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Apparently we needed to download the hbonow app and not hbogo app on our Roku to get our free month. That's half an hour I'll never get back figuring that out.


Unpopular opinion: Mario Galaxy 1-2 are decent, but not great, games with way too many annoying gimmick sections. I don't want to use the word "Overrated" after this weekend, but it may be a decent word to describe them. (SM3dW best 3d Mario since 64)


Happy birthday to all the other bday people today. Late October is apparently prime shagging time. Spending bday evening watching Shin Godzilla, it is fantastic so far.


Came home from Friday Night Magic to find a dead mouse under my kitchen table. Explains why my cats weren't super hungry when I got back. Expelled my tiny amount of daily courage scooping the corpse to the trash. #CatBoyMidnightMurderers


Gamestop's current trade in bonus is ridiculous. Additional 60% credit when you trade in 6 games. I'll take $64.50 in credit for Breath of the Wild (which I got for $48 from bestbuy on launch).


Found one you on reddit! The fight is spreading to other corners of the internet.


Damn, The Ringed City (dlc for DS3) runs like dogshit on my computer. I crashed my computer twice trying to lower my resolution (didn't noticeably help anyways). This is going to be rough to get through.


Well QPost didn't update the picture I set, so trying again (probably continuing to be a stupid idiot).


Started my third playthrough of nier, after a little frustration by losing 20 minutes of progress after accidentally getting one of the joke endings, it seems much more promising than the second run.


Hmm, I've had the Xbox Mixer stream thing up for the past 30 minutes and still no notification or anything for the reward stuff . . .


Damn, I need to go to sleep, but the first couple minutes of devolver digitals conference is wonderful. I'll need to find the full stream tomorrow.


Why were people expecting new doom this year? The last game came out a year ago, this is Bethesda not Ubisoft, Activision or Ea.


Why did I stop playing Nier for this?


#E3InsiderKnowledge - Scorpio will be able to stream VR games and videos to all Windows Phones. Scorpio purchases will include 12 months of pornhub premium vr to push the tech; this announcement will include Phil Spenser giving an in depth demonstration.


100% Accurate E3 report card. Everything in all rows and columns will come true next week (even when they contradict).


Bestbuys deals were too tempting. Sorry Witcher 3, but I need to put you on the backburner for a little while. Wasn't expecting you to take me over a month and a half (and I feel like I'm only halfway done at that).


So how is Covfefe pronounced? Is it 2 syllables such as "Co-Feeph", or "Co-Veeph", or should it be 3 syllables such as "Co-fee-fee" or "Cove-fee-fee"?


So two years late to this very important question but . . . Triss or Yennefer?


Friendly reminder that Inside is an early unlock in May's Humble Monthly Bundle. Highly recommend if you like Limbo.


Finally playing through Witcher 3 (that has been sitting in my library for a year now). How did they make Gwent so damn addicting?


Yup Witcher 3 modding time, not gonna get stuck slowly walking around a city with no shops because someone thought weight limits were a good idea. What a miserable mechanic in every rpg.


Damn playdead's INSIDE is good. Not sure it beats Limbo or not, but it definitely is a worthwhile spiritual successor.


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