blast some big holes in things. Close ups in the comments.


What the hell happened with that BotW article? I pop on this morning to see what's up, and apparently it was bombarded by all sorts of fly by night accounts. I missed all the action!


I think this release may have reached "Dumpster Fire" status.


And that's Doom 2016. Turns out I was only about halfway when I originally started. Glad to have finally wrapped this one up; it's been a ton of fun the whole way through. Now bring on Eternal!


First orks of 2020! The tankbusta mob is halfway done.


Hot take: The World of Warcraft movie was way better than it had any right to be and it's a shame there will never be a sequel that could have improved on it greatly.


Now that I've nailed my most recent white whale (Nuclear Throne), it's time to focus on another I've not completed. I need to remedy the blasphemy of not having completed Doom 2016.


I've finally beaten Nuclear Throne! 104 hours in total before I was able to do it. I used Fish, wielding a shovel and a bazooka.


Happy Birthday to the only Destructoid person I've met in real life, Wes!


Be sure to pour one out for Windows 7 today. It had a great run.


Has anyone recently had to replace a CV joint on their vehicle? I have a feeling the one on my minivan is shot, and wondering how much damage this is going to do to my wallet.


My coworker made his own magnets with dice. I need to steal this idea.


I was flipping through the channels last night and settled on watching Demolition Man for like the 40th time. I realized we're only 12 years away from the future predicted. Get ready to only eat at Taco Bell!


Finished the first minis of the year. In a Shyamalan-esque twist, they aren't orks! Wanted to polish off the last of the models from the First Strike starter set.


I managed to finish my last two minis of the decade with a few hours to spare! I'll be including a shot of everything I painted in 2019.


Planning on squeezing two more minis in 2019 yet, but here's my last vehicle of the decade. Converted ork trukk/battlewagon depending on my list. Tried a new chipped paint technique with foam, and it turned out well I think. Also, happy birthday Riffraff!


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